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Assistant Chemistry

New York City, NY
March 25, 2019

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Dipti N. Barman

*** * **** ******, *** York, NY 10021

Phone 201-***-****


*** ****** *** **********, **, 07070

Phone 201-***-****



• Chemist with Organic Chemistry & analytical Chemistry knowledge with 5+ years of experience in CRO and Core-Laboratory setting

• Adept at all phases in chemical development serving at the capacity of consulting on problems arise on medicinal chemistry, budgeting on synthesis, technical lead and Subject matter expert

• Quick learner, dynamic team player, committed to the highest levels of performance excellence, with seamless adaptability to new environments and appreciative of constructive criticism Education/Certification

• ResMed Drug Discovery Certification, Drew University 2016

• Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma (December 2010)

• M.S. in Bioorganic Chemistry, University Of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri (May, 2007)

• B.Sc in Chemistry (Hons), University Of Calcutta Technical Skills:

Software: Electronic Notebook, SPARTAN, Schrödinger, Canvas Tools & Techniques:

1. Analyzing and budgeting of synthesis requirement for customers 2. Design and synthesis of complex compounds for medicinal chemistry and imaging 3. Formulation of drug molecules

4. Develops and execute methods for Waters ACQUITY HPLC/ UPLC 5. Ligand docking calculation

Employment/ Training:

Research Scientist:

Weil Cornell Medicine


• Responsible for analyzing requirements, proposing new molecules and corresponding synthesis route

• Use “Schrodinger” program for proposing unique heterocyclic compounds from a virtual compounds library

(provided by eMolecules)

• Design and synthesis of complex molecules e.g Glyco-peptides, hetero cyclic compounds

• Hands on experience for synthesis of Carbon-11 isotope labeled bioactive molecules

• Mentoring junior chemist in the facility

Research Scientist I

Alberta Research Chemicals Inc.

November 2014 – August 2015

• Contract Synthesis of thiophene analogues for drug development, collaborated with Eli Lilly

• Contract Synthesis of complex heterocyclic compounds for drug development, collaborated with Eli Lilly

• Formulation of Toll-like receptors (TLR) ligand molecules with PLGA Research Associate II

September, 2012 –October 2014 Translational Synthesis Core Laboratory at The Cancer Institute Of New Jersey

(CINJ) facility of Rutgers University

• Molecular design and synthesis of heterocyclic compounds for p53, BMP2 and CDK2 targeted drug development

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow


January 2011- August, 2012; Department of Chemistry, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

• Focused on designing of targeted drug delivery system and novel light-responsive hydrogels

• Ring-opening polymerization (ROP) techniques for synthesizing Bio-polymers

• Nano-particle synthesis and characterization

Graduate Research Assistant

September 2007 – December 2010; Dept of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University Of Oklahoma,

• Organometallic Chemistry

NIH Research Fellow

January 2005-May 2007; University of Missouri-Columbia

• Design and synthesis of Fluorescent sensors

Teaching Experience:

Dept of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University Of Oklahoma, August 2007 – Fall 2009

• Teaching Assistant, Undergraduate General Chemistry (5201), Teaching Assistant Undergraduate organic Chemistry (3152)

University Of Missouri, Columbia, MO, August 2004 – December 2004

• Teaching Assistant, Advance Inorganic Chemistry

Honours and Awards

• Alberta Innovates R&D Associates Program; Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures (AITF) (2014-2016)

• The National Institute of Health (NIH) graduate Scholarship Spring 2005-Spring 2007

• National Science Talent Search, India


1. Barman, D. N.; Nicholas, K. M. “Ligand-assisted, copper-catalyzed enantioselective benzylic amination” Tetrahedron Lett. 2010, 51, 1815-1818

2. Barman, D. N.; Nicholas, K. M.; Liu, P.; Houk, K. N. “On the Mechanism of Ligand-Assisted, Copper-Catalyzed Benzylic Amination by Chloramine-T”; Organometallics 2010, 29, 3404–3412 3. Barman, D. N.; Nicholas, K. M. “Ligand-assisted, Copper catalyzed Intramolecular C-H amination”. Eur. J.Org. Chem. 2011, 5, 908-911

4. Dipti N. Barman, Jong Hun Lee, Kyeong-Ryoon Lee, Zheng-Yuan Su, Sarandeep S.-S. Boyanapalli, `Mou-Tuan Huang, Longqin Hu, Ah-Ng Tony Kong “In vitro and in vivo anti-inflammatory effects of novel 4,6-bis ((E)-4- hydroxy-3-methoxystyryl)-1-phenethylpyrimidine-2(1H)-thione” Chemical Research in Toxicology; 2014, 27(1), 34-41 (Cover Page)

5. Barman, Dipti N.; Subramaniam, Prasad; Lee, Ki-Bum “Developing a multifunctional dendritic polypeptide-based nanocarrier for the delivery of multiple anticancer drugs and siRNA to tumor cells ” U.S. patent no: US20150196657A1; January 15, 2014

