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Software Engineer

Austin, TX
March 21, 2019

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The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX May 2019 B.S in Computer Science and Business Foundations Minor Skills/ Relevant Coursework

Programming Skills: Java, C++, Python, SQL, JavaScript (React), HTML/CSS, Swift, Angular, Node.js, Docker, AWS Relevant Coursework : Introduction to Programming, Data Structures, Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, Data Management, iOS, Cloud Computing, Algorithms, AI, Security, Software Engineering, Contemporary Issues in CS Other Projects:

• Designed an iOS app (Galaxy Racerz)

• Used AWS to deploy a dynamic website ( that informs individuals about local natural disasters and ways to help (Using React)

• Hackathon: Built a social media awareness website to provide female sexual assault victims a platform to share their stories as well as a means to gain professional help

Work/Volunteer Experience

Product Development Intern, Planview, Inc. June 2018- Aug 2018

• Assisted the Product Development team to develop a new visualization type in the UI

• Integrated mxGraph open source library ( into product’s current framework using Angular JS

• Worked on writing REST API automated tests using Postman Software Engineering/QA Intern, Planview, Inc. May 2017- August 2017

• Assisted the Product Development team to develop UI features on new product release using C++ and JavaScript

• Worked on creating automation test scripts using Java to test newly designed features

• Gained exposure to data management and database design using SQL Server Management Studio Software Engineering Intern, Hamper Software October 2016- April 2017

• Worked with Branch and iOS intelligent logistics to integrate mobile engagement through deep linking and user routing Community/ Academic Involvement/ Leadership

UT Real Beauty, Logistics Coordinator Summer 2018- Present

• Lead and execute events taking place for the Real Beauty Campaign, a week long event redefining beauty in women Texas Lassos, Active Member Spring 2017- Present

• Participated in a hygiene drive by donating toothbrushes, feminine products,etc. to local homeless shelters Texas Mohini, Production Chair Fall 2015- Present

• Performed and competed 2-3 times nationally every year to showcase choreographed Bollywood fusion dance styles

• As production chair, I lead a committee that designed costumes, props, and lighting cues for our showcase Counseling and Mental Health Center (CMHC) Student Organization, App Developer Volunteer Fall 2016- Present

• Helped come up with a design for an Android app, Thrive, an app that promotes mental health awareness across campus Women in Computer Science, Active Member Fall 2015- Present

• Served on a committee that planned and executed UT’s first all women hackathon

• Part of UTCS’ ‘Dream Team’ which reached out to incoming UT students and provided mentorship and advice for the Fall Nell Dale Mentor Program, Mentor Fall 2015- Present

• Mentored two first year Computer Science students with resume building and career advice Mobile App Development, Active Member Fall 2015- Present

• Attended weekly workshops on topics such as iOS app development and Android app development Other Interests

• Contemporary and Bollywood Dancing

• Fantasy Football (Huge Dallas Cowboys fan!)

• Painting (especially landscapes)

• Traveling and taking pictures of landscapes

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