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Developer Sales

Miami, FL
March 26, 2019

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An accomplished, highly-effective, hands-on technical leader with over 30 years of highly referenceable accomplishments for both small technology startups and large multi-billion dollar organizations such as NTT, CIBER, Covansys (now Computer Sciences Corporation/CSC), Maersk (now MaerskSealand), Coopers & Lybrand (now PricewaterhouseCoopers) and AT&T. Currently serves as CTO of the CIMA Group overseeing a portfolio of business and customer solutions for multiple independent companies.

A track record of effectively and competently directing day-to-day enterprise technology departments including development, operations and R&D with tremendous amounts of real world experience in enterprise architecture & software design, including development of multiple OSS/BSS class systems.

A solution visionary, technology innovator, and change agent who has had the valuable opportunity to take numerous large-scale, multi-million dollar initiatives for major organizations from conception through implementation with a history of developing impactful and innovative solutions and products for most all employers.


Chief Technology Officer

CIMA Group, Miami, FL October 2015 - Present

Responsible for Architecture, Development and Operation of core OSS/BSS platforms and customer products for multiple companies which comprise the CIMA Group portfolio providing a vast array of services including, but not limited to, International Long Distance, Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) Enablement, Home Medical Care, Internet of Things (IoT), Digital Experience Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Mobile Payment.

Notable Achievements/Experience

Architecture, Development and Operations of MVNO Enabling Platform supporting major Telecommunications MVNO’s Worldwide.

Founded Architectural Governance Board for consolidation of technology use and promotion of reuse across the enterprise.

Manages all facets of software solutions utilized by our customers & ecosystem partners while expanding our portfolio of products to continue to surpass the needs of our clients.

Conception, design and implementation of an telecommunications industry first real-time fraud detect tool to protect customers against ANI spoofing, traffic pumping, Wangiri and various other fraud schemes capable of handling tens of thousands of calls per second via a unique blend of software components and innovative logic.

Extensive experience in solutions involving Zwave+, BLE and Wi-Fi connected devices.

Vice President, Systems Development and Architecture

Verio, Boca Raton, FL November 2010 — September 2015

Responsible for Enterprise Architecture and Systems Development (including design, architecture, development, as well as all overseas partnerships) for this subsidiary of Nippon Telephone & Telegraph (NTT), a $150B USD international organization.

Notable Achievements/Experience

Architect, visionary, program lead, technical governance, sales evangelist and budgetary responsibility for Verio Catalyst, a multi-year $10M+ USD global NTT initiative which included the design and development of an OSS-class Cloud Services Brokerage/Open source Ordering, Provisioning and Billing (OPB) platform, as well as a new line of hosting products which went from concept to operational in 3 countries in numerous languages in less than 3 years utilizing open source ESB, REST and virtualization technologies.

Founded Architectural Governance Board and established corporate-wide unified Product Management, Project Management and Development Management Methodologies and provided leadership and introduced process, deliverable templates and RACI charts in support of the methodologies.

Provided program leadership and technical governance of global NTT initiative for the design and development of cloud-based enterprise computing platform utilizing KVM and VMware hypervisor technologies as well as multiple SAN subsystems.

Director of Delivery

CIBER, Tampa, FL September 2002 – November 2010

Responsible for all technical solutions for the Tampa & South Florida branches of this $1B+ IT consulting organization.

Notable Achievements/Experience

Provided operational efficiency, implementation accuracy and solution integrity for all initiatives.

Led all resources in program/project management, business analysis, requirements definition, technical sales, mentoring, methodology definition/refinement and governance for all clients.

Served as interim VP Technology for Greenline Systems, a client in the federal sector, charged with development and operation of a 24x7 container-based maritime risk management software product for use by the Department of Homeland Security and the US Navy. His resulted in securing a $68M+ USD contract for Greenline Systems.

Director of Engineering/Chief Architect

Capstan Systems, San Francisco, CA March 2000 — September 2002

Responsible for global development, operations, methodology definition and architectural governance for hosted supply chain optimization software offered in an Application Service Provider model in a SunOS/WebLogic/Oracle 8i J2EE-compliant environment tasked with ensuring operational efficiency, implementation accuracy and solution integrity.

Notable Achievements/Experience

Operations and Development responsibilities in multi-million dollar development initiative for the following supply chain management modules: logistics management, import compliance, export compliance, total landed cost which provide customer efficiencies in supply-chain visibility and functional management as well as on-the-fly import/export compliance screenings with extensive integration with ERP and CRM integration (namely SAP, Oracle 11i and Siebel.

Program Manager and Chief Architect for 800K USD loading dock small package shipping system built for Cisco Systems. This system enables Cisco loading dock personnel to select small-pack rates from various vendors at the loading dock based on a variety of factors such as 'lowest rate' and 'delivery date. This system is provides substantial costs savings to Cisco shipping costs as it is deployed in all US ship points and was designed so that future enhancements can provide Capstan Import/Export compliance screening functionality to all shipments.

