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Mechanical Designer

Nashville, Tennessee, United States
March 19, 2019

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Christopher Prevett

Hartsville, TN 603-***-****

Mechanical Designer


** ***** ** ********** ** CAD Design or related engineering, combining a wealth of expertise in CAD drafting / design concepts with years of hands-on technical knowledge. Proven ability to solve a wide range of design problems with innovative solutions born of experience and creativity.


* 30+ years experience drafting/designing in a variety of applications; mechanical, architectural, civil & electronic.

* Over 30 years experience with several CAD and graphics programs including many versions of Autocad, 9+ years with Inventor, 4+ years with Solid Works, 1 year with SketchUp, familiarity with Solid Edge, AdvanceSteel and Revit.

* 10 years experience performing complex electromechanical assembly including use of all hand tools, machine shop experience, metal fabrication, prototype assembly, problem solving, and electronics assembly skills.


Lowell High School, Lowell, MA - Graduated in 1984

Greater Lowell Regional Vocational Technical School - 1000 Hour Certified CAD/CAM Design Course including classes in Basic and Digital Electronics, Mechanical Drafting, Autocad Training, and Word Processing - Graduated as Class Valedictorian January 1989


FLIR, 10/18 to 12/18

Mechanical Engineer – Updated designs and documentation of said designs of cutting edge imaging and surveillance equipment in Solidworks 2018. Thorough knowledge of Solidworks and 3D drafting, SAP, EPDM, and engineering principles was required. In particular, editing of models and clear notes for documentation was essential. Also required was and a high level of knowledge of machining procedures so that parts could be created and/or updated which could actually be produced.

GI Stone, Inc., 7/18 to 10/18

Mechanical Designer – Designed layouts of stone patios and stone veneer and base for both commercial and residential properties. Knowledge of residential patio construction techniques and a combination of geometric concepts and artistic design was required for residential work. Knowledge of commercial construction and base stone installation techniques was required as well. I also came up with a method on my own of using 3D Autocad to create templates for stone designs to speed up the design process.

New Hampshire Steel Fabricators, Inc., 1/18 to 7/18

Architectural Designer - Using Autocad 2017, Mechanical Desktop 2009, and Autocad Advance Steel 2017, modeled and detailed several miscellaneous metals structural elements including stairways with railings and supporting steel, catwalks with gratings and supporting structural angles, CMU Bracing to support concrete walls, ships ladders, bollards, dock post and railings, and structural steel hangers. Fab reports and shops drawings had to be created from these models, requiring attention to detail, proper drafting procedures, basic knowledge of structural design, and expert knowledge of the CAD software.

Freelance CAD Designer, 9/17 to 1/18

Performed a variety of CAD & engineering projects for several clients, using mostly Autocad and Inventor but also Microsoft Office applications, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and Corel Paint Shop Pro for image editing for photorealistic models. Knowledge of several years of engineering experience was required in the execution of many different projects.

Ipswich Bay Glass, 5/17 to 9/17

Mechanical / Architectural Designer - Responsible for integration of legacy Autocad part drawings into a new Inventor-based system, requiring knowledge of Shape Authoring in Inventor to create new parts for Inventor's Content Center, use of Inventor's Frame Generator to create solid models of window frames and attach them to a 3D framing system, use of the Sheet Metal Design module to create the formed frame sections in Inventor, and extensive use of animation techniques in Inventor Studio to create an instructional presentation for installers.

Textiles Coated International, 8/16 to 4/17

Mechanical Designer – Designed and implemented designs of large industrial steel chassis-based fabric coating equipment using Inventor 2017 and Autocad Mechanical 2016, incorporating Inventor parts into large assemblies and creating documentation and purchase orders for all parts and assemblies.

M2, Nashua, NH, 6/16 to 8/16

Mechanical Engineer – Fast-paced contract where I interfaced with other engineers to help complete a contract that was behind schedule. We designed storage-container-sized (8'x8'x40') structural frames which formed a power station for an Amazon facility when assembled together, and populated it with equipment in a single, complex Autodesk Inventor model. I was charged with designing sprinkler systems and HVAC equipment. All pipes, ducting, and connections had to be modeled separately then inserted into the modeled structure. Accurate design techniques were used and a BOM created from the information contained in each part.

HMC Corp., 11/15 to 6/16

Mechanical Engineer - Charged with design of new sawmill equipment using Autocad Mechanical 2016 & 2017. Position required ground up design of roll cases, log haulers, live decks and other large machines and interfacing with assemblers and fabricators to solve design and assembly problems. Knowledge of materials and their properties, welding symbols, assembly & fabricating techniques, and proper design methods was required.

Instrumentation Laboratories, 5/15 to 11/15

Mechanical Designer - Performed up-revving of Italian engineering documents and drawings for RoHS compliance. Position requires extensive knowledge of ISO, ANSI and RoHS standards, Italian drafting terms, and understanding of American vs. European drafting standards in general, including uses of first-angle and third-angle projection.

Evoqua Water Systems, 6/14 to 4/15

Piping Designer - Designed water filtration and processing equipment on Inventor 2014, and created and updated P&ID's for various projects using Autocad 2012. Knowledge of piping design methods and equipment was required. Did full design and documentation for a large water neutralization system including piping spools, fixtures, measuring and calibration equipment, and tanks. This position also required use of Vault, learning pdf editing and creation software, and learning to use the company's online database to upload and document drawings and pdf's.

