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Engineering Design

Houston, TX
March 24, 2019

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Email: Mobile No: 281-***-**** Houston, Texas 77082 EDUCATION

Master of Science: Computer and System Engineering Expected Graduation date: Dec 2019 UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON MAIN CAMPUS GPA: 3.8

Coursework: Adv. Computer Architecture, Adv. Digital design, State Space Control System, Principles of Internetworking, Cyber security, Digital Image Processing, Adv. Topics in Computer Architecture Bachelor of Engineering: Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Jun 2018 DWARKADAS J. SANGHVI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING (DJS)

Coursework: Microcontrollers, Microprocessors, Neural network and fuzzy logic, Analog Electronics, Digital Electronics, Digital signal processing, Digital design, VLSI, Integrated Circuits, Data Structures and Algorithms, Operating System PROJECTS

Designed an Optimized Multilevel and split cache with split TLB of various Benchmarks, UH Fall 2018

• Designed configuration files of benchmarks for various Cache and TLB design

• Tested the benchmarks in SimpleScalar with hundred million Instructions to obtain unbiased conclusion

• Analyzed the performance parameters like CPU cycles, miss rates, miss penalty, graphically to obtain optimized design Limnological raft, DJS College of Engineering Fall 2017

• Calibrated Ph sensor, turbidity sensor, conductivity sensor, temperature sensors to return digital values of Ph level, Nephelometric turbidity, Siemens per meter and temperature in Fahrenheit to the CPU (RasberryPi)

• Transmitted the values from the CPU to the server every second to monitors and compare the value with a threshold

• Controlled the motor on the raft to move it around the lake wirelessly with an android application GSM based Intruder alarming system, DJS College of Engineering Spring 2018

• Developed AT commands to control the GSM using microcontroller to send text and call alert whenever sensor is triggered

• Calibrated PIR sensor, Smoke sensor and water sensor 4-way traffic sensor and traffic light controller, DJS College of Engineering Fall 2016

• Created an efficient program for 4-way traffic light controller in embedded C

• Used IR sensors to check the amount of traffic on each way and assign Green light to it accordingly

• Burned the program in IC AT89C51, checked the output using LEDs EXPERIENCE

Micro-Processor Lab assistant volunteer, University of Houston College of Technology Fall 2018

• Assisted the team in developing VHDL code for the labs

• Programmed the FPGA board with the developed codes using Quartus

• Supported the students in performing lab experiments, Projects and solving doubts COMPUTER SKILLS

• Operating System: Windows, Linux

• Languages: C, C++, Python, Verilog, VHDL, JAVA, HTML

• Application Software: MATLAB, Quartus, Scilab, Proteus, OrCAD, Xilinx, Wireshark, MS Office CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES

• Technical paper on the topic ‘Impact of Cache and TLB design on Computing performance’, UH Fall 2018

• Technical paper on the topic ‘Wireless Sensors’, Dwarkadas. J. Sanghvi College of Engineering Fall 2017

• Technical paper on the topic ‘Defibrillator Drone’, Dwarkadas. J. Sanghvi College of Engineering Spring 2017

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