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Manager Information Security

South Sudan
March 27, 2019

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PERSONALDATA Phone Number: 092*******/092*******


I am a skilled person with experiences in various organizations in different fields of work, which has effectively rendered me with a good knowledge on organizational backgrounds, aims, goals, objectives and their field of work. I have worked with people from different cultural backgrounds and also in developing organizational programs in the areas of responsibilities communication skills, I have developed competence in problem identification, task analysis, setting clear objectives and targets and commitment to achieving these targets according to an agreed work plan. I am able to evaluate achievement and constraints arising for future corrective action.


Research and data Management certificate

Public Health certificate

Computer course certificate


Information Security awareness Fundamental Certificate

Information Security awareness Advance CERTIFICATE



JOB Title : Education project Officer ( EDUCATION SPECIALIST )

Organization /company

Lutheran world Federation ( L .W .F )

Founded by



Maban Filed office upper Nile state


26 /06 /2015 up-to-date

Duties and rsponsibilities

Planning Education programmes and Contributing to contingency planning for Education.

Managing of budget of Education and preparing bids of education

Recruiting, training and supervising tutors

Maintaining the records of the organization.

Contributing to the preparation of internal and external reports for the NGO and donors, including expenditure plans and situation reports.

Work with head teacher to resolve specific problems related schools

Developing and maintaining a positive relationship between schools, the communities and the local authorities

Organizing meeting with the parent Teacher Association ( p TA ) concerning the issues of the schools .

Coordinating the work of assistant Education Officers in the field.

Planning, coordinating and leading meeting session.

Collecting,Analysising and interpreting data collected

Do any other assigned duties by the supervisors

Job Title: Security Guard(IC)

Organization /company

I worked with UNMISS


Malakal town Upper Nile state


21th/02/2012 20/11/2012

Number of years

9 month contract

Duties and rsponsibilities

Well coming the visitors of the clients.

Controlling the unauthorized person from entering UN compound.

Safe guard the client from unnecessary disturbance.

Prevent materials Properties of the client being lost.

Recording the time movement out and coming in of the vehicle.

Restarting the generator and stopping.

Checking the vehicle before leaving and entering the premise

Organizing the fire Extinguisher when fire accident occurs



2nd/ / January / 2011 - 03/ Dec //2012

Duties and rsponsibilities

Advising the WASH team in water, sanitation and hygiene promotion programming, in broad coordination with other sectors

Ensuring quality and integrity of implementation, including adherence to technical guidelines, administrative systems, and established deadlines

Identifying and addressing staff capacity building opportunities

Evaluating the relevance and appropriateness of current and future programming in relation to water, sanitation and hygiene promotion in the local context

Advising on mainstreaming gender, protection, and DRR in project and program activities

Assisting in the preparation of the WASH proposals

Conducting inquiries to evaluate the costs for a 1-year WASH project

Preparing the activity plan and monitoring and evaluation system for the proposal

Analyzing the baseline study data to determine the underlining needs of the beneficiaries

Undertaking staff capacity building in the use of mapping tools

Contributing to contingency planning for possible WASH emergency response if required

Contributing to the preparation of internal and external reports for the NGO and donors, includand situation reports )


Malakal Town south Sudan upperNile state

Number of years

2 years

Organization /company


Job TITLE: Education project Coordinator

Organization /company

WORKED WITH Newigen refugee council N.R..C


unity state south Sudan


20/03/2014 - 02/11/ 2014

Number of years

: 9 months contract

Duties and responsibilities

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

Participate in grantee and delegate component pre-service training;

Perform the functions of this position with a strong understanding of the Head office Performance Standards and the component plans; Head Start child development outcomes; and thorough knowledge and application of Developmentally Appropriate Practices;

Deliver pre-service and monthly in-service training sessions to teaching staff;

Monitor the implementation of sport, curricula activity in the school

Supervise all classroom practices - room arrangement, lesson plans, daily schedules, routines, and transitions to assure their adherence to program policies;

Carry out recommendations of the grantee education manager for program improvement;

Supervise children's assessment, including weekly observations in each area, examples of the child's work, developmental assessments, and children's assessment data entry and outcome reports;

Supervise that Home visits and parent conferences are done per IMSHS requirements and that they are used to discuss the child's individual development and progress, assisting the parents in developing observational skills and soliciting parent observations;

Lead responsibility for implementing Literacy Program;

Identify and prioritize materials and equipment needed in classrooms and playgrounds, and coordinate with director in making purchases;

Lead responsibility for parent involvement in education services as per Head office required.

Coordinate the transition of children to Kindergarten, and assist with the children's transition to their next destination at the end of the season.

Work cooperatively with other component coordinators to plan education services integrated with health, mental health, dental health, nutrition, parent involvement, and social services;

Attend staff training and meetings, and board and parent meetings as requested;

Assist individual staff members in identifying their training needs, and improving their knowledge and abilities;

Participate in the development of ALP (alternative education programmed .

Assist in recruiting and orienting volunteers, providing them with guidance as needed;

Complete and submit required reports to the Grantee office, Delegate Director, Board of Directors, and Policy Committee in a timely and accurate fashion;

Evaluate the performance of teaching staff, at the end of probation and annually thereafter, and recommend subsequent personnel action to director;

Actively participate in the development and implementation of the Teacher Professional Development Plan;

Assure that files and documentation are complete, accurate, and confidentially maintained.

Perform other duties, as may be required.

Job Title: Logistic & store manager

Organization /company

way trading company


juba South Sudan


03/02/2005 to 10/052008

Number of years

1year contract

Duties and Responsibilities

Job description Responsibilities

Procurement Planning & Management

Review budgets and developing procurement strategies for Bulk material.

