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Assistant Project

Baltimore, MD
March 26, 2019

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Alioune Badara Dia

Permanent address: **** *th Avenue, Ap. 3B, NY, NY 10027, USA

Current address (temporary): 4617 Marble Hall Road, Baltimore, MD 21239 Email:

Telephone: +1-202-***-****


Freelance English French Translator/Conference Interpreter February 2016-november 2018

Senior Freelance Translator/Reviser based in Dakar, Senegal Example of latest major work: English-French translation of the Quantitative and Qualitative Data Collection Instruments; and Field Reference Training Manual of Social Impact (evaluation firm based in Washington D.C.) Ex- post Evaluation of Senegal PEPAM/USAID Millennium Water and Sanitation Program (First translation work period ran from 20 September 2018 to 24 October 2018).

Freelance Interpreter for the Senegal Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Senegalese Abroad (latest work includes the 1st, 2nd and 3rd rounds of negotiations on the Agreement between Japan and the Republic of Senegal for the Promotion and Protection of Investment (July 2017-Fevrier 2018)

Freelance Interpreter for several local and international organizations (latest works include interpreting services during the 41st West African College of Physicians Annual Congress (held in Dakar, Senegal between 28 October and 1 November 2017; the 2018 West Africa Regional Meeting of the Committee of Intelligence and Security Services in Africa (CISSA), held in Dakar between 8 and 9 May; the 19th Medical Days of Hôpital Principal de Dakar, organized jointly with the 11th Pan African Regional Meeting of the International Committee on Military Medicine, held in Dakar between 11 and 13 May 2018.

United Nations Volunteer (UNV) /the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO)

July 2016-February 2017

Translator/Interpreter, Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations (SRSG)

English Interpreter, Secretariat of the 2016 Democratic Republic of Congo National Dialogue (September 1st 2016- October 18th 2016 in Kinshasa)

English Interpreter, Preparatory Committee for the 2016 Democratic Republic of Congo National Dialogue (August 23rd-2016 August 27th 2016 in Kinshasa)

Independent Professional

May 2013-July 2016

Consultant for the Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD), Abuja, Nigeria.

Co-editor-at-large of the West Africa Insight (CDD bimonthly publication) Goethe University Visiting Fellow, EuroGaps Project, Department of Human Geography, Frankfurt am Main, Germany July 2012-January 2013

Research Senegalese migration within the broader context of the Eurogaps Project’s main research area, which is to look at “concordances and discordances between the foreign policy mission and the external perceptions of the EU and Europe in two regions which have close formal and historical ties with the EU: sub-Saharan Africa and the Black Sea region.”

Designed the following proposal for the Project: European economic crisis-induced intra-mobility among Senegalese migrants in the European Union (EU)

Freelance Translator (English-French/French English/English-Wolof) December 2008-June 2016

Senior French and Wolof freelance translator and reviser at CETRA Language Solutions, Elkins Park, PA May 2012-December 2013

Senior freelance translator at Little Monster Films, New York, NY (worked mainly on Chai Vasarhelyi award-winning movie, Touba; and her latest “intense and unflinching” documentary on the Senegalese democracy: Incorruptible). July 2012-August 2012

Translator for Professor Mamadou Diouf’s Les Arts de la Citoyenneté au Sénégal (translated 3 chapters in the book). May 2000 – September 2005

French freelance translator for several development organizations and agencies in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area (namely Counterpart International and Jane Goodall Institute). 1

Research Assistant to Professor Mamadou Diouf, then Director of the Columbia Institute of African Studies (IAS) and Leitner Family Professor of African Studies, Columbia University, NYC, NY, USA January 2011-June 2012

Researched, compiled academic texts relevant to Professor Diouf’s research and then upcoming publications (e.g. Tolerance, Democracy, and Sufis in Senegal; Les Arts de la Citoyenneté au Sénégal); I also performed editing, translation, and other academic-related work upon Professor Diouf’s request. Research Assistant to Ambassador John L. Hirsch, Columbia SIPA (School of international Public Affairs) Adjunct Professor of International and Public Affairs, Senior Adviser at the International Peace Institute (IPI). May 2012-June 2012

Researched and compiled academic and professional publications relevant to Ambassador Hirsch’s spring 2013 African Institutions course at Columbia SIPA; helped design the course’s syllabus based on Ambassador Hirsch’s directives.

