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ITSM Strategy and Process Alignment SME

Secaucus, NJ
March 21, 2019

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ITSM Strategy Alignment and Business Architect

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A Certified ITIL Expert (SME) and Business Architect with over 25 years of experience in the Business and IT field, and for the past 12 years I have been responsible for assessing organizational performance maturity and readiness assessments, regionally and internationally, to provide recommendations to take it to higher levels of performance, quality and ensure continuity.

Conducts “Performance Maturity and Readiness” assessment of organizational end-to-end Business, Functional and Operational capabilities, infrastructures and processes.

Provides and maintains a Business-Ready Process-Driven Environment which enhances performance and proactively identifies problems.

Assess organizational requirements in reference to skills, training requirements, capacity and schedules and develops personnel education of relation between ITIL processes, importance of defining roles and following procedures.

Aligned various ITIL functional areas within the business, providing monitoring and management procedures to ensure adaptation with the business changes, distinctively in CMDB, Incident, Problem, Service Desk and Release Mgt.

Extensive analysis (data and business) to provide relative intelligence for management decisions.

Educational background a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering.


ITSM Transformation

SMO -Service Management Architect

Business Process Management

Service and Capability Maturity Gap Analysis

Functional and Technological processes

Define Improvement Opportunities

Educational and Awareness Development

Technical Leadership

Manage Project Rollout


ITILv3 Service Management

Business Process Management Modeling

Status Assessments

Capability Maturity Modeling

Business Architect

Application Service Provider Infrastructures

Technical Infrastructure

Risk Analysis

Trend Analysis

Delivery of Educational sessions

Quality / Methodology Reports

Visio/MS Office








VERISM™ FOUNDATION, IFDC (International Foundation of Digital Competencies)

PMP - PMI Chapter –


Attended numerous technical training courses covering Network Practices, Operating Systems, Security Technologies, Programming/Development. Despite the fact that I no longer work in these fields, but knowledge of them is a catalyst to support my current decisions in my deliverables.


Employer : OWLPoint, Hillsborough, NJ 10/18 – 11/18

ITSM/ Business Process Lead

Project: Everest Global Services, Inc NJ

Established governance and management frameworks.

Focusing on Incident Management / ITSM Framework

Perform an inclusive ITSM Gap Analysis

Perform a detailed GAP Analysis for Incident Mgt, focusing on 30 of the 350 current Application Managers

Promote Industry Standard Incident Process.

Define a roadmap to align, integrate and educate all Application Owners to the centralized process.

Client : Medical Services Authority of the Armed Forces, Cairo, EGYPT

Business Architect and Process Lead 04/18 – 07/18 and 01/19- 02/19

Project: NHIS (National Health Information System)

Establish a national HIS to centralize all Armed Forces Hospitals.

Perform an inclusive CSA (Current Status Assessment) for 6 major hospitals identifying maturity status for existing:


oProducts (Applications and Tools; inhouse, outsourced and/or procured)

oPersonnel (Technical, Administrative, Medical)

Performed a detailed GAP Analysis in relevance to requirements, Industry Standards / Best Practices.

Developed end-to-end BPLCs to address functional and operational requirements.

Define roadmaps to align, integrate the roll out of the NHIS and educate all Stakeholders to the centralized process.

Review the BPs subsequent to handover of initial phase, based on Stakeholder’s feedback.

This was a non-paid Development Engagement.

Employer : Polaris, Jersey City, NJ 2/15 – 3/18

Business Architect – ITIL Expert

ITSM Strategy Alignment – Business Architect SME

ITSM Process Lead Alignment SME

Project: MSCI, NY, NY 11/17 – 02/18

Establish a Framework as a baseline to Build and Develop Processes for Iterative Progress of IT Service Management (ITSM as it relates to Configuration Management).

Perform a detailed GAP Analysis for Configuration Management Process

Architected CI structure within Technical Departments and realigned business process.

