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Technician Field Service

Chandler, AZ
March 20, 2019

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Martin A. Peraza

Electroplating MFG Technician


Objective: 29 years + Experience on Fab/Equipment tool sets in cleanroom

EPN MFG Tech. 2004 to 2019

Authorized Sustaining Technician. 300 mm Wafer Grade 56

Level 1, 2, 3 technician. Ability to work any step required in EPN, BMU, TCC’s on the mfg floor. This includes in all areas in LCE, F12/22/32. Level 1 process and production, error recovery on tools and fill out ILM’s. Level 2/3 work on tool PM and CM on these tools. Worked on pm’s 1 thru pm 7. Also worked on 6D projects. From total prep work tool demo’s tool decon’s, and install’s. This includes transferring tool to new fabs. Trained lower level technicians to achieve L3 status. Went to D1C in 2005 for a year to achieve my level 3 Field Service Engineering equivalent or AST. JHA member in 2006, 2007, and in 2018.

EEJA MFG. Tech. 2001 to 2004

F12 Equipment Technician 200 mm Wafers Grade 56

Level 1, 2, and 3 in all aspects of tool. Started from operations to level 3 technician. Including EJAA, SSP and HPLC tool recovery, with Parker 2000 tool mfg. Completed all work from operations to analytical to completing production level 2 and level 3 repairs and PM’s on tool. Trained lower level technicians to achieve L3 status. Trained 11 technician’s to L2/3 status.

MRC MFG. Tech 1995 to 2001

F12 Equipment Technician 200 mm Wafer Grade 56

Level 1, 2, 3 on all aspects of tool in Gold/Grind. Trained lower level technicians to achieve L3 status, all levels of tool capacity. Including Israeli Techs to L3 MRC/GG. Learned on Gasonics tool, old style vapor deposition trained in New Mexico Fab 9 in 1995. Trained from frontside etch, Cobalt and Ti nitride base layer to a gold backside to a gold frontside. Achieved level 1, 2, 3 on MRC’s in NYC, This was on 8 inch wafers, I trained on grinders and associated analytical tools.

C2 Engineering Equipment Services

Sort Fab 6 1992 to 1995 Grade 55

Achieved a level 3 equipment on all types of tools. S94, Sentry 7 and 21’s, S9000, Teradyne J941 to MCT handlers to Electroglas Sorters. We also worked with tools for Tri-temp handlers. Trained techs on all levels of equipment to a level 3, promoted several techs to L3 status

C3 Equipment Engineering Services 1990 -1992 Grade 54

I worked to a level 3 equipment on testers from J941, Electroglas, Tri-temp handlers to fully test final chip sets. Sort Wafer on S94 Testers, Sentry S9000, Trillium Testers, repaired component level for all handlers/testers. Work on entry level tools for C3 Testers. 2 Months admin duties, while AA was gone.

Some basics from classes taken

RF “B”/”C” Plasma Systems,

Vacuum Basics ‘A/B,

Excel/Word/Powerpoint Fundamentals,

AZFSM 6D Training A/B,

Fusion M150PC MN,

Gas Pad Orientation,

Verteq SRD L1/2,

PRI 6400 MN,

Jig Loadport Inspector,

Electroglas 2010X MN,

Metron Eclipse Leak Detector,

Trillium Tester 6 weeks MN

J941 Teradyne Tester 2 weeks MN

EEJA L3 MN, (Japan)

MCT 5100 3 week MN,

12 weeks FSE Novellus Sabre Tool Set,

Sprint Admiral Device Migration,

ECI QLC 5100/5700 Advanced MN

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