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Field Service Analyst

Manama, Bahrain
March 30, 2019

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Marcus Henderson Intelligence Analyst

*** ****** **. *********, ** 30238 678-***-****

Highly-disciplined and analytical intelligence operations specialist offering counterintelligence, criminal and security investigations, operations, and security management. Administered armed and unarmed uniform security personnel while managing site operational budgets, scheduling and productivity. Adept at diagnostic operations, PED analysis, intelligence surveillance and target acquisition, intelligence analysis, quality assurance and control. Consistently provide sound operational improvements for organizations experiencing periods of intense change and transition. Skilled communicator who routinely delivers detailed briefings to intelligence agency leadership and senior executives. Active (DOD) Department of Defense Secret Security Clearance. Areas of Expertise include:

Crisis Management

GEOINT Analysis/PED Assessment

Counter Intelligence

Security & Risk Assessments

Strategic Planning & Forecasting

CI/CT Education & Awareness

CI surveys & Report Writing

Security Interface Programs

Criminal Interview & Interrogation

Professional Experience

Peraton• Manama, Bahrain September 2018-

USV Analyst/Mine Hunting Unit- Naval Base, Bahrain

Unmanned Surface Vessel

As a (USV) Analyst I provided safe vessel operations which included lookout and listening doctrine with available sensors, radios, and other ground control equipment; followed Martine laws, took appropriate actions during emergencies, training drills, notifying crewmembers of any planned abrupt vehicle maneuvers changes in switched positions of configuration. Responsible for monitoring of sensors, analyzing and reporting data pertinent to the mission accomplishment to the Mission Commander.

•Utilized sensor payloads to collect the requested data to use for safe navigation and Moving Targets as well as hidden objects, mines, mine-like, or OOI (objects of interest)

•Analyze real-time data feeds and FMV as operators conducted missions. Conducted mine hunting operations in the Gulf Coast using sensor, underwater devices, sonar, and computer imagery.

. While the USV is unmanned it can be operated from a remote location. Operated and control USV from control station to steer away or prevent Collison with other vessels while conducting operations. The data was relayed back to my central command station via, satellite uplinks, GPS, And wireless broadband.

.Applications for USV included border and littoral zone patrol, minesweeping and mine hunting, submarine hunting, ISR, seaborne targets and offensive capabilities.

PRIMAL INNOVATION Afghanistan May 2017- Sept 2018

Seismic Sensor ANALYST/Field Analyst (MASINT)

USFOR-A US Forces- Afghanistan/CJDOC

Rendered expert services towards SIGINT analysis to support insurgent threat, tunnel detection, digging, IED impact, mission planning, target development, and point of origin. Communicated with several personnel’s in order to in order to establish communication, coordinate intelligence sync, and identify connections to support critical mission planning. Demonstrated experience in mid-range thermal imagery, hard impacts, rapid reaction tunnels detection ours, force protection suits, Russia rapid deployment integrated surveillance systems, BlTADS, raid, and unmanned aircraft system feeds.

Key Accomplishments:

Supported various base wide testing, training, and real time exercises to better prepare for potential IDF attacks, ground attacks, VBIED, suicide bombers.

Formulated ISR data, which enabled military forces to increase effectiveness for ISR capabilities to support ongoing military operations. Devised Geographic Information Systems to Primal Innovation and Bravura/logistics management.

Lined up narrow field of view sensors like UAV’s or BDOC Cameras along with FMV- Full Motion Video, GMTI Ground Moving Target Indicators, Image Analysis, Moving targets, PED Multi-INT, high volume data from sensors and system analysis.

Used typography, space, image and color to better explain Linear System, Laser Interrogator, and computer equipment. Provided FLIR and RAID camera operations in support of base defense using TASS and RAID cameras.

