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Operator Engineer

March 25, 2019

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Columbia SC, *****



Logistics/Aviation/Sensor Operator

Supply Chain / Air Operations / Cargo Coordinator / Warehouse Operations / Inventory Management / Logistics / Transportation Budgets / Distribution / Health & Safety Customer Service / Team building & Leadership / Aerostat Operator / Field Engineer Highly strategic, influential, well-rounded professional and an effective leader of on-going directions, performance and growth of operation. Expertise in logistics operations with extensive experience in managing departments and budgets.


• Active Secret Security

• Workplace Safety Systems

• Workplace Violence Training

• Production Safety Systems

• CPC Certified

• Container Management Cert.

• Material Requisition Training

• PGSS/PTDS Certification

• Full motion video producer

• Trained Imagery Analyst

• Industrial Generator

• Anti-Terrorism


• Lean Sigma Certification

• Word/Excel/PowerPoint

• Logistics Mgmt. Training

• Certified Forklift Operator

• Certified Aerial Lift Operator

• Expertise in ISR tactics

• MX020 LITE: 2,000hrs

• SPFE Certified

• CDL Class A

• Safety Legislation

• Sling load training

• Measure Signal Intelligence

Sensors (uTAMSS)

Bravura Aerostat Operator Field Engineer/Sensor Operator Afghanistan


• Performed Borsight Wescam MX20 EO/IR gimbaled turret

• Performed one-point calibration on Wescam MX20

• Master operations on Wescam Operator control unit for Wescam MX20 EO/IR gimbaled turret

• Produced 40 HD full motion videos for customer by using Leidos Picte video enhancing software

• Ran diagnostics from Wescam MX-20 digital master control unit (DMCU) by extracting scripted data

• Mastered Wescam MX 20 LITE operator control unit; trained site personnel to proficiency by developing faster techniques to find aggressors at night.

• Troubleshoot and replaced UHF Radios and modems

• Assisted in performing modifications to aerostat payloads; installed newly modified antennae for High Altitude Radio (HARC)

• Knew everything about FMV full motion video editing capability; was the go to authority for producing customer videos

• Utilized learned “tricks of the trade” for laser targeting using MX-20

• Replaced 2 MX20 Wescam gimbaled turret in less than hour; lauded by unit for keeping maintenance downtime to a minimum

• Learned IR Electro-Optic/Infrared (EO/IR) lens master; led to uncovering a ide emplacement

• Worked with Service based Architecture software (SBA)

• Inspected in replaced UHF Omni Telemetry antennae and CL and KU band antennae

• Maintained and inspected measured signal intelligence components to include listening sensors antennae’s, microphones and UHF radios

• Provide onsite guidance for learning battlefield TTP’s in scanning and imagery analysis

• Routinely replaced E/O Sensor equipment to include FLIR balls, Operator control units and digital master control units

• Analyzed Aerostat Payload; i.e. Pressurization Avionics Unit, Payload Support Equipment, RF Telemetry, UTAMS, Flight Termination System, and HARC. Also, monitoring wind speed, helium, ballonet pressures, and ambient temperatures.

• Conducted diagnostic assessment on all site support equipment to troubleshoot malfunctions and then conduct repairs of the failures. Conducted tether terminations splicing fiber optic wires and high voltage wires high lift, Selleck Fork Lift, and Fiber Optic Splicing equipment.

• Performed on-going quality assurance/quality control checks, inventories and inspections to ensure medical material stock was rotated, kept within potency shelf-life limits, and environmental and security conditions were maintained

• Mastered aerostat launches positions to include close haul, nose station and lead console master operator; quickly mastered aerostat flight dynamics as well as possessing uncanny ability to accurately pick weather patterns

• Conducted PTDS daily business in an ethical and professional manner; learned unit’s tactical requirements and challenges to better support the commander’s mission objectives.

• Served as Quality Assurance Inspector; maintained metrics deficiency reporting of, but not limited to, defects, cycle-time, efficiency and effectiveness to ensure unit command had real-time data towards achieving improved unit performance goals and objectives.

• Served as Quality Assurance Inspector; maintained metrics deficiency reporting of, but not limited to, defects, cycle-time, efficiency and effectiveness to ensure unit command had real-time data towards achieving improved unit performance goals and objectives.

