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Data System

Falls Church, Virginia, United States
March 27, 2019

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Marvin Wan

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Marvin Wan


**** *********** *** ***** ****** 10 at Informatica University, Informatica Inc. 2014 Oracle 12c DBA Training at the Oracle University, Oracle Inc. 2006 Oracle 10g DBA Training at the Oracle University, Oracle Inc. 1996 Network Telecommunication, George Washington University. 1988 M.A., Management Information Systems, State University of New York. 1982 B.A., Public Administration, National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan. Summary of Qualifications

• Over twenty-seven (27) years’ experience in systems integration, client server and mainframe application system design, software development and implementation, and data modeling.

• Skilled in the areas of system analysis, database design, software development and maintenance, across platform system re-engineering and conversion, and technical support for application software development. Data analysis and data modeling.

• Good academic background and expertise in system development life cycle. Experience

Senior Consultant, (11/97 – Present)

Logical Data Inc., Vienna, VA

• SAP NS2 (Department of Treasury)

• Write PL/SQL script to extract different data sources from Dept. of Treasury and IRS and transform the extract data and load to the Dept. Treasury central training system.

• Develop PL/SQL package, procedure and function to perform ETL processing. Extracting, mapping and cleaning data to integrate into the central training system. Clean up non-readable flat file data and load into system

• Oracle 12c, PL/SQL, Toad, SQL Developer, UNIX shell script expertise are required.

(5/18 – 10/18)

• EXIM Bank

• Develop EXIM Bank in house complex loan processing system. Convert legacy data and migrate to EXIM Bank Web Logic Java code platform new system. Develop PL/SQL store procedures to migrates data to new system. Create PL/SQL packages interface with other systems to preform database update, delete and insert. Modeling data from legacy system and ETL migrate data to online system. Perform data formatting involves cleaning up data, assign schemas and create Oracle tables. Create data dictionary and create Oracle database data model for the new online system.

• Oracle 11g, Informatica ETL Powercenter v10, PL/SQL, Toad, SQL Developer, UNIX shell script expertise are required. (10/16 – 9/17)

• Civilian Personnel Information Systems, US Army.

• Re-design HQACPERS Reporting System from a PL/SQL based to a user friendly Crystal Report driven system. After re-design, Army generates 100 reports monthly are more flexible, reliable and easy to maintain. Re-design, convert and automate HQACPERS File System to Oracle table driven system. After conversion, files generate monthly are fully automate, input parameters are driven by the driver table, impose error check for each jobs for QC. For monthly cycle process, files creation and tables update are reduced to 2 days when compare for a week to complete before the files system conversion.

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• Convert legacy COBOL programs to PL/SQL scripts. Writing complex PL/SQL code, using procedures, packages and functions to accomplish the conversion project.

• Automate the manual monthly/weekly processes by converting them to data-driven PL/SQL and adding robust error handling routines. PL/SQL codes monitor and check the status of the automate processes. To recover the errors provide options to either rerun the whole job or just restart at the check point where the error occurs.

• Develop complex PL/SQL scripts to extract, transfer and load data to/from Oracle DB in different environments.

• Develop / maintain complex PL/SQL scripts to embed into Crystal Report to generate some 100 pages more reports.

• Develop / maintain PL/SQL to create Ad Hoc files/reports to support users’ requests.

• Develop / maintain PL/SQL scripts to extract data from Business Objects / data warehouse and export data to MS office Excels.

• Crystal Report, PL/SQL, SQL Pus, ETL knowledge, UNIX /Linux, shell script, Oracle 11i and Toad expertise are required. (6/06 – 9/16)

• Data Dictionary and Data Modeling, Federal Trade Commission. Review and analysis FTC core databases in the effort of creating an enterprise data dictionary referral model and developing a data management process. Using Erwin case tool to reverse engineer FTC 5 Oracle databases (4000 tables) and 6 Microsoft SQL Server databases (1000 tables). Identify data conflicts, inconsistencies and duplicates between databases and develop a data management process for FTC. Expertise required Oracle Designer 6i, Erwin, Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, Microsoft SQL Server, and PL/SQL. (4/05 – 3/06)

• Civilian Personnel Information Systems, US Army. Provide network security software development expertise to secure Army’s network. Enforce classified files and reports send to Army personnel are secured thru Army’s network platform between the HP-Unix and the NT Window 2000 Server. Software is developed in according to the DOD Privacy Act and only authorized recipient can view the reports. Password protections are coded in both platforms. F-Secure, UNIX scripts and networking environment expertise skills are required. Also, provide programming and data remodeling expertise to modernize Army’s CIVPERS System. Identified data discrepancy between the legacy system and redesign system. Documented data requirement and system components for integration and implementation. Provide analysis specifications to development team. Cobol II, DB2, SQL Plus, Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, UNIX, Shell script, and Toad expertise are required. (3/04 – 1/05)

• ASR System, US Forest Service, Dept. of Agriculture. Provide IT services in support of the ASR System for the USDA, Forest Service’s Financial Management Computer Services Division. These services include systems analysis and systems documentation of the existing legacy applications, maintenance programming support of the COBOL mainframe programs, Using Oracle Designer maintenance Oracle 9i database, PL/SQL, and technical support to the ASR user community. In addition, review the existing ASR System from an efficiency and accuracy standpoint and make recommendations on alternative design methodologies and/or coding practices that can be employed for the ASR System. Provide a recommended and structured traditional system development life cycle (SDLC) approach. Identifies estimated resources to both maintain the current system and in parallel design and develop a new web- enabled ASR System. Publish 4 volumes of system and user manuals. Oracle Designer, Oracle 9i, SQL, UNIX Script, COBOL II, DB2, CICS skills required. (5/00 – 12/03)

