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Engineer Drilling

March 22, 2019

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Drilling Superintendent

Nationality: French (Resident in Tunisia).

Marital status: Married, 1 daughter 9.5 years old.

Contacts: +216********



Baccalaureat A 4 (English Spanish) University: Economy in (Bordeaux) FRANCE

Professional Training:

Broad Base Delta 2 . A - Schlumberger.

Hute Course A-Schlumberger

Driller Course (IFP) French Institute of Petroleum

Survival Course valid

IWCF valid

QHSE Management system level 2

Response Management Team level 2

Desert driving level 2

First Aid, Nebosh

H2S, IADC (DIT) valid

Bosiet valid


Microsoft Office

Landmark: Dims, Compass, WellPlan, Stress Check, Well Cat,

ConocoPhillips: Maxwell “ Organization Learning System”


Total: Wellview


English (fluent)

Spanish (fluent)

French: mother language

Key Skills

40 years experience in Drilling Engineering/Drilling Superintendent within major Operating Company.

- More than 15 years in offshore drilling operations

- In depth knowledge of field development processes. (Offshore/Onshore)

- Good International experience, more than 30 countries

- Good Planning and execution of technical and operational aspects of well construction projects.

- Good expertise on Drilling Optimization.

- Strong experience in drilling operations best practices.

- Good knowledge on HPHT drilling

- Strict adherence to appropriate regulatory, Health, Safety and Environment requirements.

- Develop and maintain engineering standards consistent with company’s performance goals.

- Lead role in implementing new drilling technology.

- Good Knowledge of drilling software.

- Experience in preparing and evaluating drilling tenders and managing contracts.

- Provide technical advice, support and solutions to drilling teams.

- Ability to understand and build on QA / QC concepts and ideas applied for drilling operations.

- Familiar with offshore and remote areas logistics.

- Ability to lead meetings and workshops with multidisciplinary teams.

- Risk assessment in well construction projects and specific drilling projects (UBD, MPD)

- Good expertise in Project Drilling Management Systems.

- Assist the Exploration and BU teams in well planning and well cost estimation issues

- Drilling, completion and work over operations including gravel packing etc……


August 2018 to March 2019 : Drilling superintendent in Romania for GAZPROM on a 2000 hp RIG

Drilling a deep well 4000 meters, Beba Veche sud 1000, HP/HT well.Operations

April 2017 to February 2018 : Weatherford project manager for Integrated Services ALGERIA

In Hassi Messaoud preparing a Integrated project for PERTAMINA Algeria.

20 Development wells to be drilled on Berkine basin block : 405A and 13 work overs.

In Hassi Messaoud preparing a Integrated Project for STATOIL Algeria.

2 wells to be P and A on Hassi Mouina field, HTJ-3 and TNKW-2.

In the mean time when not working for Weatherford, working on a re-entry /side track for Primoil in Tunisia,well: SCV-1 in El Kef.Preparing all operations including the re- start of Rig Challenger 37, 2500 HP rig cold stacked for 3 years.project end February 2018.Well design.

September 2014 to June 2016 :Drilling Superintendent Groupement Reggane North REPSOL ALGERIA

In Hassi Messaoud and in Reggane field Block 351 C.

In charge of T 211, KCA Deutag rig 1500 HP, T 45 KCA Deutag rig 2000 HP, T 212 KCA Deutag 2000 HP rig. In charge of Drilling development wells on Khalouche and Reggane field.Well design.

May 2014 to August 2014:Operations Superintendent for Petro Saudi (drilling contractor) in Tunis.

Bringing a drillship (1500 feet of water) for different operators in Tunisia.

First well to be spudded : El Mediouni 1 (240 meters of water) for Circle Oil .

Drilling well El Mediouni 1.End of operations 30 th of august.Only 1 well to be drilled.

June 2013 toMay 2014: Drilling Superintendent Petroceltic Algeria,Groupement Isarene,AinTsila project

London, Algiers, HassiMessaoud

Preparing a Development drilling campaign of 122 wells. Tendering for rigs, casing, tubing, wellheads and all services.Well design.

December 2012 to June 2013: Integrated Project Manager - Oman Oil Company

Muscat, Oman. Contract to Abraj Energy has been suspended from June 7th

Drilling, deep gas wells on Block 60 in Oman, with 3 drilling units.1 x 2000 HP Rig and 2 x 1800 HP rigs. Deep wells down to 4700 meters, working with 7 drilling engineers under me to prepare drilling programs and follow operations.Well design and UBD.

September to November 2012: Drilling Superintendent - Bahar Energy OC

Baku, Azerbaijan

Drilling of One well with Great Wall 88 Rig. 1 well only

May 2011 to August 2012:Drilling Superintendent - Gulfkeystone Petroleum

KurdistanBased in Erbil IRAQ

Preparing a drilling campaign in North Kurdistan with Rig Discoverer 4 (2000 HP) from KS Drilling, deep wells then following drilling,completion and testing operations,logistics etc. Wells with high H2s and Co2 content.Drilling in carbonates formations with heavy losses and total losses.Well design and operation.

