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Senior Research Scientist Signal Processing with MATLAB

Austin, TX
March 26, 2019

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Taewoo Ha

Senior Research Scientist

Background in biomedical and electrical engineering

seeking a full-time position in biomedical device area


Cedar Park, Texas


7/2018 – Present Senior Research Scientist, The Wave Talk

• Participated in developing a laser-based turbidimeter for the microbiome detection in a solution

• Improved MATLAB-based prototype software to analyze image data from the sensor

• Developed an impurity & microbiome sensing module for the infusion pump system

• Experience with image processing, optical system design, data analysis, deep learning, and machine learning


Software: MATLAB, LabVIEW, Python, COMSOL, Word, Excel, PowerPoint Technical: signal processing, cardiovascular signal analysis, image processing, prototype system design, stretchable device design, optical system design

Laboratory: dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA), optical Profilometer, clean room fabrication facilities

(photolithography, sputter, RIE, profilometer, spin coater, etc.), additive/subtractive free-form printing for thin film patterning


Doctor of Philosophy, Electrical Engineering -Biomedical Track, Dec. 2018 The University of Texas at Austin

Overall GPA: 3.61/4.00

Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, May. 2012 The University of Texas at Dallas

Overall GPA: 3.93/4.00


5/2014 – 6/2018 Graduate Research Assistant, The University of Texas at Austin, Lu Research Group

• Analyzed chest motion derived from heartbeat using digital image correlation (DIC) method to optimize the design and sensitivity of stretchable piezo-electric film sensors

• Developed dual-sensor subtraction noise cancellation signal processing

• Estimated real time blood pressure via strong correlations between systolic interval and blood pressure

• Created a stretchable electro- and mechano-acoustic cardiovascular sensing tattoo made of gold electrodes and piezoelectric sensors

• Invented a highly efficient, wearable and in-plane stretchable piezoelectric energy harvester PUBLICATIONS & PRESENTATIONS

1. Taewoo Ha, Jason Tran, Siyi Liu, Hongwoo Jang, Hyoyoung Jeong, Ruchika Mitbander, Heeyong Huh, Yitao Qiu, Jason Duong, Rebecca L. Wang, Pulin Wang, Animesh Tandon, Jayant Sirohi, Nanshu Lu. “A chest-laminated ultrathin and stretchable e-tattoo for the measurement of electrocardiogram, seismocardiogram, and cardiac time intervals.” Advanced Science. (2019, in press) 2. Siyi Liu, Taewoo Ha, Nanshu Lu. Experimentally and Numerically Validated Analytical Solutions to Non- Buckling Piezoelectric Serpentine Ribbons. Journal of Applied Mechanics. (2019) 3. Hyoyoung Jeong, Liu Wang, Taewoo Ha, Ruchika Mitbander, Xiangxing Yang, Zhaohe Dai, Shutao Qiao, Linxiao Shen, Nan Sun, Nanshu Lu. “Modular and Reconfigurable Wireless E-Tatoos for Personalized Sensing.” Advanced Materials Technologies. (2019, in press) 4. Nanshu Lu, Shideh K. Ameri, Taewoo Ha, Luke Nicolini, Andrew Stier, and Pulin Wang. “Epidermal Electronic Systems for Sensing and Therapy.” SPIE Smart Structures and Materials + Nondestructive Evaluation and Health Monitoring (2017)

5. Taewoo Ha, John X.J. Zhang, and Nanshu Lu. "Thickness ratio and d33 effects on flexible piezoelectric unimorph energy conversion." Smart Materials and Structures. (2016)

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