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Engineer Project

Frisco, Texas, United States
March 26, 2019

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A technical leader with 11 years of experience in Software Testing Solutions across different platforms. Has tested multiple complex and large scale projects. Is skilled in Testing Client/Server, Networking and Web based applications across Multi-Platforms. A confident and dedicated individual with a team spirit and high adaptability to various work environments. A versatile and detail-oriented with solid project management skills, able to multi task and work effectively to meet deadlines. This Technical innovator is cited for her ability to achieve rapid comfort level in new environments.


Well versed in Testing Life Cycle (TLC) phases which includes Test planning, design, data identification, Mitigation, Defect management, Risk and Impact Analysis.

Has experience in writing Technical Documentation and strong expertise in the creation of Test Plans, Test Cases from the Requirements Document.

Good exposure to Test Automation using Selenium, QTP, Win Runner and Load runner.

Has performed various testing activities like Black Box, Functional, Integration, System, Regression, User Acceptance (UAT), End-to-End, Database, and Soak Testing.

Proficient in Defect management, including defect creation, modification, tracking, and reporting using Industry Standard Tools like Test Director, QC, PVCS and Remedy.

Dedicated to assigned activity, has the spirit to complete to meet any specified deadline. Capable of working independently as well as in a team.


Languages: ASP.Net, JDK, JAVA, C#, SQL and HTML

Testing Tools: Test Director 7.6/8.0, Jira, Quality Center 9.1/10, PVCS, Remedy, CMIS, Selenium, Win Runner 6.5/7.0/7.5, Silk, QTP 9.0, Load runner.

Databases: SQL Server 7.0/2000/2005, Oracle (8i), MS Access2000, MySQL

Other Tools MS-DOS, LINUX, Windows NT/2000/XP, UNIX, AS/400, IBM Mainframe, Web Logic, IIS, Apache Tomcat, Informatica, Spring Source Tool Suite 2.9.1, JQuery 1.7.2, Backbone.js 0.9.2, Spring MVC 3.1, Spring Batch 2.1.8(Batch/ETL process), Infovis.js 2.0.1, Jackson (JSON) mapper 1.7.1, ArcGIS Online 10, SOUP UI, XML, Putty, MS Excel, MS Word, MS Power Point, Install Shield, Test Director, TOAD, MS-Query Analyzer


Master of Sciences

Software Quality Assurance Certification


06/18 to 12/18- SA Lead Tester II - ACS (Client: Verizon, Project: Vision IRB Conversion)

Worked as a Software Application Tester II on Vision Conversion Project.

Involved in analysis, prod fallout and work request testing.

Tested Android and IOS Applications. Tested Databases using SQL

Wrote detailed test plans and test cases based on business and functional specifications.

Performed development, system, end to end and user acceptance testing for data services.

JIRA is used for defect tracking and status updates.

Involved deferent kind of Web services Testing by using SOUP UI (Get, Post, Put, Patch, Delete).

Performed Suppression on a pending order for Billing information, Service name, and Credit information to check for the updates.

Performed Address and Telephone Number validations.

Performed the web testing of the application for browser dependency and tested individual web pages and integration between the web pages.

Performed the UAT Testing as part of the Test cycle.

Used various tools (NSOP, SSP WF, IVAPP) as part of conversion validation.

Environment: Java and .Net based Applications, JIRA, Selenium, Various Browsers, Microsoft Excel, Android and IOS.

01/17 to 06/17 - Sr. QA Engineer - FOCUS POINT (Client: Luminator, Project: Info Transit)

Worked as a Sr. QA Engineer on Bus Transit display announcement and Calgary Shelter Signs application.

Worked on CMMI Level 2 certification process.

Developed and executed software test plans/cases and user stories for Info transit Master display, Slave display, and 29 inch display projects.

Identified .Net and C# code related defects. Developed Selenium scripts using C# for Calgary Project Automation. Used Complex SQL Queries to validate the Test cases.

Worked on different tools like Composer, Direct X Render, Audio Renderer, Acapella, and LAM as part of the Info Transit Project.

