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Data Financial Analyst

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
March 24, 2019

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**** ************ ******, *** ****, Philadelphia, PA 19131 Phone: 267-***-**** Email: Open to Relocation across U.S.A.

EDUCATION – BETA GAMMA SIGMA Honors Society awardee Master of Science in Business Intelligence and Analytics Saint Joseph’s University, Philadelphia GPA 3.93/4.0 May 2019 Coursework in Data Analytics, Web Analytics, Business Analytics, Business Intelligence, Supply Chain Management, Statistical Analysis, Data Mining, Critical Performance Management, R programming, Database Management, Predictive Analytics, Python Post Graduate Diploma in Banking and Finance June 2014 University of Pune (Merit List)

Bachelor of Business Administration June 2013

Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies; Majors: Corporate Management, Statistics and Finance; Gold Medalist in Manufacturing Management coursework


Tableau, QlikSense, Kibana, PowerBI, SAS Eminer, Visio, Sharepoint, KNIME, MySQL, R programming, JMP,MS Excel,PPT,Access GenStat, XLStat, Lisrel, Stata, Python, Anaplan, Postman (ADE), UiPath(RPA);Data Analysis; Lean Six Sigma; Business Development; Investment Analysis; Marketing Communications; Banking; Strategy & Management Consulting CERTIFICATIONS

Certified Six Sigma Green Belt, Business Leadership Development Certification – eCLDP, Google Analytics Individual Qualification, Certification for AdWords Search Advertising, AdWords Shopping Advertising, AdWords Display Advertising, Alteryx-Designer Core, Tableau Desktop Specialist, Salesforce-Lynda, IBM Blockchain Development, Cybersecurity certified by NYU. GRADUATE RESEARCH WORK – 2018 - Present

• Setup and performed Monte Carlo simulation to forecast stock prices of NASDAQ and NSE public company shares. Used R programming package - Quantmod to measure volatility (Bollinger bands) and moving average convergence of stocks.

• Created a computer vision project in R which required image manipulation, image preprocessing. Libraries used include magick, geometry, abind, indicocio(API), base64enc, tidyverse, ggplot2. The algorithm was aimed at manipulating and processing images files within R using its computer vision capabilities and was successful in achieving the same as well as detecting emotion within images and portraits after training a model and utilizing related libraries.

• Created dashboards in tableau for project management activity data using Gantt charts, transportation data-radial charts, alumni donation patterns, school enrollment trends, space usage on campus.

• Conceptualized, created and marketed (SEO) a website ( to rank Hollywood’s top ten in various categories, by aggregating ratings from multiple movie databases using JMP, Tableau and Google Analytics tools.

• Leveraged JMP, Stata, Trifacta Wrangler, SQL, Tableau to perform multivariate analysis, regression, mining and scrub the Kaggle data set of German(eBay) used cars database in order to understand what factors influence price of a used car and buyer sentiment. Created tactical, strategic and operational dashboards for a leading Sporting goods company. HBR simulation and various pricing models created for Tide detergent products (pods, powder, liquid)

• Leveraged seaborn, numpy, matplotlib in Python to visualize damage caused by natural catastrophe (US wildfires data) and leveraged dplyr,tidyverse in R to manipulate the dataset retried using RSQLite.

• Built a web scraper using UiPath RPA to extract google data of peak hours and popular times for restaurants, cafes. Deployed the UiPath studio to automate data extraction from pdf invoices and store this data in the university database. CORPORATE EXPERIENCE

Crum & Forster Insurance (Fairfax Financial) Morristown, NJ, U.S.A Data Scientist Intern June 2018 – August 2018

• Responsible for a project where the objective was to build a predictive model to forecast loss ratios for a service line of Property & Casualty insurance that deals with insureds such as taverns, cafes, restaurants and clubs. The model would be more accurate as we leveraged social data along with US census and Dun & Bradstreet data.

• Utilized Postman’s API Development Environment (ADE) for agile, UAT, regression testing of business endpoints from Yelp Fusion API to design & mock, debug, test automation, documentation, monitor the Yelp API output.

• Developed applications and algorithms in Python using Spyder (IDE) helping automate, mine, scrub and gather data viz. Yelp IDs of business, hours of operation, ratings, price, review counts for 48k insured businesses. Maintain comprehensive technical documentation

• Performed investigative research, standardized complexities, identified issues, performed due diligence and compiled report to maintain data quality.

• Created new parameters and improved script utilizing various functions and string manipulation techniques, geocoding (for street addresses and name of insureds) to receive a better match rate (i.e. detect all businesses which are not permanently closed on Yelp from the dataset).

• Worked with team of actuaries to gauge which variables could improve the Rsquare of the penalized regression model.

• Performed text mining, sentiment analysis- VaderSentiment, world cloud plot after creating an app through python to extract reviews (text) of all insured businesses in the data set. Presented key findings to senior management and global internal stakeholders.

• Utilized libraries : Pandas; sys; csv; NLTK;; Urllib; Wordcloud; matplotlib; geoplotlib; seaborn; geopy; numpy; datetime Ernst and Young LLP Pune, India Business Analyst February 2015 - March 2016

• Worked on due diligence reporting for providing regulatory & advisory services for a merger & acquisition between major conglomerates. Built impactful dashboards using PowerBI to showcase revenue impact through service tax refunds and excise rebates for G360 clients.

• Utilized regression, decision trees and neural networks in SAS Eminer to create a project that uncovered factors that lead to employee attrition so that the client (Barclays) can improve their practices and take a proactive approach to increase retention.

• Performed value chain analysis, SWOT and financial analysis on annual/10K reports, researched the coffee industry landscape and implemented Porters’ five forces analysis to recommend sustaining growth for Starbucks for the Indian market.

• Created a project management “business continuity deck” using Lucid Charts, Visio to train new recruits in compliance workflow. Goldman Sachs Bangalore, India Financial Analyst June 2014 - January 2015

• Created risk models for graphical representation and tracking of risks for the liquidity and collateral ops division processes, which resulted in identification and reduction of the Risk Quotient Thresholds for the teams

• Collaborated with project managers, legal counsel, and other team members to gather data for projects to facilitate inter-company settlements. Manipulated files and their associated data using SSMS for rapid delivery to clients or loading onto internal databases.

• Experienced in 3 statement modeling, DCF analysis, Forecasting & Budget modeling.

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