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Wellsite geoloist

March 29, 2019

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Name: Weam.Wanis.Elsahli.

Sex: Male.

Date of Birth: 12 / March / 1976.

Nationality: Libyan.

Marital Status: Married.

Address: Sirte Oil Company

Marsa El Brega

P.O.Box, 358, Tripoli, Libya.

Current post: Well Site Geologist.

Exploration Department

Sirte Oil Co. (SOC)

Marsa El Brega

Mobile : +218*********



2018 Master’s degree in petroleum Geosciences from Royal Holloway University of London, United Kingdom. Egham, Surrey TW20 0EX,

2011 Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Petroleum Geosciences From Royal Holloway University of London, United Kingdom, Egham, Surrey TW20 0EX,

2000 B.Sc. (Geology). From Faculty of Science, Earth Science Department, Geology Division, Garyounis University, Benghazi, Libya. P.O.BOX: 1308-9480,


December 2005 – September 2010

Well Site Geologist

Sirte Oil Co.

As a well Site Geologist I was responsible for all geological operation at the well site for all exploration and development wells. This included sample and core description, picking of core, casing point and formation tops, supervision of the mud logging operation, wire line logging, DST operation

I was involved with the drilling of one horizontal oil wells. I gained good experience in MWD & LWD operation.

In office, I worked with more than 100 of composite logs by manual and Gravitas software. I carried out quick log interpretation to locate the zones of interest and I reported this information to management.

I gained very valuable experience in onshore operation in both oil and gas areas. I have worked with more than 60 exploration and development wells in various sedimentary basins that have ranged in depth from 3,000 ft to 14,000 ft in simple and complex fractured reservoirs.

I worked parallel with and close to many professional people in geophysics subsurface geology, reservoir engineering, petroleum engineering and drilling division within SOC

and completion log by Gravitas software and manual.

29 May 2007 – 20july 2007:

Act Geology Operation Coordinator

Sirte Oil Co.

30 September 2010 – 06 August 2011 (Study in United Kingdom)

I have got opportunity to do long term training (39 weeks) in UK, I have achieved the required standard to get Postgraduate diploma in Applied Petroleum Geosciences at Royal Holloway University of London and I pass the diploma with Merit.

The courses were aiming to improve knowledge, skills and expertise in oil and gas exploration and the instructors are all highly regarded industry professionals in upstream oil and gas. And I have got job training at Fugro Robertson Limited, Llandudno, North Wales, United Kingdom.

The objectives of programmer are following topics:

Seismic Interpretation.

Structural Geology.

Carbonate Reservoir Geology.

Sequence Stratigraphy.

Log Interpretation.

Formation Evaluation.

20 Feb 2012 – 19 Jun 2012

Well Site Geologist

Sirte Oil Co.

20 Jun 2012 – 20 Aug 2012

Act Geology Operation Coordinator

Sirte Oil Co.

21 Aug 2012 – 25 Oct 2013

Well Site Geologist

Sirte Oil Co.

25 Oct 2013 – 01 Jan 2014

Act Geology Operation Coordinator

Sirte Oil Co.

01 Jan 2014 – 15 Mar 2014

Well Site Geologist

Sirte Oil Co.

15 Mar 2014 – 01 Sep 2014

Act Geology Operation Coordinator

Sirte Oil Co.

01 Sep 2014 – 01 Oct 2015

I am on vacation as a result of the work stopped in the Sirte Oil Co for the existence of problems in the surrounding area company.

01 Oct 2015 – 18 Jan 2018

Well Site Geologist

Sirte Oil Co.

18 Jan 2018 – 20 Mar 2018

Act Geology Operation Coordinator

Sirte Oil Co.

20 Mar 2018 – Up To Now

Well Site Geologist

Sirte Oil Co.


I have attended the following training courses:

Date (s) Course Location

2004-2005 (Wellsite and Operations Geology-

Formation Evaluation – Carbonate Rock-

Drilling Technology & Operation-

The Reservoir Rocks – Geological Mapping

Introduction to Petroleum Engineering-

Prospect and Volumetric Evaluation of

Oil and Gas Fields). Benghazi (NOC)

2004-2005 English language

(Intermediate levels in English language) Benghazi (NOC)

2006 Surfer software Brega (SOC)

2006 Basic Interactive Petrophysics (IP) software Brega (SOC)

2007 Advance Formation Evaluation Tripoli (NOC)

2008 Gravitas software Brega (SOC)

2010-2011 Job Training Llandudno (Furgo Robertson Limited)


1994 - 2000 : T.C.C. : Network Specialist

2000 – 2002 : A Round The Word Computer Center: Hardware Maintenance and

Network Specialist.

2002-2003: Sadeg Sons Elevators: Elevator Specialist.

2003-2004 : MITEL Company: Network Specialist.


I am proficient with the following computer programs and packages:

Windows – Word – PowerPoint – Excel – AutoCAD, Corel draw.

Local Network- Install 2way Communication System.


● Mr. Emhamed I. El Hamali, Geology Superintendent

Sirte Oil Co., Marsa El Brega

P.O.Box, 385,Tripoli, Libya

Work Phone: +218+21+3610376, ext. 22075


● Mr. Abdulmonem S. Al Batikh, Follow up Group

National Oil Corporation (NOC), Exploration Department

Tripoli P.O.Box, 385, Tripoli, Libya

Work Phone: +218 21-444****-**, ext. 3320

Mob. 091*******


● Mr. Nouri. Al-Barasi

Lecture of Garyounis University, Arab Gulf Company (AGOCO)

Geology Division, Senior Geologist

P.O.Box 263, Benghazi-Libya. E-mail:


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