Configured TCP/IP and validated connections between Master display, Slave display, and bus routing information. Tested different modules like WIFI Connection Zone, Proximities, DHCP Connections, Routing Calculations, Audio Mux, LAM, and MCU.

Involved in Back End testing of XML and Socket.

Involved UAT Testing Before delivery to Production.

Environment: .NET Frame Work, C#, Selenium, Putty, UNIX, Win SCP, Target Process

08/15 to 09/16 - Sr. QA Test Analyst - INFOVISION (Client: Frontier, Project: DPI Provisioning)

Worked on DPI (IBM)/Sterling 7 Applications to Perform DPI to Triad Enhancement Projects to Support BAU System Testing.

Developed and executed software test plans/cases for a DPI/Plant Applications on AS/400, IBM Mainframe in order to identify software problems and their causes.

As Per the Project Functionality Create Orders through DPI GUI/Sterling 7.

Used HP Quality Center/Application Lifecycle Management for Test Case Creation, Execution and Defect Tracking.

Used Complex SQL Queries to get the required data from Database.

Utilized ETL Process to get the Geo Project data and validate it.

Participated in war room discussions to debug and fix the post production issues.

Involved in Back End Web services Testing(XML and SOUP UI).

Performed UAT Testing before Production release.

Environment: Java, JDK 7, DPI (IBM Main Frame Application), Triad, Sterling 7, SQL, PL/SQL, Set top boxes, ONT’s, BHR, HP QC, UNIX.

10/14 to 06/15 - Lead T3 Support/Testing - TEKMARK (Client: Verizon, Project: VMS T3)

Worked on VMS and IPC (Set top boxes) T3 project to Support escalated production customer issues.

Supported End Users issues before build goes into production.

Tested Android and IOS Applications.

Opened defects for production Customer.

Involved UAT testing as well Alpha, Beta and Patch testing for Security Purpose.

Analyzed and triaged the log through log analyzer to find the defects.

Involved in back end Database testing and Java based XML testing through Hydra.

Attended daily status calls and Weekly team meetings.

Environment: Java, JDK 7, Web logic servers, Jira, Hydra, DTI, CPE Manager, Set top boxes, BHR, SQL, PL/SQL.

04/13 to 07/14 - Lead QA - INFOVISION (Client: Verizon Wireless, Project: My Verizon Wireless)

Worked on My Verizon Wireless online project which involved device and application purchases.

Participated in writing Test Plans and Test Cases in Quality Center.

Worked on monthly and prepaid customer’s transactions, bills and purchases receipts.

Involved in validation of products like voice, SMS, data, video, hotspot etc.

Tested different kind of online payment methods like Credit, Debit, Gift Cards and Check.

Validated device purchases and customer letter validations.

Verified UNIX Server logs for failures and created support tickets. Used to follow up with different teams to resolve the support tickets.

Written complex queries to test the back end Databases.

Tested Web services calls or API calls by using SOAP UI to check different scenario’s to verify data flow accuracy by comparing UI and Database.

Involved UAT Testing as part of the testing cycle.

Defects tracked and recorded in QC bug tracking tool and followed with developers.

Worked on Wholesale Ordering mechanism for Mobile and Wire line products.

Environment: TOAD, Unix, Windows 9, Java, SOUP UI XML, SQL, Quality Center, MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS Outlook and Various Browsers.

05/12 to 02/13 - Lead QA - NEXIUS (Client: Verizon Wireless, Project: LTE Topology Visualization Tool)

Worked on LTE/EPC topology visualization tool (topology tool, for short), which intended to support troubleshooting activities.

Participated in three different parts of testing (Preprocessing data, ETL and User Interface).

Prepared preprocessing data files and loaded using prepared scripts. The preprocessing files contain data related to CLLI-GIS, ANA links and LTE nodes.

Validated ETL data with preprocessed files data. Wrote SQL Queries to validate the data.

Tested LTE topology visualization GEO view (User Interface EPC and IMS Nodes), Layer4 view, Layer 2/3 and MPLS cloud view and interconnections between them.

Tested LTE topology visualization Tool in different browsers like IE8, IE9, Chrome, and Firefox.

Verified server logs for application errors and resolved issues with the help of developers.