Developed 15 processes for CMDB (SERVICENOW) for CI Lifecycle

Providing orientation and education on CI Lifecycle for all stakeholders’ teams (Technical, ITIL, ServiceNOW, Governance).

Project:– M&T Bank, Buffalo, NY 06/16 – -7/17

A.Maturity and Readiness Analysis (06/16 – 09/16)

B.ITSM Transformation and Alignment Modernization Plan (10/16 – 07/17)


Performed full blown Gap Analysis of existing Service Maturity in comparison with Technical Maturity of Shared Services Application (Electronic Content Management/Business Process Executive Language).

Delivered a detailed roadmap for Service Maturity requirements.


Consultant in high level Gap Analysis of M&T ITSM Maturity for Technology Group.

Introduce first phase of the project the ITSM and Service framework awareness in collaboration with the ServiceNow team.

Define and align SMO work streams, dependencies and resources with business/other relevant programs to ensure alignment and contribution.

Evaluate and refine existing standardized processes that enable proactive Service Management and guarantee align with framework and tools.

Adopt ITIL based capability processes when possible to produce technological requirements that are structured and business driven.

Identify with cross functional IT teams and Process Owners “Service and Process Improvement/Alignment requirements” by analyzing associated data of processes and metrics and identifying trends to provide quality Service Delivery.

Define and architect CI Lifecycle Processes in ServiceNOW (in collaboration with SNOW team) to align with the Service Catalog and CMDB.

Communicate and Edify ITIL/ITSM knowledge and SMO Objectives to IT teams and Process Owners upon request.

Project: - Ernst & Young, Secaucus, NJ 02/15 – 04/16

Conduction of Organization Mindset Transition (the transformation and implementation) program of EY IT from “task oriented” to “service oriented”. Responsible for developing aggregated lifecycle processes to provide higher levels of performance and quality and to guarantee continuity.

Assessment program management lead role of existing IT Service Maturity and performing required Gap Analysis.

Introduce the EY framework and reform and associate the mindset to operate in a results-driven approach.

Evaluate, refine, and build standardized processes that enable proactive Service Management and guarantee ongoing improvement, to facilitate design, manage and control from cradle to grave.

Built Service and Change Processes in ServiceNow (in collaboration with SNOW Team) for Service Catalog and Release Management.

Adopt ITIL based capability processes to produce technological requirements that are structured, and business driven.

Work with client IT solution architects, service owners, and/or technologists to ensure consistent architecture plans across infrastructure functional domains.

Defining a robust governance and decision-making process.

Delivered Service “Management” and “Improvement” reporting requirements to stakeholders (KPIs, CSFs, and Business Reviews Reports).

Developed education/orientation material; conducted training sessions for the Service Owners to:

oPromote the vision, values, and strategy of SOA, Services and Service Ownership.

oEnable the lifecycle management of their products as “Services”.

Employer: Al Masrayia., Cairo Egypt 09/12 – 07/14

Business Process/Program Manager

Developed the required “Business Process Reengineering” to enhance the work lifecycle to improve performance levels and provide leadership with visibility to manage, control and maintain the factory operations.

Derived technical strategy and architecture based objectives/requirements.

Identify and establish functional and technological processes.

Managed and established program to transform workforce to provide client-driven requirements.

Conducted Client Stakeholder sessions to gather requirements and delivered timely progress reports.

Induction of service/process improvement efforts; and Business Process Management System.

Established governance and management frameworks.

Employer: National Management Institute (NMI), Cairo Egypt 10/08 – 05/14

Strategy Alignment Program Manager

Lead Service Architect responsible for development and integration of global infrastructure delivery strategies and a managed services portfolio. NMI’s core service was to enhance Governmental Entities to incorporate autonomy process driven management systems. The NMI is an affiliate of the Egyptian Ministry of State for Administrative Development.

Lead consultant in design of “Government to Citizen” and “Government to Government” SOAs. Validated all technical designs to provide business requirements.

