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Software Engineer

New York City, NY
March 20, 2019

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Rocky Liao


University at Buffalo Aug 2014 – May 2018

B.S. Computer Science Buffalo, NY

• Coursework: Algorithms, Discrete Mathematics, Data Structures, Software Engineering, Database, Introduction to Network Security, Operating Systems, Machine Learning PROJECTS

Bakery Web Prototype

• Designed a website for a local bakery using HTML and BootStrap framework

• Launched a local web server with XAMPP to test backend functionality

• Established a database connection with MYSQL and PHP to store and fetch customer data

• Verified user accounts with PHP to save orders and customer information Clothing Deals Bot

• Developed Python script using Twitter’s Python API to saturate an account with new found discounts to send real time notifications to followers

• Used Reddit’s API to parse new threads and relevant comments to provide accurate links and descriptions for deals

• Utilized AWS EC2 server to set up a UNIX environment to perform a cron job every minute Scrabble

• Supervised and delegated tasks to a five-member team while coordinating weekly technical meetings

• Heightened productivity by 20% by enforcing pair programming

• Implement word validity with Java by checking a predetermined dictionary text file and verifying valid scrabble tile placements on the game board

• Practiced TDD methodologies with JUNIT by testing and debugging every function WORK EXPERIENCE

University at Buffalo Math Place Sep 2017 – May 2018 Front Desk Clerk Buffalo, NY

• Aided tutors and students by answering their questions and providing necessary materials

• Facilitated an average of 20+ students daily by communicating with tutors while managing their student count


Proficient Languages: Java, Python

Familiar Languages: HTML, CSS, BootStrap, JavaScript, mySQL, PHP, C++ Other: GIT, AWS, Eclipse, IntelliJ, UNIX, Selenium, Android SDK

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