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Senior QA Automation Engineer

California City, California, United States
March 21, 2019

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Sreelakshmi Suresh


Professional Summary

● Total 7+ years of experience in QA/Testing domain which includes Selenium based Automated/Manual web site testing, POS Testing, Mobile Handset Applications software verification and validation.

● Experience in black box manual and automation software testing, Testing Process, Testing Concepts,Testing Methodologies, Mobile Handset Testing and Web Testing.

● Experience includes Web Browser, Palm UI, Motorola Palm, Motorola iDEN Smartphone testing for Mobile OS and Network testing in UK, India locations .

● Hands-on experience in Selenium 2.0 WebDriver, TestNG, Java Selenium WebDriver 2.

● Extensive Knowledge of SDLC and STLC, SQA Methodologies and tools. Experience in executing different types of Black box Testing Techniques: Functional Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, Regression Testing, User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Unit Testing, Verification and Validation.

● Develop solid QA documentation based on the analysis of business and technical /Functional Requirement specifications.

● Expertise in developing and executing Test Scenarios, Test Cases, Test Scripts and in analysis of Problem Severity, Defect Tracking and Defect Reporting.

● Utilize bug tracking systems like JIRA, HP ALM, Bugzilla and DDTS for reporting software defects and tracking their resolution status.

● Tested Streaming, Video Call (3G), Messaging, and Multiple PDP in Motorola Mobile devices for O2/Vodafone/Orange customers.

● Experience in testing Windows, Web and Mobile applications in Agile & Waterfall model.

● Expertise in analysis of performing wide range of Quality Analysis and Testing Activities to ensure that the System solutions meet the specified requirements.

● Good Communication, Interpersonal skills and Time/Task management, Self-motivated and Leadership skills.

Technical Skills

Automation Tools/API’s

Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium RC, SeleniumGrid,Protractor, Cucumber, TestNG, JUnit, Sikuli, AutoIT, Log4j, Appium, SoapUI, Karma.


Hybrid, Data driven, Keyword driven, Page Object Model

SQA Technologies

SOAP, REST, WSDL, Web Services, SOAPUI, Postman, Rest-Assured.

Programming Languages



Agile Scrum, Waterfall, V- Model, SDLC, STLC, TDD, ATDD, BDD

Defect Tracking

Jira, Bugzilla, Rally, Rational Unified Process (RUP), HP Quality Center

Build, Version control, CI/CD Tools

Maven, Ant, TFS, SVN, Git, GitHub, Bitbucket, CVS, Jenkins

Database Technologies

Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Toad

Operating Systems

Windows, OS X, Linux, Unix

Mobile testing

Android, iOS, Android Studio, Appium, Xcode

Office Tools

MS word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, MS Access, MS Outlook, TFS,



Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Edge


PC Enrollment Optimization (PEO)

Rodan+Fields, San Ramon, CA - Senior QA Engineer Jan 2019- Till date

Rodan + Fields is a Skin care Consultant company that manufactures and distributes the products to the consultants and works on commission basis. Members are offered different types of consultant option : PC (Personal Consultant), RC (Retail Consultant) and Consultant. PC can buy the products with the discounted price with PC Perks one time enrollment fee. He can order the products in bulk and get free shipping after the first delivery.

He can in-turn distribute the products to the down line PC/ RC and be eligible for the commission.

PC Enrollment can be done parallel by adding the required products to the cart and selecting the PC Perks option. During checkout the billing/shipping details are entered and account is created.

This project focuses on making the enrollment as friendly as possible and by giving the user ease of enrollment. The user can chose the billing and shipping address same thereby reducing the time to enter the address twice in case they are same.

The PC can register with/without a consultant.

The consultant can be searched either by name/nearby address.

Environment: TST3/TST4/PPD3/Production

Tools Used: Jira, Q-test, Product CockPit, NSC4, NSC3, RFO(R+F Operations),RFL(R+F Live), Pulse


● Enrolling the new consultant RC/PC and making sure the PC Perks benefits are applied on the orders.

● Validating the commissions and taxes are calculated and applied for each order placed.

● Making sure the data is routed through the commissions DB.

● Validating the PC perks are applied promptly on all the orders.

● Validate the newly enrolled PC data is captured in the DB and any orders placed are reflected in NSC 3/4.

● Validate the orders can be returned partially/tax/full order and the prices are calculated and refunded accordingly.