Conducted RG sessions; delivered program based reporting to Client Stakeholders and Management.

Business Development of ITIL frameworks, Business Process re-engineering and Cloud Services.

Consultant in ESB design requirements for the NHIS (National Health Information System). Captured all business requirements and produced organizational business objectives/strategies and aligned to technical solutions.

Managed OCED e-government readiness assessment in Egypt.

Developed blueprint for CIO Academy.

Managed team of 15; resources including Technical staff (Engineers, Programmers, Administrators), Analysts, Content Management and Administrative.

Delegate on mission to study Indian Governmental approaches for Familiarization Program on Public Administration and Governance.

Developed/Delivered training for “Establishing a Service Desk based on ITIL framework” and “IT Strategy Planning”.

Freelancer: Freelancer, Cairo Egypt 08/11 – 07/14

ITIL Process Consultant/Project Manager

Projects: FrontLine Consulting; EZZ Steel Group; ITIDA (GrowIT Program); Artel Incorp.; MADA – Business Process Outsourcing.

Organization Maturity:

oAssess Organization (Business and Technical) Maturity.

oDefine Gap Analysis and Improvement Roadmaps.

oInaugurate the required mindset and framework to enhance and maintain maturity level.

oITIL Training

Strategic Competency:

oConfirm that Technical design aligns with Business end-to-end strategy.

oEnsure all Business Requirements are included and that initiatives provided may be adjusted to changes that may develop in business objectives.

oReview deployment stages of the offered technical design.

oDefine services that hold strategic value for the business and to operate and improve those services to continually meet business needs as they evolve.

Review provided offers (SoW, Project Plans, offers…etc):

oMonitor for any inconsistencies and/or unreasonable demands.

oCheck scope, estimation and resources assigned to implementation processes.

oRevise Project Plan and related documents (MOU, SoW….etc) to guarantee consistency.

Employer: Accenture, San Francisco, CA 02/07 – 09/08

ITSM Consultant

Optimization of Data Center operations, architecture, and consolidation/migration practices and data center acquisitions. Creation of Network Operations solution Center (NOC) and remote network services capabilities and automation.

Delivered an end-to-end operational service for Service and Production of Turkcell (Istanbul, Turkey) to plan, deliver and measure the Infrastructure and Operations performance to maintain and enhance their projected performance level and to pro-actively identify any problems. The ITL assessment was based on proven delivery practices and industry leading tools and required a governing framework to be in place to be industry standard compliant.

Devised a system for eBay’s 10x Program to sustain operations for their production website and handle both organic growth and new feature development while maintaining client’s existing technology footprint and accelerate the value delivered (to reduce operational costs and infrastructure consumption rates for the Marketplace, not to grow faster than revenue rates).

Change Enablement Lead for Chevrons’ R001 project; to build systematic Refining capability enabled by process automation, process control and information management which enables the Refining system to consistently deliver its business objective: zero injuries, zero incidents, and #1 competitive position.

Lead for rollout of new in-house developed applications in Accenture across the organization seamlessly working with development team in India to incorporate requirements.

Supervised a team of 2 to 3 Analysts.

Employer: Sun Automation, Cairo Egypt 05/02 – 10/05

Technical and Quality Manager

Established company for Turnkey IBS Solutions for SM and Enterprise projects (including both BMS and Data Infrastructures).


oMedical and Call Center for Egyptian Ministry of Aviation;

oHead Office Building Oriental Weaver Manufacturer (connected to international branches to provide; video conferencing, VoIP and Universal Design/Service Call Center);

oEgyptian Airport Authority: various IT Infrastructures (including Terminal 3);

oStock Market Broker access over IP telephony; and

oInauguration of Xceed (an outsourcing service desk center) utilities to a number of organizations.

Communicate with C–level clients to manage and maintain customer relationship.

Provide SoW, Proposals, TCO and ROI reports.

