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Electrical and computer Eng, Firmware Eng

Ann Arbor, MI
March 21, 2019

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Swathi Sri 203-***-****

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Technical Set:

Programming languages: C, C++, Verilog, VHDL, Keil, Proteus; Python, Java.

Hardware: BSP, CAN, Arduinos, ModelSim and Lab View.

Computer based Tools: SVN, DOORS, Git bucket, Confluence, Contour (Jama), IAR, MATLAB, Simulink, Xilinx ISE, CATT, Qt.

Others: FreeRTOS, QNX, Linux, Windows Operating System, Mac OSX, Microsoft Office 2005(Word, Excel, Power Point).

Professional Experience:

Honeywell International INC, Minneapolis, MN Mar2018-Present

Software Engineer

Designed and implemented the UI screens for RT1050 (for IoT device) micro using Touch Gfx and fixing the bug issues.

Real-time Embedded Software Development using C/C++ in IDE as IAR IDE with an emphasis on the analysis, design, development and testing of the systems to run on ARM processor architecture.

Understanding the Hardware Architecture of the Microcontrollers for the development.

Development of communication drivers like SPI, UART, Flash and device drivers such as UI, PWM, NVM and Watchdog drivers.

Worked on BSP to detect AC Lost (LVD) during the voltage loss and implemented the code for raising the voltage level.

Implemented the logic for Red Link Power Leakage via UART line on BSP.

Design and development of Graphical User Experience using Touch GFX and Visual Studio.

Performing peripheral(ADC, Relays, Wifi) testing using J-Link, unit testing, Black Box and White Box using JTAG connector on the device.

Upload approved changes on the SVN repository in Agile methodology.

Preparing the document as a reference for the future development or implementation process.

Knowledge of TCP/IP using wireshark.

Scottline HealthCare Solutions, Houston, TX Mar2016-Dec2017

Programmer Analyst

Understanding service Requirements by developing a good affinity with teammates according to the clients.

Project requirement analysis by developing workflow chart, diagrams, UX Design and UI development.

Writing test cases and providing to the developers to enhance the performance of the application.

Providing HealthCare Claim level Analysis according to the Client and preparing client presentations.

Wrote SQL Queries for performance tuning and created stored procedures.

Globallogic Technologies Private Ltd, Hyderabad, India

Analyst Mar2013-Aug2014

Worked in Content Engineering Department with GOOGLE as a client.

Setting on legitimate advanced and different maps, recreating furthermore submitting justifiable information under those frameworks.

Accompanying with co-workers to provide secure map standards reaching the territorial local information.

Orchestrating and upholding the maps in a best possible manner to replicate as a unique one.


Intern May2012-July2012

Visited various installations and learned Mobile Communication, Optical Fiber Technology, Networking, Broadband Technology, Digital Switching System, Digital Transmission, Telecom Support Infrastructure for understanding of live systems in the lab.

Academic Track:

M.S in Electrical and computer Engineering (2016) GPA 3.45/4.00

Fairfield University, Fairfield, Connecticut

Course Highlights: Java, Digital Communications, Advanced Digital Design, Sensor Design and Application, Electronic Materials, Mathematics.

Research Study under Prof. Douglas Lyon on “Smart Transportation” by referring several IEEE papers (cited some of the papers) presented and reported on weekly basis.

Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication (2013) GPA 3.66/4.00

Nishitha college of Engineering and Technology, India

Course Highlights: Mathematics, Computer Architecture, Electronic Device and Circuits, Signals and Systems, Linear/Digital Integrated Circuits, Optical Communication, Pulse and Digital Circuits, VLSI Design.

Academic Projects:

Sensor System Design July2015-August2015

Designed a complete sensor system for a Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) and checked on LabView.

PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) controls the sensing operation of all the devices with the required parameters.

Used a Growth Chamber of 24” Stainless Steel and 1E-5 Torr that handles the reaction and temperature of an MOCVD.

Used a Load Lock of 1E-3 Torr to control the valve during the vent of the Lock Chamber.

Used a Gas Delivery System of 150 psi that gives two-wired 4- 20mA analog output for Mass Flow Rate Controller.

Used an exhaust that continuously monitors a communication to a PLC (0-5V, 4-20mA, 0-10V)/RS232.

Alphabet Display with LED’s Using Morse code July2015-August2015

Designed an Arduino system that displays the Alphabets (A-Z) and numerical numbers (0-9).

Used flashlights for display.

Used clock and flip-flops for digital circuit logics. Dots and Dashes are used which are one and three units long to represent an Alphabet or a numerical digit.

Channel Tracking in Wireless OFDM System February 2015-April2015

Implemented the OFDM System using Matlab Software and estimated the performance of it.

Suppressed Inter-Symbol Interference (ISI) that allows many users.

Linear Interpolation technique is used for bit error rate reduction.

Modulation techniques such as PSK, QPSK, and BPSK are used to encode digital information in analog world.

Prevention of energy loss at frequency domain.

Achieved reduced frequency selective fading.

Wireless Live Human Detection January 2013- April2013

Designed Live Human Detecting Robot useful in Debris using an 8-bit Microcontroller with PIR sensor.

Compiled and debugged in Keil Uvision Simulator, Proload and Orcad Lite on the target using basic “C” language.

Verfied in software simulator and hardware design.

Smart Transportation System January 2012-April 2012

Developed a smart transport system with a transmitter at one end and receiver at the other end and a DC power supply in public transport for better tracking of the destination on LCD Display.

Used breadboard, wiring and soldering works for hardware.

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