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Electrical Engineer Design

Downtown Jacksonville, FL, 32202
March 27, 2019

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Dragan Stanic

*** ***** ***** **, ************, FL 32208

Phone: 904-***-****


Professional Experience:

Game& Staffing Austin, Texas

End client : Duos Technologies, Jacksonville, Fl

Electrical Design Engineer - contract Jul 2018 – November 2018

Installing, configuring, and troubleshooting Windows Server operating system 2008, 2012, 2016 and related utilities.

NEC PLC utilizing Embedded Windows Web Server for Automated vehicle scanning station electrical systems application utilization and administration.

BOSCH Fort Lauderdale, Florida June 2015 – January 2017

Senior Electrical Engineer

Web server Red Hat Fuse administration.

New product prototypes development for geothermal residential HVAC. Communication protocol development in embedded C, application peripherals controls, developing device low level drivers, IAR developing environment.

Power distribution equipment including sizing transformers, electrical feeders, and distribution gear for equipment loads from 120 up to 13,800 volts for building power supply and automated control.

Part of team effort in defining design HVAC requirements including cooling and heating cycle.

Development of commercial HVAC control. PLC embedded SW development by OEMctrl hardware in Automated Logic suite for commercial HVAC. Direct Digital Control (DDC) HMI, controllers and sensors (occupancy, override, CO2, temperature adjustment) with use of Bac-net for Automated Building Control.

Application implementation of Real Time OS, Software architectures, Digital Signal Processing. LabVIEW message send and receive test program.

Serial communications UART, I2C, Modbus, CAN bus and peripheral interfaces. Integration of protocol stacks. Servo motor control.

Analog and digital circuit controls hardware design using Altium and testing. Specifically serial communication plug-in board with Renesass RL78 and V850. Op-amp based pass-level and thermistor sensing circuits. Nyquist rate Digital Filters, Logic analyzer, O-scope, J-TAG debuggers.

Testing tolerances and sensitivity analysis of logic level translators and its integration in digital circuitry.

Mentoring of engineering internship team members.

Achievements: Development and implementation of service tool communication protocol for communication between HVAC unit and tablet-based service application.

Sunoptic Technogies Inc., Jacksonville, Florida Oct. 2013 – Feb. 2015

Electrical Engineer

Project management of several various projects specified further down.

Configuring web applications using Microsoft IIS, for purpose of automated equipment remote control and data logging.

Defining design requirements, designing electronic circuits and programmable logic, testing circuits and systems, documenting and verifying the design, utilizing electrical circuit development tools, digital signal processing, control systems, and SPICE type electronic simulation program Multisim.

Project on RFID subsystem printed wiring board, applying design best practices and its firmware developed.

LED and xenon light sources development, research, design, fabrication, modification and evaluation in medical regulated industry by IE60601. DFMEA. Design history file. Standard Operating Procedures. Engineering Change Notice.

Familiarity with optical components such as: Imaging sensors, Photo-detectors.

Designed, tested and qualifying of power conversion circuits and obsolete component replacements.

Electronic digital and analog circuits and subsystems board design as EMI suppression, low power design RFID, logic gate arrays and flip-flop sequenced redundant on-off, using Eagle CAD software.

Firmware driver communication protocol development. LabVIEW programming. Encryption method development for identification and critical data logging. Microchip, TI and Freescale 8, 16 and 32-bit MCU, Kinetis K70 ARM Cortex M4 HMI firmware programming using PEG Graphics Software for interface screens and controls. Java bare-bone and Linux OS on Eclipse and MPLABX.

Utilization of RFID and UART device communication protocol.

Testing and measurement of temperature, EMI/EMC, device life, and other parameters of electronic apparatus to make sure they are in accordance with EI60601 standard for medical devices by use of multi-meter, oscilloscope, power supply, RF analyzer, L3 dipole and bi-conical antennae, preamp, conductive coupling Line Impedance Stabilization Network, and probe station Fluke DAQ.

Devising test methods for automated testing equipment as Chroma 19032 Safety Analyzer and Rigol DSA800 Spectrum Analyzer. Use of applied statistics for illumination chromaticity estimation.

Design of automated Light Engine Test System used for production testing and storing results on SD card CSV log-file for import in to SQL database.

Guidance and mentoring of the project younger team members.

Achievements: System Integration, testing and qualification of new power supply for surgical light source. Life test and integration of new Xenon ark lamp. Newly developed device EMI suppression methods optimization. Design and qualification of LED switched power supply. Design of MCU RFID circuit and development of encrypted RFID method for device authenticity verification subsystem.

Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems, Apopka, Florida July 2011 – Oct. 2013

Electrical Engineer

New Product Development department, project lead experience from concept through initial production. Oversight of the design, test and documentation of electronic projects.

Configuring web applications using JAVA based web engines Tomcat for purpose of automated equipment remote control and data logging. Apache web server administration.

Prototyping and schematic design of electrical control systems for water life support by NEC and UL standards, used for medical and pharmaceutical research.

Analog and digital input circuitry simulation.

Digital wired and wireless network communication design using Ethernet IP, Profibus, Modebus, Canbus, NMEA, SDI-12 protocols on distributed control system utilizing various digital machinery.

Wireless control on VFD using Modbus protocol registers values . Development of touch screen HMI.

Analog and digital input simulation design. Algorithm development for control of pumps, heater/chiller, control valve, UV lights.

Statistical processing of sampled signal true numerical interpolation of transfer function over continuous analog signal algorithms and implementation.

Interfacing with optical imaging sensors, flow, pressure, level, temperature, distance and dissolved gases.

Coding PLC in CoDeSys (structured text), Visilogic and U90 ladder logic to control motors at variable HMI inputs. Reciprocating Compressors. Auto-CAD. UL508A certification.

Guidance and mentoring of the project younger team members.

EG Controls, Jacksonville, Florida Mar.2010 - Sept. 2010

Electrical Design Engineer

UL compliant Pump Control Panels ladder schematics design utilizing various electronic control units, remote monitoring communication unit and backup system, short circuit ratings, BOM, project management directing team of three drafters and workshop technicians.

Arc Flash

Radio Holland USA, Inc., Florida Oct.2008 - Sept. 2009

Electrical Drafter/Designer

Navigation & propulsion control and communication systems integration for offshore drilling, fire-fighting and military vessels.

Ships Command Console and Global Marine Distress Sending System Human-Machine interface.

Power backup demand calculation and design, electronic circuits for battery management.

NMEA, WiFi, Ethernet, CAN bus, serial I/O (RS-232, RS-485) communications.

Ship electrical power medium to low voltage power distribution as one line diagram from main and backup generator to voltage transformers and various loads. Power distribution equipment including sizing transformers, electrical feeders, and distribution gear for equipment loads from 120 up to 13,800 volts.

Auto CAD and Auto CAD Electrical. Select electronic components and equipment testing.

Draft technical documentation, SOP, testing procedures, BOM.

Florida Community College Jacksonville- Advanced Technology Center, Florida

May 2008 -Oct.2008

Adjunct Teacher (part time)

Subjects: Electrical-Technology, Controls, Electrical Motor Drives, Hydraulics & Pneumatics for Process Support HMI LabVIEW design of pressure control loop circuit. AC motor drives 4-20 mA current control loop circuits, Micrologix, Fisher ProVox, Philips Step7 PLC, Micromaster VFD, Micrologix. Calculations power – rpm – phase delay.

West Fraser Inc. Whitehouse Lumber Mill Nov. 2006 - Apr. 2008

Electronic Controls Technician

Integration, installation and calibration of the control process automated solution incorporating laser scanner, process decision program with HMI, networked with Allen-Bradley PLC2 and PLC5 processor and motor control drives.

Editing ladder logic scripts of lumber mill highly automated manufacturing equipment. AB Control Logix, RSLinx as RSView experience on Allen Bradley.

Maintaining the plant's high MCC and high voltage electrical distribution quipment including sizing transformers, electrical feeders, and distribution gear for equipment loads from 120 up to 13,800 volts

Main challenge in program was design of control function for on time response on base of multiple continuous and discrete signal inputs.

Vocational Electrical School, Bosnia July1996 - Aug 2005

Electrical Vocation School Teacher

Taught subjects: Robotics, Electrical Materials and Components, Microelectronics, Telecommunications Basics, Data Transfer, High Frequency Electronics.

At school electronic club supervised work of my students on design of digital and analog electronic devices and circuit boards using various design tools as MATLAB.

PIC control application usually used statistical analysis of sampled sensor signal, processed further by mathematical function presenting control system feedback loop.

Programming application using assembler, FORTRAN, Pascal and Turbo Basic and client server applications on Linux OS server running MySQL and Apache web server.

Education: Graduated 1996 at University Banjaluka, Yugoslavia

BS Degree in Electrical Engineering, with major in Electronics and Telecommunications. WAX VMS2.0.

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