ArcGIS, ARCMAP, Google Earth experience, and video editing. Produced Intelligence Products for force pro briefings and battle commands


Aerostat Analyst/ Operator

Persistent Surveillance System Tethered (PSS-T/PTDS)

Held accountable for installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair of the Aerostat UAS systems. Tactfully collected data by sensors of multiple bands of the electromagnetic spectrum. Possessed great knowledge of theater operations and procedures, GMTI- ground moving target indicator, geospatial intelligence and imagery. Delivered integrated persistent surveillance, detection capabilities, and Full Motion Video (FMV) dissemination to Tactical Operation Centers (TOC). Executed all roles of Aerostat mounted Intelligence in Sensor payload, Reconnaissance (ISR) platform, mobile mooring platform, and navigation system. Operated and controlled All Weather Gimbal with Thermal FLIR Camera, CCTV Camera and Laser

Key Accomplishments:

Examined and controlled pasteurization of aerostat while communicating to the TOC- Tactical Operations Center/military. Completed operations of Aerostat included launch, in-flight, recovery, and moored activities.

Provided Geospatial Intelligence, FMV for Aerial Support, QRF response to base defense as well as coverage for mission support to troops on ground.

GIS, Aerostat Certified in Persistent Threat and Surveillance detection, EO,IR, EOW, EON, Cameras and sensors and ground sensors.

Replaced old thermal imaging camera systems with newer state of the art day / night vision PTZ gimbal integrated with laser for threat detection and marking. Delivered Data and video transmission through digital RF links and tether.

Provided 360 Serial Surveillance and force protection. Rapid response and action to Battle Commands and TOCSs.

Assisted military in tactical operations, provided aerial imagery, location, real time analysis, to help detect threats, mission plan, identify and intercept enemy forces. Denied enemy forces of counter attacks and threats

Provided GIS users/Analyst/Military command with the ability to translate data between different standards and proprietary formats, whilst geometrically transforming the data EN route.

FLUOR- Movement Control Specialist September 2014 - Sep 2016

Developed professional association with military escort personnel regarding safety, security rules and regulations. Delivered information regarding schedules, routes, delays, safety requirement and facilities for customers. Used RFID Tags to help track containers, cargo, assets and materials using Radio Frequency Identification tags. Enhanced accuracy new mainlines, reference layers, as built-in information. Assessed images captured in low light as well as land based conditions.

Key Accomplishments:

Tracked vehicles and movement throughout Afghanistan using GDMS (Global Distribution Management Systems) every vehicle and GPS locator and vehicle transponders in every truck while on missions.

Utilized BCS3 (Battle Command Sustainment Support System) determine the routes to best accommodate commercial vehicles and military escorts to help prevent friendly fire and indirect fire.

Operated critical mission-essential digital receiver technology and equipment ensuring 100% functionality.

Prepared movement of logs, cargo, and daily mission logs including ground transportation missions and/or air transportation in theater Disseminate information, routes, delays, safety requirements.

MANTECH INTERNATIONAL Afghanistan 2013 - 2014

Field Service Rep

MSU- Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Survivability Upgrade.

Tracked and shipped transmissions, reinstalled starters, installed rear armor, storage boxes, and tail lights. Offered WLSS support, which comprised of depot operations, return & repair (R&R)/warranty, spares, manuals, training, in-country field service representation, CONUS subject matter expert (SME) support and safety/human factors engineering.

Key Accomplishments:

Performed modular task alongside DOD representatives, DynCorp, Oshkosh, and Navistar Defense employees within a six hour time frame.

Supported for logistics/whole life service support and assure effective operation and economical ownership by the customer. Executed project plans, systems specification, design requirements.

Issued and shipped transmission with new blast plate system, connect battery box and wire harness, route new A/C lines. Sent daily ad weekly reports to Sr. FSR. Prepared air shipments, ground shipments for FEDEX, USPS, DHL, military air/ground.

Additional experience as Navistar Defense, Field Service Representative/ LEAD FSR FSR/IED-Defeat/PF, SPS (Systems Products & Solutions) United States Army, PSD-Biometrics (HIDE) (BATS)

Education & Credentials

Undergraduate Certificate -Intelligence Analysis

Bachelor's Degree in Intelligence Studies (expected July 2019)


PSS-T/PTDS Aerostat Operator Certification, Shaw University, Raleigh, NC US

Technical Proficiencies

Microsoft applications, word, Visio, excel, office, knowledge of ups, ARCGIS, ARCMAP,ESRI,SAR,FMV

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