Systems Innovations, 9/05 to 5/14

Mechanical Designer / Project Manager / Graphic Designer - Used Autocad 2013, Solid Works 2011, and Inventor 2010. Performed ECO updates, performing detailed assembly and layout drawings. Designed chassis for external hard drives, including some graphics work using Paint Shop Pro and Adobe Photoshop to create graphic representations of products in the design phase for the marketing department. This required lots of dialogue with the mechanical engineers and marketing dept., some use of digital photography and photo editing (“photoshopping”) techniques, conversion of 2D hand drawings into 3D CAD models, updating an MRP system and the Agile PDM system, knowledge of Word and Excel, general knowledge of drafting procedures, and the ability to work to a deadline.

Public Service of New Hampshire; 9/04 to 8/05

CAD / GIS Drafter - Performed scans of D-sized mylar maps showing streets, power lines, sub-stations, and some topography. Imported scans into new drawings in Autocad Civil 3D 2005 and 2006 and updated them. Some drawings required major corrections and involved research using Mapquest, Rand-McNally street maps, and USGS maps, and required frequent interaction with and interviewing of sub-station managers for clarification.

Jenica Corp.; 10/01 to 9/04

Architectural Drafter / Graphic Designer - Designed and created web pages, and updated architectural drawings for an internet web hosting and services company. Created original artwork and edited clip art and customer supplied artwork for use in web sites using Microsoft Front Page, Paint Shop Pro 6, Animation Shop 2, and Autocad 2000. Position required extensive knowledge of digital photo editing techniques, ability to faithfully reproduce vector drawings into a raster format, knowledge of web design and publishing techniques, and good communication skills. Worked with customers and the sales department during the design phase to create custom designed web sites incorporating CAD drawings of either mechanical or architectural format according to the customer’s needs, and published them to the web.

Affymetrix Corp. (contract); 3/01 to 10/01

CAD Drafter / Documentation Specialist - Used Autocad 14 and Solid Works 2001 to perform ECO’s and also generated detailed assembly and layout drawings. Job required attention to detail, organizational ability, problem solving, and ability to communicate with engineers about documentation and desired changes. Updated MRP system as well as filing non-digital records of changes. Also required was fluency with Autocad 14.0, and knowledge of Word and Excel 2000, Affymetrix’s own MRP system, Windows Explorer, and general knowledge of drafting procedures.

Rockwell Automation / Allen-Bradley Corp. (contract); 8/00 to 3/01

3D CAD Drafter - Used Autocad 2000 to create detailed and accurate complex 3D solid models of existing sensor equipment from 2 dimensional mechanical drawings and actual parts, measured with verniers and depth gauges. Rendered each part to create a realistic image, and set up a system of layers and blocks which was standardized throughout the project to make a easy to use group of drawings which the marketing department was able to make a presentation from. Performed ECO's and ECN's, updated MRP system and performed file management duties upon completion of drawings. Printed out all documentation and drafting paperwork for each drawing and filed it properly. Job required fluency with Autocad 2000, and knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel, Praxa MRP system, Windows Explorer, and general knowledge of drafting and machine shop procedures.

VXI Corporation; 9/99 to 7/00

Mechanical Drafter / Photographer / Photo Re-toucher - Using Autocad 2000, performed ECO's and ECN's, consisting of detailed mechanical and assembly drawings of headsets and amplifiers for production drawings and to meet with ISO standards. Also made changes to some schematic diagrams which required knowledge of electronics drafting and all appropriate schematic symbols. Drawings required standardization of layers, line types and blocks, knowledge of ANSI standards, and incorporated 2D views, isometric views, 3D models, and inserted photos. Designed and built a desk-sized photo studio incorporating spotlights and a light table where I photographed production parts. Also used a digital camera with proficiency and perfectly altered digital photographs including retouching, blending, airbrushing and modifying pictures to make alterations undetectable. Used Paint Shop Pro 6.0, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator 5.5, and Corel Draw Suite 9.0 to edit photos and scans and create freehand artwork. Designed new production parts, including new triangular cardboard shipping boxes, which took up half the space of the old boxes.

Extra Space Management, Inc.; 2/98 to 9/99

Architectural Designer / Space Planner - Learned building codes and designed self storage facilities using Autocad 14.0 starting with only a survey of the proposed site and a copy of the town code variations and building offsets for that site. Created footprints of the buildings, then floor plan, side, and elevation views. Added furniture by inserting blocks. Used a complex formula which I customized to determine hallway space needed and the ratio of unit sizes. Determined the net rentable space, then worked with real estate appraiser to determine feasibility of project. Once approved, created finished floor plans of project and elevation views. Finally, created artistic renderings using Paint Shop Pro 5.0 and 5.1 of projects incorporating a mix of original artwork, scanned photos, and scanned portions of other paintings.

(previous employment as an Electromechanical Assembler)

Various electromechanical and CAD/CAM short term temporary assignments; 9/87 to 2/98

Put together complex chassis assemblies from blueprints including point-to-point wiring, harness assembly and installation, soldering to military specifications, PC board rework, use of hand tools, reading blueprints, following l instructions, initiative and problem solving, and use of machine shop equipment. Tasks required knowledge of electromechanical assembly procedures and strict adherence to productivity standards. I wrote a detailed assembly manual for outside contractors, requiring interviewing of technicians and assemblers and knowledge of parts and procedures and an understanding of thermal conductivity theory as well as English spelling and grammar, good composition skills, mathematics, communications, and note taking skills. Also used Microsoft Word 6.0 and Autocad Versions 9.0, 10.0, 11.0, 12.0 and 13.0 to perform ECO's, design parts for computer systems, layout from sketches, artwork, and used DOS, AUTOLISP, and DBASE III+ to design and operate a network system using blocks, attributes, and subroutines.

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