● Validate the new consultant can enroll as PC/RC with/without consultant. PC will get an option to choose from the list of consultants by name/nearby address.

● Testing the Ecom sites: .biz, .com and PWS sites on different browsers : Safari, IE, Mozilla Firefox and Chrome and Android/IOS phones.

● Writing and executing the test cases in Qtest for the user stories provided and raising the defects on Jira.

● Attending the sprint planning meeting, daily standup and bug triage meetings

● Ensuring the sprint gets completed with minimal spillover and completing the stories execution on time.

Convention 2018

Rodan+Fields, San Ramon,CA- Senior QA Engineer Jan 2018 – Dec2018

Rodan + Fields is a Skin care Consultant company that manufactures and distributes the products to the consultants and works on commission basis. Convention is an annual event for the registered consultants during September.

The project includes enrolling new consultants as RC/PC/Consultant, registering the consultants for the event via eTouches (3rd party Application), Making sure the enrollment data flows through the RFO/RFL and commission DB.

Thorough validation of Convention offers page that has the products available for the registered consultants during the event. The consultants can avail the shopping experience as onsite/virtual attendees from three different geographies of the world- US, Canada and Australia.

The scope of the project also includes the validation of Microsoft POS(Point of Sales) device that was kept during the convention event for the onsite attendees.

Environment: TST3/TST4/PPD3/Production.

Tools Used: Jira, Q-test, Product CockPit, NSC4, RFO,RFL, Pulse. SQL,MYSQL, Jenkins


● Tested in the agile development environment with frequently changing requirements from the product owner.

● Understanding the requirements and converting the user stories into manual testcases and maintaining the test cases in the repository Q-Test and executing the same.

● Enrolling the consultants under the sponsored and registering them to the Convention event withdifferent types of passes: MainStage, BroadCast Viewing and 3 day Pass (Via ETouches Perf site)

● Validating the consultant data flows throughout the e-Touches/RFO/RFL/Pulse DB.

● Validating the different consultants enrolled in different passes get the relevant products under their PWS/biz sites.

● Validating the list of products available in the Convention Offers page to ensure the PDP and the category page populates with the exact price and variants available on different browsers and Operating systems for different mobile devices via device connect (Device LABs)

● Validating the Try-It-On tool (Developed by EPAM) renders the image/shade selected appropriately.

● Validating all the orders flow till the pulse DB and reflects in NSC 4 (US) and the product cockpit(AU/CA)

● Validate the orders placed via POS device that is used for the onsite attendees using the swiping machine and manual entry of credit card information.

● Validate the cancelled/Returned orders reflect accordingly and the refund is done successfully on NSC4/CS Cockpit.

● Validate the email communication/format for each type of order/enrollment/cancellation.

● Validate the Order Type when placed via different flows.

● Validating the database to ensure the enrollment/orders are flowing throughout the system as expected.

● Executed the Test cases and updating in Jira and reporting the bugs.

● Following up with the developers till the bug is closed.

● Attending daily Stand up meeting and bug triage meetings regularly and keep the status updated to the whole team.

● Testing the Ecom site when the Convention offers flag is ON/OFF

Product cart automation

Topgifter, Fremont, CA- QA Engineer Jan 2016 – Nov 2017

Topgifter is an online shopping site for variety of customized gift articles and accessories. It allows the customer to register to the website and search for the required product, get the product price, Check the availability of the

product, purchase the product by adding the product to the cart by paying through the credit/membership/debitcard.

Customers can search and browse gifts from different data providers on can also Provide recommendations to a Facebook friend by analyzing his profile, interests and recommendations. also provides recommendations suggestions in different categories. The customer can get the product shipped to the address of his/her own or to a friend. The project included testing the application manually and automated the test cases using the automation scripts.


Selenium 2.0 WebDriver, Grid2, GitHub, Java, My SQL, TestNG, JUnit, HTML, XML, Windows 2012, Linux, Jira,FireBug, Firepath, Eclipse.

Responsibilities :

● Tested in the agile development environment with frequently changing requirements and features set.

● Involved in converting the user stories into manual test cases and identified the scope of automation.

● Developed Automation scripts for Searching the product and lining up the items in the cart and making the purchase.

● Responsible for GUI and Functional Testing, using Black box Testing Techniques.

● Involved in Automation Environment setup using Eclipse, Java, Selenium WebDriver jars and TestNG.

● Designed Test cases Using Selenium Webdriver and TestNG.

