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Administrative Assistant Project Manager

New York City, NY
March 25, 2019

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Kam-Meng Mary Tchou-Wong, PhD

** **** **** ******, *** 8E, NEW YORK, NY 10128

Cell: 646-***-****



Year Degree Field Institution

**** *.*. ******mistry Stony Brook University

1988 Ph.D. Molecular Biology Princeton University (Mentor: Dr. Arnold J. Levine) PRE/POSTDOCTORAL TRAINING

1981 - 1982 Research Technician Dr. Fred Heffron at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory 1988 - 1992 Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. I. Bernard Weinstein Columbia University Medical Center

1993 Intramural Fellow Dr. Warren J. Leonard

National Institutes of Health/National Heart Lung & Blood Institute ACADEMIC APPOINTMENTS

1994 - 2016 Assistant Professor & Associate Professor, Departments of Medicine & Environmental Medicine, NYU School of Medicine OTHER PROFESSIONAL POSITIONS AND APPOINTMENTS

2003 - 2016 Member, Early Detection Focus Group, NYU NIEHS Center 2004 - 2016 Member, Environmental Carcinogenesis, NYU Cancer Center 2006 - 2016 Member, Internal Advisory Committee, NYU NIEHS Center 2010 - 2016 Appointed Member, NYU Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee 7/2016 - 12/2016 IACUC/IBC Project Coordinator, Office of IACUC/IBC, NYU Langone Medical Center (Animal Research Compliance)

1/2017 - 12/2017 Compliance and Training Coordinator, Office of IACUC, Columbia University (Animal Research Compliance)

1/2018 - Present Senior Research Project Manager, Institute for Genomic Medicine, Columbia University Medical Center

Manage $30 million of annual funding including NIH grants, subcontracts, industry contracts (AstraZeneca, Biogen, Boehringer Ingelheim) foundation grants, gifts and service agreements for the Institute for Genomic Medicine, communicate and manage new and established relationship/collaborations with research investigators/staff, industry and foundation partners, genomics and bioinformatics/IT cores, Offices of Clinical Trials, Tech Ventures, Development, and Sponsored Projects Administration and Finance, facilitate and manage new business strategies/initiatives and grant applications, pre-award and post-award grants management and budgeting, annual & financial reporting and grants closeouts, monitor budgets, review/attest monthly expenditures, effort and resource allocation and reporting, compliance review/approve projects and data transfer, manage/assure compliance with IRB, IACUC, MTA, DTA, informed consents, dbGaP deposition, data transfer, supervise research project manager to ensure efficient project management and deliverables 12/2018 - Present Grants Consultant, NYU Langone Medical Center Support submission of large, complex basic/clinical/translational research and center grants and provide overall research and administrative writeups 2

MAJOR SUPERVISORY & ADMINISTRATIVE RESPONSIBILITIES 2002 - 2005 Associate Director, NYU General Clinical Research Center, Molecular Core Laboratory (Support clinical research)

2006 - 2016 Director, Animal Exposure Cores funded by NYU Cancer Center and NYU Environmental Health Science Center

2006 - 2016 Director, NYU Department of Environmental Medicine Satellite Animal Facility (Supervise animal care staff & assure compliance) 2012 - 2015 Faculty Administrative Assistant, NYU Environmental Health Science Center (Administrative support for submission of competing/non-competing NIEHS Center grants)


Leader in Life Science - Screening Committee for Pitch Night, and Member - Deals and Ecosystem Committees, Princeton Alumni Angels of Greater NY (2018 - present) Co-Founding Scientist/Consultant of iProDynamic Therapeutics Inc. - Biotech Startup (2013 - 2017)

“To develop and commercialize plant-based oral enzyme replacement therapy for lysosomal storage orphan diseases and Pompe disease”

Co-Inventor, PCT/US14/46469 patent, submitted by NYU, July 15, 2014 (pending)

“Methods and oral formulations for enzyme replacement therapy of human lysosomal and metabolic diseases”

Co-Inventor, United States Patent 7,741,298 (NYU), approved June 22, 2010

“Method and compositions for inhibiting tumorigenesis” OTHER RESEARCH-RELATED EXPERIENCES

Grant Reviewer: NIH/NHLBI for K02/K08 (2004-2005); NIH/NIEHS SBIR (2001); NIH/NIDDK R03 (2003); NIH/NHLBI K01 grants (2003,

2005, 2006); NIH/NIAID U01 Biodefense Grants (2008); Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) Intramural Proposals Sponsor: Pulmonary Fellowship, Stony Wold-Herbert Fund (2002 -2003) Member: Editorial Board of World J Gastroenterology (2004 - present) Awards: NYU School of Medicine Young Investigator Award (9/1999); NYU School of Medicine Incentive Awards (11/2002; 7/2003; 7/2004, 5/2011, 5/2012)


