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Data Entry Assistant

Detroit, MI
March 24, 2019

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Isaiah Perkins

Research Assistant, lab technician

Detroit, MI 48219


Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience

Lab Technician

Ajax metal processing - Detroit, MI

June 2016 to January 2019

*Main job, is the analysis of chemical compositions of plating bath's to make sure that parts put into the baths are properly plated with the desired compound. Examples include Tin, nickle and zinc baths for plating. Laboratory skils.

* Acid and caustic analysis

*experience with equipment such as Atomic Analysis machine, X-ray scans, PH Indicators, Titration rigs, and Autorefractometer.

* chemical analysis and precison testing of wax compounds, plating compounds, acids, caustic, and chromates.

Research Assistant

Aquatic Invertebrate Ecology, SIUC - Carbondale, IL February 2018 to May 2018

• Collecting, sorting, and preserving aquatic insect samples for research

• Detail focused, including data entry and updating log books

• Maintained Excel spreadsheets for researcher's records LABORATORY SKILLS

- High Pressure Liquid Chromatography

used a high pressure pump to deliver a mobile phase solvent at a uniform rate at pressures around 500 to 1500 psi.

-Polymer Synthesis of nylon and polyurethane foams we created synthetic polymers (Nylon 6,10) and observe the stability of polystyrene towards organic solvents, next we wanted looked at the reaction between polymers and plain water, and finally we look at the cross linking of polymers.

Results :

The product that was created was an opaque fiber like stringy substance that had a milky white color. This indicates that the product is in fact nylon-6,10, the acid chloride monomer was clear and the Diamine was a semi-transparent y liquid that had a faint odor coming from it that smelt like plastic like.

-Polyurethane Foam:

Preparation of laboratory-scale polyurethane foams,attention was given to formulation aspects that were based on the main chemical reaction occurring in polyurethane production.


used to separate DNA fragments according to their size,DNA samples were loaded into wells

(indentations) at one end of a gel, and an electric current was applied to pull them through the gel.

-Thin Layer Chromatography

used a thin, uniform layer of silica gel coated onto a piece of glass disk, A pencil line is drawn near the bottom of the plate and a small drop of solution is placed on it... The solvent was allowed to rise until it almost reaches the top of the plate... we then found the Rf value for each dye dot.


the goal was to make enough of the target DNA region so that we could analyze it.

- Gas Chromatography

The purpose of this experiment was to determine the composition of solutions that contain a mixture of different alcohols, we determine the retention times of the four compounds. Those for pentanol, hexanol and octanol were determined directly from the chromatograms performed on their pure samples, and used the chromatogram of all four compounds to identify the peak for heptanol and determine its retention time.

- Infrared Spectroscopy

we used to identify characteristic absorption bands,structure of organic compounds

-Ion Chromatography

quantitatively determined the anions present in Carbondale's tap water, and Created standard addition plots for each anion present in Carbondale's tap water by plotting signal (A.U.) versus concentration COMPUTER SKILLS

• Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

• Data Entry

• Computer Programming and Scripting

• Minitab

• Web Design

• Chem Draw


Data Entry Clerk

BoxTops - Detroit, MI

2015 to 2016


Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry

Southern Illinois University - Carbondale, IL

May 2019

Associates of Science in Chemistry

Carl Sandburg College - Galesburg, IL

May 2015


Chemistry (5 years), DNA (1 year), Extraction, RNA (2 years), FPLC (2 years), Polymer (2 years), Clinical Research, Economics, Molecular Biology, Next Generation Sequencing, Histology, JMP, Lab Technician, Biology, Lab Tech, Medical Laboratory, Cath Lab


Driver's License

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