● Executed the Test cases and updating in Jira and reporting the bugs.

● Enhancing the Selenium Test cases for Cross browser testing.

● Actively participated in scrum meetings, reviews and developed test scenarios in agile environment.

● Involved in test case designing and test planning. Developed test cases to meet functional

requirements. Developed automation frameworks using data driven testing methods using Selenium,Java, TestNG.

● Conducted functional testing, regression and GUI testing on each build for the application usingSelenium.

● Analyzed script results and prepared reports using TestNG and submitted the bugs using Jira.

Nokia, Bangalore, India —

Senior QA Engineer (Wipro Technologies) Aug 2007 - Dec 2009

Scope of the project includes application testing of Various Nokia Products (3G, 2G) on Different networks likeTellus, Airtel and AT&T networks. Testing the phone for different functionalities and capture the behavior of thephone under corresponding applications in different networks

Responsibility :

● Involved in gathering the functional specifications, developing Test cases, Reviewing them andexecuting them manually.

● Testing of 2G/3G phones in both 2G and 3G networks and switching between them. Testing of Videocalls, SMS, MMS, Outlook, Internet Explorer, Voice Recognition, MSN Messenger, Active sync, Fileexplorer, MSN, PIM, Windows Media Player,SIM Manager, Voice mail, Camera & Camcorder, Mediatheater, Voice notes etc.

● Inline with Nokia’s process we have used various tools like X-flash, MTTY, CPedit and RSS for flashing/downloading the new build on the phones.

Palm Mobiles, Redding, UK —

Senior QA Engineer (Wipro Technologies) June 2006 - June 2007

Testing of Palm handset for orange, 02 and Vodafone networks. It involved testing of 3G and 2.5G phones madeby Palm Inc. Europe

Responsibility :

● Performed the testing in the client place in Redding(U.K.)

● Found several critical issues which if escaped would have caused a great deal of customer

dissatisfaction and hence delay in product shipment. Major issues were device panic and performance issue while switching from 3G to 2G.

● Timely interaction within the team and the client to complete the test execution cycle on time.

● Performed thorough testing and found several major issues and received great deal of appreciation from the product managers and the client.

Motorola, Feature Testing for CDMA phone –

Senior QA Engineer (Wipro Technologies) April 2005 - May 2006

Scope of the project involved Functional testing of various models of Motorola handsets supporting the CDMA protocol. The main focus of the project was to test the Web Browser for launching different websites through thephone. The scope included testing of HTML and XHTML web pages and comparing the UI and speed of thebrowser.


● Testing Browser feature and analyzing the protocols through the logs captured by QXDM.

● Executing the CBAT (Centralized Browser Automated Testing) for Browser.

● Developed HTML and XHTML web pages according to the requirement and hosted them on the test server and executed them successfully.

● Responsible for writing, modifying and executing test cases for testing. Analyzing and Reporting defects in DDTS ( defect logging tracking tool).

● Performed functional testing, regression testing and user acceptance testing.

● Leading a test team of 5 members.

● Understanding standards and specs.

● Providing timely report to the client and Weekly Status report to the manager.

Motorola, Iden Smartphone Testing –

Senior QA Engineer (Wipro Technologies) Oct 2004 -Feb 2005

Smartphone testing project involves testing 26 Mobile applications including MMS, Camcorder, Ativesync, Pocket Internet Explorer, Interaction with PC, Push to Talk etc.. against the Motorola Standard TPS(Test Plan Specification).


● Testing of Microsoft provided Applications like SMS, MMS, Pocket Outlook, Pocket internet Explorer, MSN Messenger, Active sync, File explorer, Pocket MSN, PIM, Windows Media Player

● Testing iDEN specific applications like Private call, group call, call alert,SIM Manager, interconnect call,voicemail, Camera & Camcorder, Media-theater, voice notes etc.

● The scope of this project was to test all these applications to validate the functionalities against theb Nextel’s requirements.

● Involved in test case execution for DRM,MSN Hotmail, MMS,SIM manager, PIE, Push to Talk, IrDA, Settings, Windows media player, Activesync, Camcorder, Notifications, iDEN GSM mode switching, Security, DATA interaction, Trace mode.

● Contributed in reviewing test cases documents for Settings, Alternate Line, SIM manager, Trace mode etc

● Involved in Review and modification of the test cases for the UI and data applications, execution of UI test cases and reporting the bugs in DDTS.

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