Columbia GSAPP Teaching Assistant, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, Columbia University, New York, NY, USA

September 2010-May 2011

Sustainable Urban Development: International Perspective, Spring 2011 (Prof. Jyoti Hosagrahar)

Transnational Planning, Spring 2011 (Prof. Clara Irazábal)

The Politics of International Placemaking, Fall 2010 ( Prof. Clara Irazabal)

The Political Economy of Development Planning, Fall 2010 (Prof. Smita Srinivas): Upon request, advised students on development planning issues; researched, and/or prepared course materials; managed course website on Columbia’s CourseWorks; performed other duties on professors’ request (e.g. logistic and administrative coordination with class guests; placed reading materials on library reserves etc.). Research Assistant to Professor Nancy Brooks, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, U.S.A May 2008 - August 2008

As part of a summer fellowship granted by Cornell Architecture Art and Planning (AAP), I researched and compiled academic publications relevant to Professor Brooks’ then ongoing research and upcoming publications on Teaching Economics to Urban Planners; Urban Decentralization; Suburban Economic Health & Center City Economic Health; and Import Substitution and Local Economic Development. Cornell AAP Teaching Assistant, Architecture, Art and Planning, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, U.S.A August 2007 - May 2008

Introductory Courses in Statistics and Public Policy Analysis (Prof. Nancy Brooks): advised students during office hours (mostly in SPSS techniques and procedures); graded papers; performed other duties on professor’s request.

Workshop on Project Planning in Developing Countries (Prof. administrative David Lewis): researched and prepared course materials; managed course website on Cornell Blackboard; participated in class research projects and group assignments; performed other duties on professor’s request (e.g. logistic and coordination with class guests; place reading materials on library reserves etc.).

MIT Pure Home Water Research Team Member, Tamale, Ghana October 2006 - April 2007

Participated in the design of Pure Home Water Project’s strategic plan, and planning/monitoring/evaluation tools.

Conducted sensitization and education sessions on safe water, hygiene and the use of the Ceramic Water Filter

(Project’s leading technology) in the Project’s target communities in Ghana’s Northern Region.

Researched the impact of Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage Systems, namely the Ceramic Water Filter in Kalariga: a poor peri-urban community in Tamale, Northern Ghana. KEY PLANNING STUDIOS AND SEMINARS AT GSAPP AND SIPA (FALL 2010-SPRING 2012)

Earth Institute’s Millennium Cities Initiative/ “Nima Access Project”, Accra, Ghana (Prof. Elliott Sclar/Joe Melara)

• Traveled to Accra with the studio’s instructors and a group of select Columbia students to collect socio-economic and geo-physical data; and visited the Nima community and local Ghanaian partners.

• Team leader of the Nima Report’s “process group.” The Report was actually designed to provide the Project with

“an inclusive, participative, and realistic implementation process”; “easy-wins” to increase ‘Access’ to Nima; and with policy recommendations for future interventions in Nima.

GSAPP’s Spring Studio: Sustainable Development Policies for Conleste Region, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

• As part of the Studio, I traveled to Rio de Janeiro to visit four select municipalities in Conleste, Rio de Janeiro; participated in a two-week workshop on Planning issues in Rio State and in meetings at Columbia Rio Studio X, the Federal University of Fluminense Department of Planning and Architecture, the UN Habitat’s Office for Latin America and the Caribbean.


• Participated in the production of the Studio’s Report designed to help Conleste elaborate a Joint Regional Master Plan with a focus on social housing, and restructure itself in a stronger and viable institution to better serve its populations.

Peace Operations in Fragile States (Prof. Jean Marie Guéhenno)

• Special semester-long seminar on peace operations and the stabilization of fragile states.

“The Seminar assessed the various tools used by the international community and the evolution in their use: the deployment of military forces; transitional authorities; multidimensional operations; security sector reform, rule of law and transitional justice; support to political processes.”