• Targeted lofty goals; attained 650,000 flight hours of aerostat flying time while exceeding operational availability (Ao) target of 90% by attaining 96.5%

• (PTDS) Team recently received Lockheed Martin’s 2012 NOVA Award, the corporation’s highest recognition for individual or team achievements

• Operated surveillance systems, including Unattended Transient Acoustic MASINT system, Control Links and Analysis Workstation and Joint Services Workstation

• Provided force protection for US forces working in remote areas using Advanced Security Technology utilizing cameras, radars, MASINTs, turrets, FLIRs, and Kestrel technology

• Quickly named go to trainer for building ropes and became the best at fabricating tether eye splices despite being on the site a short period of time.

• Oversees and owns responsibility for 24/7/365 management of PTDS field sites; directly controls assets totaling over $299 million dollars managing day to day operations for 13 independently run sites

Fluor Government Aviation Logistics Coordinator



• Supervises the operations team within assigned area of responsibility.

• Reviews and compiles operational data or information.

• Prepares and distributes reports on operational status.

• Maintains departmental data as necessary for analysis, planning, and reporting purposes.

• Performs daily tasks supporting the development and execution of operational strategies, work projects and other activities.

• Provides input on the development and implementation of organization policies, practices, procedures as requested.

• Recommends measures to improve methods, performance, and quality of product or services, and suggests changes in working conditions to increase efficiency.

• Uploads/downloads helicopters, and trucks

• Stages cargo for all outbound missions

• Ensures all cargo is accounted for twice daily

• Guarantees daily task are executed in extreme war zone conditions. Fluor Government Group Aviation Logistics Specialist II Afghanistan


• Track aircraft utilizing the Afghan National Tracking System (ANTS), conduct radio calls, document/record and report aircraft incidents and mishaps.

• Perform Contractor Requesting Flight Representative (GFR).

• Coordinate with government, military, and other agencies to provide critical flight related information to aircrews, to include weather and NOTAMs.

• Maintain the Flight Crew information File (FCIF), manage/distribute the flight schedule, and track and record flight hours.

• Maintain, issue and account for sensitive items and equipment assigned to the section.

• Utilize Microsoft Office products to conduct daily duties.

• Performs Air Operations activities and support within assigned area of responsibility.

• Performs functional tasks as necessarily to achieve operational objective.

• Reviews and complies operational data and information.

• Prepares and distributes travel reports.

• Maintains proprietary data as necessary for analysis, planning, and reporting purposes.

• Confers with manager/supervisors and site personnel to obtain data required for planning activities, such as pending employee travel requests, cargo movements, status of work in progress, and problems encountered.

Fluor Government Group DFAC Logistics Warehouse Foreman Kabul, Afghanistan


• Determine appropriate shipping methods, prepare associated reports and personally supervise heavy-lift loading operations.

• Operates daily task in extreme war zone conditions.

• Daily usage of forklift to load and unload various supplies and materials

• Oversee a total of 20 employees that are foreign national.

• Manage the budget and departmental labor projections for a $14 Million program.

• Responsible for the principles of property accounting through manual or automated data processing

(ADP), storage methods, and warehouse control (receipt, issue, and disposal).

• In depth, operational experience with automated food management and ordering systems such as STORES, AFMIS and other Food Service and Logistics Management software.

• Perform operations involved in storage, inspection, identification, and receipt of property.

• Advise the DCMA and Task Order management on all matters relating to dining facility management, food preparation, equipment, facilities, training, and personnel.

• Coordinate area labor requirements, supplies, equipment, equipment maintenance, grounds/building maintenance and service requests with the Food Service Managers, military representatives and other Fluor organizations providing support services to DFAC Operations. WAP Worldwide Service – RMS AL Udeid Air Base ( Logistics Support Specialist) Doha, Qatar


• Providing excellent quality service to 12,000 military personnel.

• Entrusted with producing financial performance reports for management presentation and preparing bank deposit documentation.

• Assigned to maintain a comprehensive daily/monthly inventory of high profile items.

• Monitored inventory and controls electronically to ensure adequate product supply levels.

• Manage the daily operations of 6-10 employees.


Warehouse Management System AS400 (WMS)


PSR & SAP Stock/Roll

Property Management Inventory System (PMIS)


Mountain State University 2003-2006

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