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Beirut, Beirut Governorate, Lebanon
March 23, 2019

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Nour Yasser Kiblawi

Email: Mobile: +961-**-******


An exceptionally qualified Nutrition Sciences and Dietetics Bachelor with excellent organizational and team working ethics and an ideal candidate for a position thriving for initiation, responsibility, and daily challenges.


Haigazian University Beirut, Lebanon

Faculty of Arts and Sciences 2011 - 2015

Bachelors in Nutrition Sciences and Dietetics (BS)

My study covered several courses in the following topics:

Basic nutrition, Nutrition Assessment, Community nutrition, Human nutrition, Nutrition throughout the life cycle, therapeutic nutrition, food and beverage management, food chemistry, processing and analysis etc...

Beirut International School Bchamon, Lebanon

Lebanese Baccalaureate in Economics and Sociology 2010 - 2011

Previous Work Experience

Dietitian at Aman Medical Center Beirut, Lebanon

October 2017 – Present

Dietitian at Best Medical center Beirut, Lebanon

October 2017 – January 2018

Dietitian at private clinic January 2018 – Present

Sahel General Hospital Beirut, Lebanon

Role: Dietetic Intern March 2017 – May 2017

Bahman Hospital Beirut, Lebanon

Role: Dietetic Intern Sept 2015 – March 2016

Job description: A six month internship with direct patient contact and relation. The internship also included 3 week food service training.

The following rotations were covered:


OBGYN and Pediatrics





Food service



Filed patient files and assessed their anthropometry, biochemical data and calculated their nutritional needs.

Wrote nutritional diagnoses and appropriate diet plans.

Had contact relation with the patient explaining to him/her about the issued diet plan and modifications and gave tips about food selections and meal preparations

Done researches and presentations about each different rotation such as diabetes, cardiac, gastro etc.

Did a 3 week clinical rotation with a group of fellow interns where we used to see patients on a daily basis assessing them or doing follow ups with them

Did a 3 week food service rotation in the hospital kitchen where I used to observe and monitor the meal preparations, the line and distribution of meals to the patient rooms. Also checked the hygiene of the kitchen and the temperature of the fridges and food being distributed

Did a community nutrition project where along a group of fellow interns visited a school and did a presentation about healthy eating

Worked on a case study about a Parkinson’s disease patient. I talked about case, his medical and nutritional history, gave a background about the disease and talked about the medical nutrition therapy that I did for him.

Previous Projects

Created a healthy menu and restaurant flyer in a Food and Beverage Management course

Created a food safety brochure and poster in a community nutrition course

Worked within a team on a community nutrition project during my internship where we visited a school and gave a presentation to the students about the importance of healthy eating

Worked within a team on giving a presentation to the kitchen staff of Bahman Hospital about the importance of food safety and its proper handling in the kitchen

Worked on a case study on a patient with Parkinson’s disease within my internship

Created an educational nutrition book for children in a Special Topics in Nutrition and Food Sciences course


Certificate of participation in 3 day course training in Basic Principles of HACCP and food Safety Management from DQS Lebanon Management Solution Center

Date: June 2015

Nutrition Colloquium

Date: July 2016


Language skills: Fluent in both Arabic (native language) and English (secondary language)

Computer skills: Good computer skills (Microsoft office)

Team skills: Worked in in-group projects, that required a high level of collaboration and task partitioning amongst members.

Technical skills:

Knowledge of a clinical work setting

Knowledge of a food production setting in relation to safe and nutritious food products

Excellent interaction skills with diverse people in the work setting such as doctors, nurses and staff

Excellent analytical abilities in interpreting data, assessing and initiating specialized individual diet plans and programs

Excellent communicational skills necessary to provide counseling to patients and their families on nutrition related issues.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Volunteered at Food Blessed

Personal Details

Address: Beirut, Lebanon

Telephone: Mobile: +961-******* Home: +961-*-******



DOB: 17–08 –1993

Place of Birth: Doha, Qatar

Nationality: Lebanese


Available upon request

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