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Scotts Valley, CA
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March 29, 2019

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Michael E. Nanna

**** *. ******* **

Felton, CA


Chemist Materials Films and Coatings

USDA/NRCS Fessenden, ND Oct 2016-Oct 2018

Contractor Part Time 22-hrs/week: Perform USDA/NRCS Highly Erodible Land Conservation and Wetland Conservation Compliance, certified wetland determinations for AD-1026 requests using offsite image methodology ESRI GIS software. Willamette Valley Co. Pineville, LA Aug 2004-Dec-2015 Manufacturer of water-based coatings, putties, and inks for the pressed wood and DIY industry. R&D Group Leader/Chemist

● Product development from laboratory concept to customer site, ISO-9001 compliant R&D.

● Synergistic Systems and QT-9 quality management applied to R&D, production, and paint QC.

● Wrote R&D, Production, and QC SOPs, co-auditor for ISO-9001 manufacturing certification.

● Paint manufacturing plant hygiene, RO water treatment, production and quality tech-transfer.

● DOE skills, taught basic Color & Appearance course- high GSD factor.

● Inferential statistics and analytic methodology, basic SPC applied to paint production.

● Developed LVL sealer for multi-million gallon account, held for over 8-years.

● Rheological study & characterization of coatings for spray and roll coat systems.

● Jones Tones to Allure product line transition: arts & craft water-based gloss, glitter, metallic, and puff glues.

● FTIR, X-rite ColorMaster, BatchMaster/Formulator software.

● Emulsified slack wax dispersions, particle size characterization, pigment dispersion and colloid chemistry background.

● Regulatory compliance for paints & coatings and plant safety implementation. North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND Sept 1998- April 2003 Polymers & Coatings Dept.

Grad Student & Lab Teacher

Developed chromate-free corrosion resistant magnesium-rich coatings for Aluminum/Magnesium alloy protection.

U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Arlington, VA, Grant #F49620-99-1-0283 Envirotex, Fields Landing, CA Jan 1998-June 1998

Manufacturer of Arts & Craft 2-k epoxies and soaps Senior Chemist

● Two component DIY epoxy resin and curatives.

Developed and modified products to scale-up in batch production.

Trouble shooting and customer service.

Tallows Soap formulation and manufacture

Morton International. Tustin, CA Mar 1996-Oct 1997 Manufacturer of electronic circuit board materials. Coatings Chemist

● Photo-resist in epoxy-containing solder mask- composition with improved performance in nickel/gold plating.

● UV-light cure chemistry with thin-film development.,● Solder-mask development DOE, bench formulation and testing. Behr Process, Santa Ana, CA Oct 1993 – Mar-1996

Manufacturer of trade sales paints for DIY market

Coatings Chemist

Architectural paints for Home Depot, modified out of spec pant batches to specifications.

Developed high-gloss and exterior satin flat paint lines for Pantone Color line.

Stains, varnishes, 2K epoxy and color-matching.

FTIR analysis, DOE, and BatchMaster skills

Interacted with technical representatives on projects as well as with raw-material suppliers Ellis Paint Co, East Pico, Blvd, LA (internship) Jun 1992 – Sept 1992 Manufacturer of trade sales paints for regional market. Jr. Chemist Coatings

Carried-out quality control tests on batch samples, developed water-based swimming pool paint EDUCATION

North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND Sept 1998 - May 2003 Ph.D. in Polymers and Coatings

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA Sept 1990- May 1993 Master of Science in Chemistry, Polymers & Coatings California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA Sept 1985- May 1988 Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology, Chemistry minor, Cum Lauda, PATENTS

Bierwagen, G.P.; Nanna, M.E.; Battocchi, D. PCT/US2004/033089, Method of applying a magnesium-containing powder to the surface of an aluminum or aluminum alloy substrate, CA 2545091 C, PCT/US2004/033089 August 12, 2014.

Nanna, M.E.; Bierwagen, G.P.; Battocchi, D. Magnesium Rich Coatings and Coating Systems. U.S. Patent 20,070,128,351, 7 October 2004.


First place 2003 Roon Award Competition Paper, Federation of Societies for Coatings Technology, ICE convention, October 2003, Philadelphia, PA


“Mg-Rich Coatings: A New Paradigm for Cr-Free Corrosion Protection of A1 Aerospace Alloys”, Michael E. Nanna and Gordon P. Bierwagen, Journal of Coatings Technology, JCT Research, Vol 1, No. 2, April 2004. HOBIES & ACTIVITIES

Jogging, cycling, self-study Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German

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