Led JRP/JAD sessions with Subject Matter Experts (SME's) to document intended system functionality.

Extensive architectural involvement surrounding the processing of various EDI and XML documents, ERP systems integration and the use of various EDI/XML delivery software, namely Mercator and Web Methods.


Covansys, Basking Ridge, NJ June 1997 — March 2000

Responsible for operations for clients in Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Finance, and Banking sectors involving operations, design, architectural and maintenance responsibilities.

Notable Achievements/Experience

Chief Architect for enterprise n-tier architectural solutions (servers, network and software) at General Electric ($1.2M USD), Allied Signal($2.1M USD), Honeywell ($800K USD), Federal Home Loan Bank of NY ($2.25M USD), Bank of America, Wells Fargo and AT&T.

Lead sales and delivery role for effort that conceptualized, presented and was awarded contract for implementation of the online Automotive Parts catalog for Allied Signal Consumer Products Group as part of Allied Signal/Honeywell client relationships.

Critical Sales, Facilitation, Technical Architect and Lead Developer role for a $2.25M USD intranet-based financial application where facilitation of extensive multi-month JRP/JAD sessions produced baseline for workflow-oriented project to streamline 80-90% of all existing staff processes. This project required a precise combination of Internet technologies to create a state-of-the-art workflow-based system used in the management of mortgage-based collateral for one of the US Federal Home Loan Banks.

Secured strategic outsourcing alliances with the following organizations: General Electric, Allied Signal, Honeywell and Bank of America forged through my nurturing of accounts, as well as my architectural prowess and technical abilities with approximate 1999-2000 revenues from these clients in excess of $6.5 million USD.

Director/Chief Architect

Coopers & Lybrand, Parsippany, NJ April 1994 — June 1997

Responsible for IT operations center servicing all US-based C&L HR Practice clients delivering Pension Information and Open Enrollment/Benefit elections. Responsibilities included Infrastructure, Operations, R&D and Development for enterprise client/server service bureau, consisting of interactive voice response (IVR), computer telephony integration (CTI), voice recognition (VR) and text-to-speech (TTS) systems custom built using C and C++ on various UNIX and Windows platforms.

Notable Achievements/Experience

Chief Architect for call center hardware/software environment using Compaq servers (running UnixWare and Windows), Cisco network components and Dialogic (now Intel) telephony hardware.

Chief Architect for internal hardware/software cross-platform inter-networking environment implementing an API which encapsulated all network programming shielding complexity from a large team of junior C/C++ developers, increasing productivity and drastically reducing the learning-curve for all staff with productivity increases and headcount reductions estimated in the millions of dollars (USD) yearly from accelerated time of delivery and ability to reduced skills of staff required to develop applications.

Chief Architect of a cross-platform Pre-XML Name/Value Pair macro-based API significantly reducing user learning curves and increasing productivity for all internal development which allowed for the creation of self-describing data and, in conjunction with the Networking package described above, allowed for the passing of messages among network clients/servers in order to achieve distributed processing in a mixed operating system environment.

Architect and lead developer of a Unix-based Interactive Voice Response macro-based API significantly reducing user learning curves and increasing productivity for all internal development of Health & Welfare voice applications.

Architect and lead developer of a Unix-based Graphical Based Monitoring Package providing real-time execution status of all Voice channels in an 800 port HR service bureau.

Manager UNIX Development

Maersk Data USA, Madison, NJ February 1991 — April 1994

Responsible for day to day development and operations for all non-mainframe technologies in the U.S. including management of Operations and Development of all non-mainframe developers/administrators including UNIX, Windows and OS2 servers with SNA connectivity to CICS, IMS and TSO environments.

Notable Achievements/Experience

Architect and Lead Developer of a flagship 24x7 worldwide Interactive Voice Response System capable of tracking and detailing information regarding Container Numbers and issued Bills of Lading to all customers via telephone in 4 different languages, implemented globally which used SNA data links for real-time data access and for periodic voice file updates and code fixes.

Architect and Lead Developer of Magic Mate, an Interactive Voice Response, Text-to-Speech and 3270 HLLAPI extensions to Unix Korn shell accomplished by wrapping complex vendor API's into shared object libraries and dynamically incorporating them into the ksh binary at run time so that IVR development can be simplified by being written as scripts instead of complex C language programs allowing for the rapid development of UNIX scripts that controlled IVR ports and interacted with mainframe sessions. Recognized by David Korn as providing the most innovative solution he has seen based on his UNIX shell.

Multi-page article(s) with photo in Unix World Magazine in recognition of the innovation of the Magic Mate product.

Senior Consultant/Director

Coopers & Lybrand LLP, Parsippany, NJ November 1988 — February 1991

Member of Technical Staff-33

AT&T Communications, Somerset, NJ March 1986 — November 1988


Rutgers College - Rutgers University

Bachelors, Computer Science September 1982 — January 1986

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