6. Klockow, Jessica L.; Hettie, Kenneth S.; Secor, Kristen E.; Barman, Dipti N.; Glass, Timothy E. “Tunable Molecular Logic Gates Designed for Imaging Released Neurotransmitters” Chemistry - A European Journal 2015, 21(32), 114**-*****

7. Negri, Ana; Javidnia, Prisca; Mu, Ran; Zhang, Xiaojie ; Vendome, Jeremie; Gold, Ben; Roberts, Julia; Barman, Dipti; Ioerger, Thomas; Sacchettini, Jim; Jiang, Xiuju; Burns-Huang, Kristin; Warrier, Thulasi; Ling, Yan; Warren, David; Oren, Deena; Beuming, Thijs; Wang, Hongyao ; Wu, Jie; Li, Haitao; Rhee, Kyu; Nathan, Carl; Liu, Gang; Somersan-Karakaya, Selin. "Identification of a mycothiol-dependent nitroreductase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis", ACS Infectious Diseases, 2018, doi/10.1021/acsinfecdis.7b00111 8. Barman, Dipti N.; Subramaniam, Prasad; Lee, Ki-Bum; “Dendritic Polypeptide Nanocarrier for the Stimuli- Responsive Delivery of Multiple Chemotherapeutic Molecules”; (Submitted to Advanced Materials) 9. Joyce, Rebecca L; Beyer, Nicole P; Vasilopoulos, Georgia Woll, ; Kellie; Hall, Adam C.; Eckenhoff, ; Roderic G.; Barman, Dipti N.; Warren, J David; Tibbs, Gareth R.; Goldstein, Peter A. “Alkylphenol inverse agonists of HCN1 gating: H-bond propensity, ring saturation and adduct geometry differentially determine efficacy and potency.” Biochemical Pharmacology; doi/10.1016/j.bcp.2019.02.013 10. Joyce, Rebecca L; Beyer, Nicole P; Vasilopoulos, Georgia Woll, ; Kellie; Hall, Adam C.; Eckenhoff, ; Roderic G.; 3

Barman, Dipti N.; Warren, J David; Tibbs, Gareth R.; Goldstein, Peter A; “ Substituted Alkylphenols As HCN1 Antagonists” U.S. patent Submitted

Research Talk/Poster Presentations:

1. Barman, Dipti N.; Shah, Shreyas; Lee, KiBum; “Design and synthesis of hydrogel system for neural cell differentiation”, Philadelphia, PA; Fall 2012

2. Subramaniam, Prasad; Barman, Dipti N.; Lee, Ki-Bum “Multifunctional nanocarriers as imaging probes and drug and gene delivery agents in tumor cells”, Philadelphia, PA; Fall 2012 3. Barman, Dipti N.; Nicholas, Kenneth M; “Ligand-Assisted, Copper-Catalyzed Benzylic Amination”, 240th ACS National Meeting, Boston, MA, August 22-26, 2010

4. Barman, Dipti N.; Nicholas, Kenneth M; " Ligand-accelerated intramolecular amination” 55th Annual ACS Penta Sectional Meeting, Norman Oklahoma, April 10th, 2010 5. Barman, Dipti N.; Nicholas, Kenneth M; “Copper–Catalyzed Enantioselective Hydrocarbon Amidation”, Gordon Research conference, Newport, RI, Unites States, July 12-17, 2009 6. Barman, Dipti N.; Secor, Kristen E.; Glass, Timothy E.; “Sensors for catecholamine”, Abstracts of Papers, 232nd ACS National Meeting, San Francisco, CA, United States, Sept. 10-14, 2006 7. Barman, Dipti N.; Garrison, Shana M.; Glass, Timothy E. Poster presentation in Missouri Life Sciences Research

“The Design and Synthesis of Selective Amine Optical Sensors: A Valuable Tool for the Molecular Recognition of Neurotransmitters”


1. University Of Oklahoma, “Ligand-Assisted, Copper-Catalyzed Benzylic Amination” (Mar 2010) 2. University Of Oklahoma, “Carbocyanation of Alkenes and Alkynes” (Oct 2009) 3. University Of Oklahoma, Colloquium speaker, “pH sensitive fluorescent sensors” (Oct 2007) 4. University Of Missouri-Columbia, “Fluorescent Zinc Sensors” (Sept 2005) Professional Membership:

1. Alpha Chi Sigma, Professional Chemistry Fraternity, Lifetime Member of Delta Chapter 2. American Chemical Society (2005 – present)

3. Phi Lambda Upsilon, Professional chemistry graduate student organization o Treasurer (Fall 2009- Spring 2010)


Prof. David Warren

Milstein Chemistry Core Facility

Weill Cornell Medicine

Phone: 646-***-****


Prof. Kenneth M. Nicholas

The University of Oklahoma

Phone: 405-***-****


Prof. John Babich

Weill Cornell Medicine

Phone: 646-***-****


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