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Welding Welder

Lexington, TN
March 23, 2019

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Amy Alford

Munford, TN *****


Journeyman Welder

Skills & Abilities:

Methodical welding professional with 9 years of extensive experience in planning, laying-out, welding and repairing steel products. Deep insight into applicable welding codes, specifications and standards. Expert in operating manual and semi-automatic equipment to perform welding and fabricating work. Familiar with custom fabrication, vessel welding, pipeline welding and equipment repair.

Adept at handling brazing and soldering machine operations

Working knowledge of technical orders, blueprints and specifications

Willing to relocate: Anywhere

Authorized to work in the US for any employer


Journeyman Welder WG-10

The Army Corp of Engineers - Memphis, TN October 2012 to Present

Reason for leaving: Achieved everything professionally that was available and feel that in order to keep improving both personally and professionally, it is time to move onto a new company with more room for growth.

Selected and performed as a working leader and instructor on several 2-3 occasions over a work crew team of 4-8 welders and laborers.

Responsible for planning of work in the shop and drydocks and review work in progress and after completion.

Drected the repair and modification of suction pipe castings and drainage pipe castings for the Dredge Boat Hurley.

Instructed and supervised welders on the proper welding procedures using stainless steel, hardalloy 140, cro-manganese, and other hard alloy electrodes.

Responsible for repair and modifications of grader teeth for the Grader 4919, B. P. #11, and instructing welders as to proper welding procedures for hard surfacing grader teeth.

Responsible for other employees to maintain equipment and supplies as well as good housekeeping and to adhere to safety standards.

Designed blueprint and jig for welding lead hanger steel trees for the Dredge Hurley project.

Used template from old trees to design jig and fixture for new trees. Fabricated, welded, and finished trees with no supervision in a timely manner.

Worked directly under normal supervision and often independently from blueprints and example projects to fabricate, assemble, and weld various projects including steel "trees" for the Dredge Boat Hurley project, for welding leads and electrical lines, electrical line hangers for the electrical shop and drydocks, and other special welding metalwork projects


Selected as Chief Welder on Steel Articulated Mattress Forms Project for the Mat Loading Unit, Revetment, and Memphis District.

Supervised and instructed welders as to Gas Metal Arc Welding GMAW procedures and technical practices (theoretical, precise, and artistic) for production of components for mat forms.

Journeyman Welder, WG-10

The Army Corp of Engineers

Memphis District, Ensley Engineer Yard October 2008 – October 2012

Maintenance and repair of the Dredge Boat Hurley, M/V Mississippi, towboats, barges, and other floating plants.

Service base buildings and string out and dry-docks; and the structural features of string out and dry-docks.

Performed ironworker (layout) duties such as laying out own work, cutting, forming, fabricating, assembling, and installing metal shapes, assemblies, plates, and forms made of structural, plate, or ship steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Worked with sheet metal and uses metal working equipment.

Performed shielded metal arc and semi-automatic arc welding, using ARC, MIG, and Flux-Core welding processes.

Welds on a variety of cast and fabricated parts using flat, vertical, horizontal, and overhead welding positions.

Used templates, jigs, blueprints, and other guides to repair, fabricate, or modify metal items for all types of equipment, including repair of light or intricately made mechanical parts, which must fit in assemblies where close tolerances are required.

Responsible to make a wide range of welds from simple to precision welding; determines disassemble or repair necessary and materials to be used.

Designed blueprint and fixture for aluminum oil containers for the M/V Mississippi.

Fabricated and welded the oil containers, which included but was not limited to precision water-tight welding and detailed finish work.

Worked inside and outside on structures over water.

Applied experience in knowledge of journeyman ironworking, welding and layout work; experience to plan, design, layout, cut out, and fabricate special parts and devices for use in unique maintenance or operating situations; and use of tools and equipment such as journeyman hand tools, drills, grinders, drill press, powered metalworking equipment, electric welding equipment, etc.

Ability to use and maintain appropriate tools and equipment; ability to read, understand, and apply instruction and other materials related to the job; ability to do the work of welder and instructor and leader under normal and no supervision.

Ability to stand for long periods of time, and/or perform rigorous and recurring activities such as bending, crouching, stooping, stretching, and reaching for long periods of time frequently including extended shifts.


Earned the American Welding Society AWS certifications, air and plasma arc cutting, electric arc, utilize acetylene, oxi-acetylene, join and fabricate intricate work pieces 1/16 - 1/4 thicknesses on thin materials as well as sheet metal plate stock.


The Young Touchstone Company - Jackson, TN September 2008 to October 2008

Reason for leaving: Contract ended

MIG weld steel components together to form airtight Fuel Oil Preheater, Locomotive Cooling Solutions, Single 6, Double 6, and Triple 6 Radiators, and DS1 Radiators.


The Devilbiss Company - Jackson, TN April 2008 to October 2008

Reason for leaving: Contract ended

MIG welding steel components together to form air compressor tanks.


Certified in MIG welding 14 gauge steel.


Fru-Con Pala Industrial - Jackson, TN January 2008 to April 2008

Reason for leaving: Contract Ended

Abreacted and installed various types and sizes of steel structures, such as platforms, handrails, stairs, and reinforcing materials and components.

Fabricated and installed reinforcing columns and horizontal beams.

Welded from four positions with 7018 and 6010 (overhead, vertical, horizontal and flat). Cut steel and/or weld with oxyacetylene equipment.

Install structural support components, set, bolts and detail platforms.

Fine-tuned false work, set anchor bolts and bearings.

Worked with scissor lifts, Hung fall protection.

Knowledge of the safe and efficient use of hand and power tools, including side cut pliers, bolt cutters, hammers, adjustable wrench, measuring tape, levels, punches, clamps, chipping hammer, goggles, welding helmet, plumb bob, com-a-long, welder, stringer, welding rods, welding torch, and tank, chisel, steel shears and chalk line.

Welder Fabricator - Medina, TN July 2007 to January 2008

Fabricate various projects according to blueprints out of steel and stainless steel.

MIG weld or TIG weld components.

Finish work including grinding, sanding, and painting with air hose painting equipment.

Deliver finished products to customers.

Welder Ornamental Iron - Jackson, TN April 2007 to July 2007

Layout and fabricate wrought iron handrails (interior & exterior), ornamental iron mailbox stands, street sign posts, metal ladder racks, and repair various items for customers such as trailers, dollies, aluminum items, etc.


Fru-Con Pala Industrial - Jackson, TN March 2007 to April 2007

Duties included but not limited to: cut and bevel pipe, fit pipe for welder, attended evening classes for TIG Welding on stainless steel plate and pipe.


Tennessee Technology Center - Humboldt, TN Graduate 2007

Precision Metals

Georgia Trade School, Kennesaw Georgia 2014

High School Graduate

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