July 2010 to May 2011: Drilling superintendent - Cooper Energy


Based in Tunis preparing a drilling campaign for two wells, one onshore ( MENZEL HORR-1) and one offshore(BARGOU).Drilled onshore well but postponed offshore well.Well design and MPD.

15 th March 2010 to 2nd of July 2010: Drilling Superintendent -Storm Ventures International


I was based in Tunis and preparing Drilling Campaign for one well Onshore Tunisia (4600m) and one well offshore Tunisia (3000m) with Jack up ENSCO 105.Then drilling and P and A well offshore Fushia 1 in the gulf of Hammamet.Well design and operation.

September 09 to 15 th March 2010:Drilling Superintendent- Larsen Oil and Gas / Dove Energy

I was based in Tunis preparing Drilling Campaign onshore Tunisia 2 x wells 2500 meters.

August 07/08/09 to September 09:Drilling Superintendent -Storm Ventures International Tunisia

Based in Tunis and preparing a drilling campaign with Jack Up ENSCO 85. Stopped all activities due to no Jack up available in the country.

December 30/12/08 to 31/07/09:Drilling superintendent -PA Resources Tunisia

Based in TUNIS.In charge all matters related to offshore drilling operations with Jack up ENSCO 85.

This is the same company as below except I was working direct for PA Resources instead of working thru AGR.

December 07 to 05 December 08:Senior Drilling and Completion Engineer -PA Resources / AGRTUNISIA

Based in TUNIS.In charge all matters related to offshore drilling operations with Jack up ENSCO 85. Responsible to Prepare Drilling Programs. Tender documents, in charge of operations: Drilling, Completion and Testing.ERD wells.

August 07 to December 07: Drilling Superintendent -CTKCP TUNISIA

(Compagnie Tuniso Koweito-Chinoise de Petrole)TUNIS.

In charge all matters related to land drilling operations in SIDI EL KILANI FIELD area South of Sousse. I was responsible for the drilling team to start the Campaign with Great Wall 69 drilling unit (2000 HP rig) and follow up daily operations. Drilling, testing and completion of SLK#12.

May 07 to August 07:Senior Drilling Engineer -SONATRACH Algeria


I was working as an advisor on land drilling operations. Following and running Drilling Operations on 16 Drilling Rigs (Exploration Department).Preparing drilling programs. Offset wells analysis, tender documents,casing designs, etc….

May 05 to May 07: Senior Drilling Engineer - STATOIL Algeria


Preparing a Drilling Campaign in Algeria on Hassi Mouina Field. Exploration Gas wells. Offset wells analysis, tender documents,casing designs, drilling programs, We were drilling 2 gas exploration wells in very remote areas.

April 04 to May 05: Drilling Superintendent -RWE-DEA / Suez Oil Company EGYPT

Cairo office and in the Gulf of Suez (RasBadran) (RasFanar) (Zeit Bay) .

I was managing day by day operations with 1 jack up and two Snubbing units. I was managing 7 people in Drilling Department in Cairo Drilling, Completions and testings with Jack up Santa Fe 141. Work over Operations w/ Hydraulic work over units onshore and offshore.

July 03 to February 2004 :Senior Drilling Engineer - GAZ DE FRANCE Algeria


I was preparing a Drilling Campaign in Algeria on Touat Field. There was4 Exploration Gas wells. Offset wells analysis, tender documents,casing designs, drilling programs, etc

October 02 to May 03 :Drilling Superintendent - TOTAL


I was in charge of the rig SMP 5 for P and A campaign and work over on gas wells with high H2S concentration.(South West of France). Then in charge of a Drilling and Completion campaign for Gas storage (Lussagnet area France)

September 01 to October 02: Senior Drilling Engineer PHILLIPS Petroleum Company


I was based in Stavanger in charge of Operations on EKOFISK X Platform .Development wells .Drilling Horizontal Wells. Prepared Drilling, Completion, Perforations and Stimulations programs.

In charge of ordering equipment, tendering process and day to day Drilling operations follow up. ERD wells.

May 2001 to September 2001: Drilling Superintendent Hurricane Kazhakstan

Based in Kumkol in charge of 3 drilling units ( 1 polish rig and 2 kazhaks rigs ) Development wells, drilling, completion and testing

October 99 to May 01: Drilling Superintendent DIETSWELL Engineering ltd

In charge of integrated projects management in CONGO with AGIP and in Gabon of 2 Onshore Drilling Rigs for Perenco.In charge of a Horizontal Well drilled in the Alpes.Horizontal well 3800 meters with a drain hole of 1000 meters.Drilling Contractor: DEUTAG,Rig Cabot 900 with Top Drive.

