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Practitioner Life

Punta Gorda, FL
March 27, 2019

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I am psychic Sue ellen

I am a natural born gifted clairvoyant psychic off both sides of my mother and father I discovered my gift at a very young age I knew my life purpose was to help people

With all love and relationships marriage breakups

Family career life choices daily decisions that confusing and hard braking to make on your own

With my gift I am able to tell you

If your current partner is faithful to you

And with one reading with me you will find out if all the drama and trouble is work going through for him or her

* Credentials:

* World Renowned Psychic, Successful Love Guide, Spot on Accuracy, Spiritual Advisor, In depth Answers

• Psychic

• 2-Medium

• 3-Energy-Healer

• 4-Detective Psychic

• 5-Remote Viewer

• 6-Tarot Reader

• 7-Life Coach

• 8-Spiritual Advisor

• 9-Metaphysical Advisor

• 10-Witchcraft practitioner

• 11-Aura Reader

• 12-Numerologist

• 13-Astrologist

• 14-Paranormal/Supernatural Investigator

• 15-Allamah Ulema Talismans and Talabaat

• 16-Chakra Reader

• 17-Anunnaki Ulema Metaphysical Advisor

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