1981-1987 Choir Organist, Transfiguration Church

2002-2003 Secretary, Elementary School PS6 School Leadership Team 2002-2004 Grade Representative, PS6 Parent-Teacher Association Executive Board 2004-2005 Vice President, PS6 Parent-Teacher Association Executive Board 2005-2008 School Leadership Team Parent Member, Wagner Middle School 2009-2012 School Leadership Team Parent Member, Stuyvesant High School 2011-2013 School Leadership Team, Manhattan Hunter Science High School 2013-2015 Co-President, Manhattan Hunter Science High School Parent Association 2017 Judge, NYC Science & Engineering Fair, Initial and Final Rounds INDEPENDENT GRANTS RECEIVED AS PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: NIH/NIEHS Center Pilot Grant 08/12-12/13

Immunoprofiling of anti-glycan antibodies using printed glycan arrays as indicators of toxicity in plasma of workers occupational exposed to nickel

Principal Investigator: Tchou-Wong

NIH/NIAID R21 AI080987-02 04/10-03/13


Development of cell-permeable antibodies for post-exposure treatment of ricin in animal model Principal Investigator: Tchou-Wong

NIH/NCI EDRN Setaside Grant 03/09-06/11

Identification of biomarkers in sputum of high-risk smokers for the early detection of lung cancer Principal Investigator: Tchou-Wong

Research Contract from Minister of Defense, Republic of France 10/08-09/11 Evaluating the protective effects of scFv against ricin A-chain in lung aspiration animal model Principal Investigator: Tchou-Wong

NIH/NIAID R21 AI059476 09/06-08/10

Development of new therapeutic approaches for ricin-induced lung injury: Polycation polyethylenimine-mediated uptake of RNA ligands (aptamers) specific for ricin A-chain Principal Investigator: Tchou-Wong

NIH/NCI R01 Grant 05/03-04/06

Chemoprevention of Carcinogen-Induced Lung Cancer

Principal Investigator: Tchou-Wong

NIH/NIDDK R21 Grant 09/02-09/05

Role of H. Pylori Infection in Esophageal Adenocarcinoma Principal Investigator: Tchou-Wong

Pilot Grant NYU NIEHS Center 05/02-04/03

Cadmium and p53 in Tobacco-Related Lung Carcinogenesis Principal Investigator: Tchou-Wong

NIH/NIEHS R01 Grant 09/97-09/02

c-Jun Kinase (JNK) Pathway in Silica-Induced Apoptosis Principal Investigator: Tchou-Wong

Charles E. Culpeper Pilot/Rockefeller Brothers Fund 07/01-09/02 p53 Response and Lung Cancer Risk

Principal Investigator: Tchou-Wong

ALA Research Grant 07/97-06/99

Novel Form of p21WAF1/CIP1 and G2/M Arrest in Lung Cancer Principal Investigator: Tchou-Wong

Stony Wold-Herbert Fund Grant 07/95-06/96

p53 and Lung Cancer

Principal Investigator: Tchou-Wong


NIH/NCI Principal Investigator: Neel 06/03-02/18

Cancer Center Support Grant to support oncology research, education and patient activity through its programs and specialized shared resources Role: Director of Animal Exposure Shared Resource

NIH/NIEHS Principal Investigator: Costa 04/12-03/17 Environmental Health Sciences Center to support programs and shared resources for animal- related and exposure-related environmental health research Role: Director of Animal Exposure Shared Resource

NIH/NCI U01 CA166905-02 Principal Investigator: Pass 07/13-06/18 Identifying Non-Coding RNAs for Early Detection and Prevention of Lung Cancer Patients and 4

validate these signatures by using NanoString technology and deep sequencing of microRNAs Role: Co-Investigator

NIH/NCI U01CA86137-12 Principal Investigator: Rom 04/00-06/15 NYU Lung Cancer Biomarker Center: Early Detection Research Network (EDRN) to evaluate individuals at increased risk for cancer to identify biomarkers associated with early stage cancer Role: Co-Investigator

EDRN/DCP/NCI Principal Investigator: Rom 09/12-08/14 Administrative Supplements to Cooperative Agreement Award “Biomarkers to Distinguish Aggressive Cancers from Non-aggressive or Non-progressing Cancers” Role: Co-Investigator

NIH/NCI EDRN Subcontract Principal Investigator: Rom 03/09-06/11 BioOptical Interrogation of the Buccal Mucosa for Lung Cancer Risk Analysis Role: Co-Investigator

NIH/NIEHS P42 ES010344-06A2 Principal Investigator: Costa 08/09-07/11 Carcinogenic Metals and Their Interactions with Other Toxicants Role: Co-Investigator


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