July 98 to September 99: Drilling Superintendent - PETRONAS Algeria

In charge of a Drilling Campaign of 2 + 1 Exploration wells in Algeria. Assigned in LONDON office to execute PLANNING PHASE & EXECUTION PHASE.I was assigned in Hassi-Messaoud for Purchase Order,Logistics,Customs,Security,HSE Bridging document,Drilling Program acceptance. All types of Technical Presentations,etc…..NATIONAL 110 RIG.PRIDE-FORASOL.2 wells at 4200 meters.

July 97 to September 98: Testing & Completion Superintendent TOTAL VENEZUELA

In charge of Well Testing Program, HSE Documents Procurements, P.O, Logistics, Customs, etc….for the SINCOR HEAVY CRUDE OIL Project. Follow up on site operations.

April 97 to July 97 :Drilling Superintendent REPSOL Explo Algeria

Based in HASSI MESSAOUD, in charge of Well Design, Drilling Program, Procurement and Materials, Logitics, Customs, HSE Documents, for the ZIRARA Project Wildcat Well drilled with the NATIONAL 110 Rig.PRIDE-FORASOL.

February 97 to April 97: Drilling & Completion supervisor PLUSPETROL TUNISIA

I was assigned to Wildcat Well: ESSDIRA - 1. (LYBIAN BOARDER) drilling with .IDECO 1000 RIG in the El OuaraPermit.Ghadames Basin

March 96 to January 97:Drilling& Completion supervisor ANADARKO Algeria Corp,

Based in the field on rig DECO 185 Blocks 208.211 (El Merk).

October 95 to February 96 Drilling Engineer SchlumbergerIPM Venezuela

Assigned to Corpoven (San Tome) East Venezuela for SANTA-FE Drilling Venezuela (Engineering)

Integrated Projects- Alliances Wells.Assigned in Caracas for project studies on Integrated Project for MARATHON, OCCIDENTAL

April 95 to August 95: Drilling & Completion supervisor MOBIL OIL ALGERIA

I was assigned on Rig ENAFOR 13 to drill a Wildcat Well in ToggourtField,Block 433 A.

February 94 to March 95 Drilling Engineer / Supervisor CONOCO France

Assigned in Paris to “COAL BED METHANE” Project to prepare: Impact notices, implantation report, preparing and writing tenders.Then assigned on locations to drill 2 x 2000 m wells.

January 93 to January 94 Drilling & Completion Supervisor ENRON Exp. FRANCE

I was assigned to “COAL BED METHANE” Project in Metz area with the rig SKYTOP BREWSTER TR 800.

February 92 to January 93: Drilling and Completion Supervisor GEOSTOCK – GDF France

This was underground storages for Hydrocarbons, Natural gas. We were running large diameter completions for Natural GAS storages, Leaching out Salt Cavities.RIG SKYTOP BREWSTER TR 800 and Cabot 750.

1991 Consultant Drilling Supervisor AGIP ITALY OFFSHORE

Development well offshore ANCONA Barbara field.Drlg Supervisor.

Drilling and Service Companies Experiences

1989 /1992: CONSULTANT -DIAMANT BOART Stratabit

As Driller, Directional Driller, MWD Engineer, Coring Engineer,Turbo drilling Engineer for TOTAL & GAZ DE FRANCE.

1990-1991: CONSULTANT Directional Driller SCIENTIFIC DRILLING INT.:

Gave Horizontal Drilling Course for National Iranian Oil Company. (TEHERAN)

Worked as Directional Drilling for ELF& AGIP in ITALY.


BASE MANAGER in ANACO (VENEZUELA ) working for CORPOVEN,LAGOVEN out of ANACO and MATURIN. ( turbo drilling& directional drilling ).

GEOSERVICES DIRECTIONAL: Directional Drilling & M W D engineer.

I was working for TOTAL FRANCE. Directional Drilling Course in VENEZUELA for Venezuelan and Argentinean engineers.

NEYRFOR TURBODRILLS ITALY: Turbo drilling and Directional Drilling on Trecate Field for AGIP ITALY.OFFSHORE

ANADRILL SCHLUMBERGER: Directional Drilling and MWD engineer.ELF& SHELL GABON

. PHILIPPINES NATIONAL OIL COMPANY Geothermal wells high temperature.




-Turbodrilling Engineer

-Directional Drilling Engineer

-Superintendent & Sales Rep

-Trainee 3 Months in U.S.A : Elk City OKLAHOMA

-Working as a resident in United Arab Emirates ( Abu Dhabi )



-Working as a resident in EGYPT (CAIRO)

-Position: Superintendent & Sales Representative for: GUPCO,


- 1979 to 1982 : Assistant Driller & Driller for: FOREX NEPTUNE Drilling Contractor Geothermal wells in Paris Basin.

- 1978 to 1979 : Roughneck and Derrick man in SAUDI-ARABIA for: ARABIAN DRILLING COMPANY.

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