• “It concluded with an examination of the evolving broader political context and the growing challenge it poses to effective stabilization strategies: an increasingly divided international community, limited consent of host countries, obstacles to effective reform of the United Nations.” FEATURED RESEARCH/PROFESSIONAL WORK

• “Columbia Institute of African Studies (IAS) “Senegal Project” (covering various issues pertaining to Senegal 2012 presidential elections), in collaboration with France’s Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR) Political Economy Consequences of International Migration for Origin Countries: Senegalese and Malian Cases.

• “Civil Society Engagement in Senegal’s 2012 Presidential Elections and its Implications for the Country’s Politics (Individual research funded by IAS within “Project Senegal,” paper presented at the 2012 Annual Conference of Canadian Association of African Studies in Quebec City).

• Ongoing independent research

o The African Postcolonial State and the “New Globalization”: civil society’s role in the creation of a new shared sovereignty within the framework of the Economic Community of West African States


• Translation of three chapters in Professor Mamadou Diouf’s Les Arts de la Citoyenneté au Sénégal (July 2012- August 2012)

• French to English translation of two Sufi poems (khassida) by Senegalese Saint and founder of the Murridiyya order, Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba: KHATIMATOU MOUNAJATI (The Crowning Achievement of Fervent Prayer); and FUZTI (Felicity be upon Mary).

• CETRA Senior French translator and reviser for the University of Maryland educational project (French/sub- Saharan Africa component) for advanced students of languages less commonly taught and with strategic value to the U.S. (December 2009-March 2010).

• Center for Democracy and Development (CDD)

o Copyediting of the Centre’s then forthcoming book on Nigeria’s 2011 General Elections and Mandate Protection

o Copyediting of the Centre’s then upcoming book on ‘Rural Banditry in Nigeria.’ o Copyediting and English-French and French-English translations of main academic/research papers, and reports published by CDD, namely in the West Africa Insight (February 2014 to June 2016). o Copyediting of CDD country reports on the future of West Africa on the horizon 2017 (Guinea, Mali, Togo, Cote D’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Mauritania).

o Copyediting of the monthly CDD Buharimeter (monthly report on the Buhari administration governance and performance with regards “tracked campaign promises.” o French translation of the West Africa Insight special edition on the Economic Community of West African States 40th anniversary (ECOWAS at 40).

o French translation of “We’re not for Sale”. The political economy of rap in post-revolutionary Tunisia

(« On n’est pas à vendre ». L’économie politique du rap dans la Tunisie post-révolution) by Elham Golpushnezad and Stefano Barone, in Politique Africaine, 2016/1 (No 141).

• Master’s Paper and Thesis

Brandeis Heller School, M.A. in Sustainable International Development Paper (May 2007) o “Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage Systems for Tamale Urban Poor: The Use of Ceramic Water Filters in Kalariga Peri-Urban Community.”

Columbia GSAPP M.S. in Urban Planning Thesis (May 2012) o “African Immigrants’ Views of Gentrification in Central Harlem. EDUCATION


Columbia University, the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (GSAPP), New York, NY, U.S.A.

Master of Science in Urban Planning (class of 2012). Cornell University, Architecture, Art and Planning (AAP), Ithaca, NY, USA

Two semesters of graduate coursework in the M.A. program in City and Regional Planning (September 2007-May 2008)

Brandeis University, the Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Waltham, Massachusetts, U.S.A

Master of Arts in Sustainable International Development (Class of 2007) Georgetown University, Washington D.C., USA

Certificate of Proficiency in Translation (English-French), May 2000 Cheikh Anta Diop University, Dakar, Senegal

Certificat de Maitrise in English (class of 1993)

Licence (bachelor’s degree) in English (Minor in African Studies; class of 1992) LANGUAGE AND COMPUTER SKILLS

Languages: Native Fluency in Wolof and French; near-native fluency in English; Intermediate level in German; basic knowledge of Italian.

Applications: Microsoft office, Endnote X, SPSS, ArcGIS, Photoshop, GoeDa, CrimeStat, Trados, MultiTrans, InqScribe. MISCELLANEOUS

Civil status: Single

Nationality at birth: Senegal

Current nationality: USA


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