Tested Web services API Testing by using SOAP UI to check various scenarios of data flow and compared User Interface data with Database(Get, Post, Put, Patch, Delete).

Tracked and recorded defects in the JIRA bug tracking tool and followed with developers.

Involved Functional, System and UAT Testing.

Environment: JDK 7, Spring source Tool Suite 2.9.1,JQuery 1.7.2, Backbone.js 0.9.2, Spring MVC 3.1, Spring Batch 2.1.8(Batch/ETL process), Infovis.js 2.0.1, Jackson (JSON) mapper 1.7.1, ArcGIS Online 10, Oracle 11g, SQL Developer 3.1.07,Jira bug tracking tool, Microsoft Visio, UNIX, SOUP UI XML, MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS Outlook, and Various Browsers.

05/11 to 05/12 - Test Engineer - ADVANCED RESOURCES GROUP, INC (Client: Metro PCS, Project: OMS)

A Metro PCS device order management system, which deals with payments, device purchases and coupon discounts. As a part of the order management system I worked on two applications called ASAP and POS.

Involved in Control, functional, and UAT testing.

Involved in creating BANs, price plans, payments, usage, and payments for cell phone customers.

Involved in writing Test Plans, Cases, Scripts, and Scenarios Data based on the requirement documents. Created Test. and tracked the defects in Quality Center.

Maintained Inventory through POS. Used SOAP UI to verify XML’s.

Interacted with developers in fixing problems and with business analysts for the constant upgrade of the functional requirements.

As part of testing used dealer codes to create and modify customer’s info.

Performed web testing for browser dependency and tested individual web pages.

Tested Backend data with the help of queries by using Toad and also validated customer information which was created using ensemble and enabler.

Environment: AMDOCS Ensemble/Enabler, UNIX, SOAP UI XML, HTML, Oracle, Toad, Quality Center 10.0, MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS Outlook

10/08 to 05/11 – QA Analyst - ARICENT GROUP (Client: Verizon, Project: FTTP/ FDV)

Verizon is leading the nation in deployment of broadband technology. They are called FTTP and FDV. Has worked as a part of a FTTP testing team on various applications like COFEE, SSP (Dial and DSL Accounts), SPOT (an online application for DSL, Digital voice, Fiber Voice, Data, and Digital TV), DOTCOM (an online application for DSL, FIOS Digital Voice, Fiber Voice, Data, and Digital TV), IBM Applications for Copper, and Fiber voice orders (NOCV, SOP, SOP DOE, SOM).

Worked as a quality assurance analyst involved in analysis, prod fallout, and work request testing.

Involved in ARBOR to RIBS Billing Application Migration Testing.

Wrote detailed test plans and test cases based on business and functional specifications.

Used to perform development, system, end to, end and user acceptance testing for data services. Quality Center is used for defect tracking and status updates.

Performed Suppression on a pending order for Billing information, Service name, and Credit information to check for the updates.

Performed the web testing of the application for browser dependency and tested individual web pages and integration between the web pages.

Environment: ASP.NET, C#, XML, HTML, Web logic, Oracle, Java, Lotus Notes, CMIS, MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-Access, Applets, EJB, Serve lets, LDAP, UNIX, MS Outlook

08/07 to 07/08 – QA Analyst - OMNI INTEGRATION PARTNERS (Client: AT&T, Project: Telegence & Enabler)

The AT&T U-Verse Suite contains products like AMDOCS Enabler, OMS, Billing and Bill Formatter. From AMDOCS suite most of the time involved on OMS (Order Management application) for Light Speed. It manages the ordering and provisioning steps to activate the product/services ordered also notifies billing when service is activated or changed or disconnected.

Involved in creating the BAN’s using Clarify. Participated in BAN validation to check if the Product’s Published or not

Involved in the Production support system testing to test Rapid Deployment and ERF’s.

Involved in monitoring Daemons using AMC and Tiger to run billing jobs.

Participated in Enabler application testing, including monitoring/scheduling of Billing jobs, and the retrieval of data using operational jobs.

Performed User Acceptance testing and Regression testing.