Integrate subsystems and Backbone Networks (Data, Internet, Cabling, VoIP, CCTV, HVAC, Lighting, Fire…etc)

Study and evaluate all provided solutions/products to guarantee most compatible and cost effective solution was provided (including maintenance terms, licenses, certification, training…etc).

Oversee development and deployment.

Adopt new technologies (solutions, applications, hardware, compatibility…etc) to achieve optimum solution and performance, to support operational and functional specifications.

Produce templates and life-cycle processes designed according to the organization's requirements based on existing processes (ITIL, CMM and Six Sigma as guidelines).

Manpower recruitment, training, assessment and development analysis.

Managed team of 20; resources including Technical staff (Engineers, Programmers, Administrators, Technicians), Analysts, Sales, Marketing, Financial and Administrative.

Employer: ASUNET, Cairo, Egypt 01/95 – 11/99 and 05/02- 05/03

Technical and Engineering Department Manager

Designed, established and rolled out technical infrastructure of the ASUNET (Ain Shams University Information Network) in Egypt.

Technical Design and implementation of University Information Center (6 departments, 250 users); and INTERNET network (between Information Center and all 24 Faculties) handling all RFPs and assessing acquired h/w & s/w.

Produce reports for (Board meetings, UNESCO regional office, African Universities United Office etc.).

Construct a multimedia lab for educational purposes in aid with UNESCO.

Customer/Technical Support, with a follow-up program and recording solutions for reference/strategy evaluations.

Train and supervise new recruits.

Managed team of 15; Technical staff (Engineers, Programmers, Administrators, Data Entry) and Analysts.

Employer: Pyramid Technology Network, Cairo Egypt 07/01 – 05/02

Quality Assurance & Certification Manager

Responsible for the comprehensive study of potential leads and ability to enhance the requirements while studying new Organization Efficiency requirements (covering all resources, new products, team building, partnerships, ...etc.).

Internal Processes (Compliance and documentation/notification of upgrades) and leveraging existing policies to confirm with universal standards

Develop Incident Recording System for NOC operators (MS Access and email). Escalated to second/third level resolution; to Problem Management and updated the KMDB.

Compile existing and future processes with “Quality Assurance Standards” and “Performance Standards & Process Limits” following certified standards (SEI/CMM).

Established a Organization Improvement and Efficiency framework (policies/procedures and reports).

Build a shared culture of best practices and properly document for re-use.

Managed team of 15; Technical staff (Engineers, Programmers, and Administrators) and Analysts.

Employer: Nile Internet and Communication Networks, Cairo Egypt 03/00 – 07/01


Designed, established and deployed and ASP providing JD Edward solution. Proven ability to manage large data centers and manage mission-critical data centers in a 24*7 environment. Estimated time of implementation was~18 months. Thanks to a wonderful, cooperative team, tightly project management (using MS Project) and supportive vendors; Actual Deployment Time was 3 months.

Responsibilities: DataCenter, Facilities Infrastructure, Call Center / Help Desk

Produce organizational chart/ policies & procedures / task sheets & reporting of department and develop a highly skilled technical team.

Develop and organize required strategies, methodologies, staffing and tools (training, documentations, etc.) following technical project management planning.

Oversee complete structure/product designing (including user interface), verifying feasibility/benchmarks/sizing and implementation & deployment of a heterogeneous DATACENTER to function on a clustered level.

Multiple O/Ss-Multiple DBs- Multiple Applications (ERPs, CRMs, etc)-Network Connectivity-Security Applications- Backup Solutions

Manage internal network as well as the ASP and build cross team cohesiveness with other groups.

Negotiate with all vendors concerned to finalize optimum requirements and the most up to date specifications.

Managed team of 25; Technical staff (Engineers/Programmers/Administrators and Technicians) and Analysts.

Employer: Brooks Air Force Base, San Antonio, TX 11/98 -09/99

UNIX System Administrator

Responsible for the network community (SUN based) (Air Force Base in San Antonio, HQ Base in Washington & Customer office in San Francisco) of users & machines over different networks.

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