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Operator Sheet Metal

Greenville, SC, 29615
March 23, 2019

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Rocky Velez

Greenville, SC *****



Certified MiG Welder (MiG, Flux Core), Operate Machinery, All Hand Tools, Table Saw, Saw Cutter, Indoor Crane, Forklift, Blow Torch/Plasma Cutter, Drill Press, Magnetic Drill, Deburring Sanding Machine, Read A Type Measure in Millimeters or Standard Form, Fabricate, Interpret Basic Prints, MIG, Fabrication, Welder Fabricator, Welding, Bi-lingual (Spanish and Italian)


M. Weeks Welding Laboratory Testing & School, INC. – Nederland, TX

MIG & Flux Core Welding Certification

Certified MIG Welder GMAW – All position 1G,2G,3G,4G,5G,6G

Thomas Edison High School – Philadelphia, PA – High School Diploma

Work Experience

2017 to 2018


Employment Bridge – Anderson, SC

Welding and fabricating bridges based off blueprints using various tools such as: saw cutter, plasma torch, plasma cutters, deburring Sanders, drill press, magnetic drill, tape measure (standard and millimeter terms), Forklift, indoor crane.

Used either MiG or Flux core procedures welding metal either 1/4 or 3/8 of an inch depending on what the blueprints specified.

2015 to 2017

Welder/Quality Technician

Fisher Barton – Fountain Inn, SC

Manufacturing and assembling John Deere Products.

Performed visual inspections from robotic welding mechanisms for quality assurance.

Checking penetration on welds, holes, air bubbles or misplaced welds.

Re-working mig welds from inspection manually welding either by MIG or Flux core welding leads for full penetration.

Utilized Tac-Tig welding methods were used on various assignments.

2013 to 2015

Team Leader/Lead Welder (MiG, flux core)/CNC Operator (saw cutter)/Crane Operator/Fabricator

Seating Solutions – Spartanburg, SC

Worked as a CNC saw cutter and press break operator.

Tasks include operating crane and placing bundled material onto saw cutting belt taking full measurements of bundled material on belt.

TAC Welding back of the bundled material to keep the material intact for the saw cutter then using the CNC saw cutter and processing the dimensions from the inventory sheet.

Measured and calculated how many parts were cut from the bundled material.

Documented information onto the inventory data sheet by measurement, as well as, pieces and part of material.

Used press break to form in metal in whichever shape was required.

Other duties include welding and assisting welders on assignment fixtures such as measurements, Jigs and basic blue prints for frames and seats of every level from bottom to top tier for assignments to Indy 500 companies such as the Indy 500 Race Track Stadium, Denver Broncos and New England Patriots Football Stadiums and NCAA Basketball Associations.

2010 to 2013

CNC Operator (Saw Cutter)/Crane Operator/Team Leader/Lead Production Line Welder

Response (MES) – Greenville, SC

CNC saw operator operating crane placing bundled material on saw cutting belt.

Took full measurements of bundled material on belt TAC Welding back end of bundled material to keep the material intact for the saw cutter.

Cutting the front of the bundle about a quarter of an inch to keep the bundle leveled.

Processed the dimensions from the inventory sheet.

Measured and calculated how many parts were cut from the bundled material and on the last cut of the bundle.

Reversed the TAC Welded end first and took measurements manually to have a flushed cut for the last pieces of the bundled material.

Palletized the material and kept inventory of each palletized bundle.

Documented all information onto the inventory data sheet by part, number of material and who the order belongs to and where it is being shipped.

Built bases manufactured through jigs for metal racks on an assembly line for car parts produced by Ford, GE and BMW.

Assisted welders on left, right and middle base panels through base prints.

2007 to 2010

Ironworker (Decker)/MiG Welder/Flux Core Welder

SEC – Greenville, SC

Built Roofing frames for BMW.

Welded structural steel beams on decking sheet with metal weight varying from 150-400 pounds wearing a safety harness 40-60 feet in the air while securing sheet metal to structural steel by either grinding, sanding, drilling and bolting sheet metal to welded structural steel.

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