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Data Scientist, Statistics, Probability, Tableau, SQL

Napa, CA
March 27, 2019

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Joel Iglesias

Atlanta, GA


Willing to relocate to: San Francisco, CA - Sacramento, CA - Los Angeles, CA Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience

Manager Data and Applications

Comcast - Atlanta, GA

October 2017 to Present

Working on the data pipeline to ad hoc analysis.

Work with different teams to ensure data quality.

Collaborate on new KPIs definition and new data ingest processes. Some of my accomplishments where:

1. Generate bash script routines to easily move data from Hadoop, SQL Server and Teradata. 2. Optimize the Profiling analysis, having a 92% decrease on the computation time. From 3hrs to 15 min. And providing a way to generate the profiling trends. 3. Evaluate a POC for Promotional Data.

4. Cros-divisional collaboration to define new KPIs rules. 5. Provide data for ad hoc analysis.

Sr Data Scientist

Comcast - New York, NY

March 2016 to October 2017

Create analysis and predictive models to provide insights to Networks and Comcast Content Acquisition. Responsible for the data modeling layer and data flow process for the STB viewing data. Constantly monitor, refine and report on the data pipeline. Some of my accomplishments where:

1. Patent: Programing Insight And Analysis (15/651,840 pending). 2. Optimized the KPI processing up to 300%. Create efficient, reproducible code to accurately capture multiple dimensions and measurements.

3. Collaborate in the creation of the Programing Insights an Analysis. 4. Incorporate models generated by H20, and R on the data layer. 5. Improve process and speed of generating tables and Tableau workbooks. 6. Apply new data frameworks (e.g., Apache Kudu and HBase) and their applicability to the existing projects.

Sr Data Scientist Consultant

Sintesys - New York, NY

August 2015 to March 2016

Working at Comcast as a Contractor for Viewing Insights Project. Create analysis and predictive models to provide insights to Networks and Comcast Content Acquisition. Responsible for the data modeling layer and data flow process for the STB viewing data. Some of my accomplishments where:

1. Generate a bash script to control the flow of the data generation, that where manually created before. 2. Parametrize model generation, from R and Hive (Hadoop). 3. Translate R scripts to SQL statements.

4. Improve the Tableau reporting layer.

Data Scientist and SAP HANA Modeler Sr. Consultant. Dattlas - Mexico City

March 2012 to July 2015

1. Responsible for the data modeling layer and ad hoc reports in the Big Data project at Televisa Telecom, IZZI.

2. Generate predictive models for customer churn and the expected time of reconnection. In Big Data project at Televisa Telecom, IZZI.

3. Reduce KPI processing time up to 350% at Televisa Telecom, IZZI. 4. Data analysis (BMV and PROCESAR) predictions with an accuracy of at least 95% using R and SAP Hana, or Hadoop.

5. Collaborate with SAP to obtain KPIs for Cable Vision. 6. Optimize response times in some HANA views at Televisa. 7. Coordinate a team for the KPI integration of Cablemas to IZZI in Big Data project at Televisa. 8. Create sentiment and social media analysis from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, among others; for several POCs (Bimbo products, Guatemala presidential elections, Kloud Camps and Kio Networks advertisements among others).

9. Simulate and generate predictive analysis on a database of credit cards (2 million users, with 5 years history) for a credit limit POC.

Software Process Performance Analyst

Quarksoft - Mexico City

December 2009 to January 2012

1. Accredited a SCAMPI "A" Level 5 CMMI V1.2 and SCAMPI "B" Level 5 CMMI V1.2 2. Create statistical models for the quantitative project management. Quantitatively manage the processes to achieve the objectives of quality and process performance of projects. 3. Establish baselines and quantitative models for the process performance, in the software development process.

4. Implement solutions to reduce the estimation error on project timing, resources and budget. Reducing the error by at least 64%.

5. Create statistical tools, aids in the quantitative control of the project. 6. Train the developers and project managers to use the developed tools, interpret the results and drive actions for the project management, and the pre-sales phase. Consultant

Center of Investigation on Mathematics - Guanajuato 2008 to 2009

1. Bayesian analysis and comparison of the effectiveness of several biological fungicides for the garlic sowing.

2. Analysis and prediction for sales (value, quantity, place and time) on children’s footwear. 3. Estimate the total number of animals that can be hunted per season to have a balanced population growth.

Research Assistant

University of Guadalajara - Guadalajara

2006 to 2007

1. Assist in the preparation of the Bayesian statistics book, applied to the expiration dates. 2. Create exercises, provide the solutions and write some proofs of the first five chapters of the book using Scientific Workplace, LaText and R and S-plus. Statistical Assistant

Institute of Astronomy and Meteorology of the University of Guadalajara - Guadalajara 2001 to 2003

1. Assistant in the project "Investigation of Galaxies". 2. Analyze a set of stellar objects, and categorized in a set of stars, and rare items (plausible galaxies or other objects).

3. Apply statistical methods like LDA and QDA to identify stars, and make the list of non-stars objects. Education

Master's in Probability and Statistics

Center of Investigation on Mathematics - Guanajuato July 2007 to June 2009

Bachelor's in Mathematics

University of Guadalajara - Guadalajara

July 2002 to June 2006


Data Management (4 years), Hadoop (Hive) (5 years), Hadoop (Sqoop) (2 years), Teradata (2 years), SAP Hana (3 years), SQL (10+ years), R (5 years), Statistical Analysis (4 years)

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