Verified Input and output XML’s by using SOAP UI for data response accuracy as part of Web service testing.

Involved in Updating the Application, Reference Tables using SQL and TOAD.

Worked with project managers and business owners to facilitate resolution to issues impacting system functionality and performance.

Involved in running different Billing batch jobs for Bill Preparation, Bill Production, & BF

Escalated different issues through SERF System.

Participated in Walkthroughs, status, defect review and GO/NO-GO meetings with the Business Analysts, Technical People.

Generated Invoices by running UNIX jobs. Validated bills, Documented bills, and sent to Businesses.

Performed System Testing including Functional, Regression, and Performance Testing.

Environment: Windows 2000/NT4.0, Unix, Web Sphere, Web Logic Enabler 6.0, Oracle 8i, TOAD, TEST DIRECTOR 7.2, Quality Center 9.1, MS-Office, Clarify, OMS, XACCT, ENABLER, AMC, Tiger Tool

01/07 to 08/07 – Production Support - CORPUS INC (Client: Verizon, Project: FTTP/SSP)

This project includes UNIX administration and Application support for various e-commerce sites like Verizon DSL online and Verizon fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP). The infrastructure includes a clustered environment consisting of a suite of Sun Servers and Windows NT servers.

Worked as a member of a group who Supported Large Data Center. It consists of nearly 108 servers including Solaris 2.6, 8, 9, and Windows NT/2000.

Participated in Installation, Administration, and Maintenance of multiple high-end servers including Solaris 2.6,7,8, Linux 9/7.0, and Windows 2000/2003.

Added disks and disk groups and created plexus with the help of VERITAS volume manager. Worked with Disk mirroring for root and other file systems on EMC Symmetric disk arrays. Worked with Sun Clusters for high data availability.

Performed Server log and Domain log monitoring, Application Deployment, and performance tuning of Web Logic.

Configured JVM parameters like maximum and minimum heap size in Web Logic startup scripts

Performed Starting, stopping, and clearing the cache of Web Logic servers.

Expert in monitoring application servers with the help of Site Scope and also by writing UNIX scripts that will send an email/page whenever something fails.

Deployed and configured various environments like Production, Staging, and testing on a single Server and a cluster of Servers.

Fine Tuned JDBC Connection Pools in production and development environments

Automated and scheduled backups on all UNIX machines using shell script.

Used to create new file systems, mount file systems, monitored free space, disk usage, locating files, checking & clearing log files, administration, and monitoring of disk based file system.

Developed task plans for different Change Management Activities (CA) and actively participated in implementing them.

Created IR's for different issues, followed with responsible groups, and closed on completion.

Supported different production issues related to high CPU usages, Disk capacity, Fatal Error, and Configuration files

Worked with Web Logic console environment to Deploy and Redeploy the code.

Performed server checks and Health checks. Executed Stress test scripts to check the server’s performance

Performed GUI kit installations and resolved issues related to GUI kit.

Environment: Web Logic, Solaris 2.6,8,9, Linux 9/7.0, UNIX, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, Putty, IIS

04/05 to 12/06 – Test Engineer - CORPUS INC (Client: Verizon, Project: FTTP/SSP)

SSP is Verizon’s new national platform for managing Broadband Services including DSL, FTTP and Video. SSP replaces first generation DSL applications with a single high performance modem systems infrastructure.

Performed functional testing, batch testing, GUI, and Regression Testing.

Generated Test Cases executed manually for DSL orders.

Performed Suppression on a pending order for Billing information, Service name, and Credit information to check for the updates.

Tested system security with the help of TCP/IP and Firewalls.

Staged the application by sending the XML Notes.

Performed Testing on Sessions management, User Authentication, and Network Security

Extensively Involved in System Integration Testing by Tracking the orders in different systems like ISPGW, SSP DS, ARBOR, IVAPP, and checking the functional behavior of the different systems together.

Maintained Test Matrix for latest test results information in excel

Environment: ASP.NET, C#, XML, HTML, Web logic, Oracle, Java, Test Director, Lotus Notes Mail Server, CMIS, MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-Access, Applets, EJB, Serve lets, LDAP, Unix

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