Coordinate with clearing agent to ensure timely availability of material at site.

Managing entire store & purchase operations with a view to achieve business objectives and ensure bottom line profitability.

Procurement Process

Prepare documents for payments along with complete supporting documentation (Approved Purchase Order, Vendor Invoices, and Goods Delivery Notes etc.)

Ensure the flow of procurement process in a smooth and professional manner through pre-qualified vendors/suppliers.

Implement comparative statements for every purchase order to keep the procurement within budgetary limits.

Final negotiation with vendors regarding discounts, payment terms and delivery period.

Reviewing procedures continually implementing the practical polices preventing below-specification buying and ensuring the economical procurement.

Ensure timely submission of invoices to accounts department for there exact booking in accounts.

Materials Management / Purchasing

Implementation of key purchase / procurement strategies, contingency plans and ensuring that plans are aligned with production requirements.

Monitor purchase related activity as per procedures of procurement like evaluation through comparative statement and capital investment request for every purchase of fixed asset.

Formulating budgets for timely procurement of various critical components / products.

Ensuring optimum inventory levels for achieving cost savings without hampering the production process.

Logistics, Imports & Exports

Hands-on and leadership experience across a range of logistics functions including: production planning, inventory management, customer service, forecasting, transportation and distribution with a diverse group of companies, products, and services.

Arranging proper documentation for Import.

Coordinate and control functions of Import like custom clearance and transportation to ensure timely delivery.

Involved in international and E-Procurement for running and upcoming projects.

Coordinate with Material Control manager for LCs Opening.

Provide information to supplier and finance departments for L/C processing and its verification.

Coordinate with international vendors from sourcing to final delivery of goods.

Responsible to complete all document requirements for imports and coordinate with clearing agent for timely clearance and delivery of goods.

Lodge claim with suppliers for any difference in quantity between received and invoiced quantity.

Keeping view of all safety norms and Country law for Import / Export of goods.

Contract Administration

Evaluate, select and prequalify subcontractors, on the basis of their past experience and available assets.

Conduct negotiations with contractors, in the light of budgetary provision, finalize comparative statement.

Coordinate with Finance for updating and clearance of payments to contractors.

Ensure that record of contractors, whose contracts are either terminated or who are blacklisted, is kept properly.

Vendor Development

Developing long-term relationships with local & foreign suppliers and preparing rate contracts; managing supplier performance to ensure meeting of service, cost, delivery and quality norms

Sourcing / pre qualifying potential supplier and maintain their Databank in retrievable manner.

Evaluate supplier for pre qualification purpose and to identify correct source for material procurement.

Consistently evaluating vendor performance to ensure adherence to predefined specifications and supply of quality material / execution of job works.

Search for new sources of supply for goods and services

Inventory Control / Fixed Assets Management

Ensuring optimum inventory and handling disposal of SCRAP to achieve cost savings without hampering the production process.

Ensures in time entry on FAMS (Fixed Assets Management Systems) for newly purchased assets.


Negotiate and manage maximum Credit Facility to the Company.

Control and maintain the trade payables and advance to the supplier with in a company permissible limit.

Monitor on regular basis over all status of trade Payable expediting for timely payment of vendors.

Incoming Materials Inspection

Implementing inspection for incoming material and Quality Control Check Sheet of various components.

Working in close coordination with vendors by providing technical guidance and deployment of quality plan for delivering raw materials.

Estimation and Budgeting

Verification of bids according to prevailing market rates for material, rentals and subcontracting.

Create liaison between market and proposal department regarding price escalation effects on market and changes implemented by Government Organizations which can affect cost in near future.

Other Responsibilities

Maintain records both printed and electronic for audit purposes.

Maintain Vendor List and addition of Vendor Codes of Supplier/Subcontractors in system to avoid duplication.







Upper Nlie University


Bachelor Degree in Education ( science)




Grade 3 certificate in Education


Agojo s .s

O’ level

Uganda certificate of Education (U CE)

1995 --2001



Primary result slip







Not read very well






Reading novel and news papers

Listening to radio programmed

Watching TV

Playing footb all


Tomb Emmanuel email Address :

Tel: +211********* / +211*********

Nyamara Patrick Odego

Organization Lutherane world federation

Job Ttle : senior Education officer

Work location Maban

Email address : +211*********

Epe Magret John +211********* +211*********


I Angu Justine John Alimas declare that the information given above is true to the best of my knowledge.

Date: signature

Melakia Residential Area

Juba South Sudan

Tel: 092*******


To the

Human Resource department of save thechildren

Dear, Sir/Madam.

REF: cover letter:

Accept the attached testimonials in to your office for the position of Educationteacher Trainer Maban

recently advertised by your office to be based in EGYPT. I believe that my combination of my knowledge and skills would serve your office well in this position.

My foundation as a person with high interpersonal skills and ability to establish and maintain effective working relationship with people in multi-cultural, multi ethnic environment without interfering with their cultures, self-manageable, honest and diplomatic who always consider gender within humanitarian aspects with integrity, strong analytical skills, easily adopt to a challenging environment with high aptitude of learning on many plat forms.

I have every confidential to an extent that the position requires hitting the ground and I can deliver to extend that the position need analysis of work and the commitment for the success of your mission.

Throughout my career I have starved to keep voluntary issues and fore front and popularizing enhancement to meet structured objectives focusing on voluntary imperfective is a core value of mine, one suggest to everyone and organization when given the chance.

I greatly appreciate your taking time to review my credential, your organization blend of work strategy find it very exciting. I hope that you will find my interest and the characters genius enough to warrant a face meeting as I am confident that I can provide,add value to your organization as a member of your team.

Yours faithfully


TEL:+211********* / +211*********

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