• The Department of Army and Department of Defense, as consultant for the software conversion of batch mainframe system (DATACOM) to a client server HP environment. Utilizing UNIX 10.2 and Oracle 8.05 database. Responsible for data analysis and conversion, full life cycle development for system conversion. Expertise required in-depth knowledge of DATACOM, ORACLE, SQL Plus, COBOL II, CICS, Unix Script, APS, PVCS and Micro Focus. (8-99 – 4/00)

• U S Airways, Users support and develop new programs to system enhancement. Certified the Employee Travel Card System, Drug Testing System and Payroll System to Y2K compliance systems. Responsible include program design, data analysis and coding for new development cycle. Analysis the infrastructure for Y2K certification and coordinated the certification Marvin Wan Resume Page 3

process. It required analysis knowledge for system infrastructure and expertise knowledge of DB2, CICS, IMS and COBOL II. (4/98 – 7/99)

• Emprise Technologies, developed The CICS Automated Table System (CATS) software for Emprise Technologies. CATS, an online software package that automates and simplifies the process of managing native CICS table changes. The software provides the change control functions that help CICS application programmers as well as system programmers. CATS developed under both IBM MVS and IBM transaction server environment. As consultant it required software system design and analysis, DB2 tables design and application implementation, IBM OS/390/zOS. (11/97-4/98)

Senior Consultant (6/95 –11/97)

System Application Inc., Fairfax, VA

• MCI Customer Fulfillment System. Enhanced the Fulfillment System to allow MCI has the marketing effort to acquire new customer and provide services for MCI customer pager network. Provided system function changes, program coding, unit testing and integrate system testing under the IBM MVS environment using Group 1, DB2 and COBOL II (1/97- 11/97)

• Blue Cross Blue Shield. Developed BCBS membership system. Provided full development cycle included analysis user requirements, wrote design specifications for new programs as well as developed interface programs between the online order processing and the batch message processing under IBM MVS, COBOL II, DB2, JCL, ISPF and TSO environment.

(5/96 - 12/96)

• A T & T’s Billing Account System. The System enhancement created the billing ability for A T & T to provide access for switched access customers to purchase local services and long distance services from A T & T. Provided and analysis user requirements for system function changes, program coding, unit testing and integrate system testing under the IBM MVS environment using DB2, IMS DB/DC and COBOL II. (6/95 – 5/96) Senior Programmer/Analyst (6/92- 5/95)

ICF Information Technology, Fairfax, VA

• Department of Navy, Bureau of Naval Personnel. Used APS case tool to redesign and re- engineering the Navy Enlisted System and Online Reporting System. After the new system redesign and re-engineering, the personnel managers with the ability to update and correct any active duty enlisted personnel records either by batch or by online process. Served as consultant for the system re-engineering, provided analytical support for data modeling, top- end system design and system testing. (6/92-5/95)

Programmer Analyst (2/89 – 5/92)

ISTC, Columbia, MD

• Health Care Financing Administration (2/89 –5/92)

• Converted the accounting system from a Hewlett Packard 3000-mini-computer, IMAGE database to an IBM mainframe, IDMS database. Responsible for system analysis, data remodeling and system testing.

• Developed and upgrade the Hospital Insurance Supplementary Medical Insurance

(HI/SMI) database, to accommodate legislation or regulation changes. My duties are provided technical assistance to the Administration staff in development and modifying the database system and developed a number of utility programs to maintain the system’s database. System developed under the IBM MVS/COBOL/IDMS environment. Programmer Analyst (2/89 – 8/89)

Marvin Wan Resume Page 4

Chartway Technology, Rockville, MD

• U.S. Air Force Centralized Civilian Payroll System (CCPS). Provided analysis and assisted in the development and programming of complex IDMS application programs using APS. Supported and enhanced established programs, testing program and provided quality assurance support.

System Design, (1/88 – 12/88)

St. John Home. Rochester, NY

• State of New York/St. John’s Nursing Home. Used dBase III+ to design and implemented a database system for generating the ‘Incident Reports’ for N.Y. State and supported Risk Management studies for the St. John’s Nursing Home. My work resulted in the publication of

“Computerization of Incident Reports in a Nursing Home Setting” in Nursing Implication. Manger (83-86)

Yuen Hang Trading & Travel Services Co., Ltd. (H.K.)

• Supervised 5 to 9 employees, coordinated daily transactions, provided services to customers and explored new customer accounts. During my three years employed period, I generated

$1.2 million revenue for the company.




Computers Programmed: IBM 370/3081/3090, IBM Z/OS, AMDAHL 5860/70/80, HP3000, IBM PC, UNIX, LINUX.

Operating System: IBM 370/3081/3090, OS/390/zOS, HP-Unix, AIX, MVS/XA, TSO/ISPF, Window2000, Window XP, ROSCOE, NetWare 3.12. TP Monitors: CICS, IDMS, CA-7, Endevor, IMS DB/DC. DBMS: ORACLE 12c/11g/10g/9i, Oracle SQL Developer, Oracle Designer 6i, Erwin, DB2, IDMS/R, VSAM, IMAGE, XDB, DB2/2, IMS, MS Office. Languages Programmed: Informatica Power Center v10 ETL, Crystal Report, Unix Script, PL/SQL, Toad, SQL Plus, COBOL/COBOL II, QMF, Micro Focus, SPUFI, APS, C, MS Office, Front Page, CLIPPER 5.0, dBase III+ Pascal, Assembler, PVCS, Group 1, Easytrieve, Visio, Microsoft Project.

Level of Security Clearance:

National Agency Check Investigation (NACI) Granted: March, 2015

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