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Engine CFD Engineer

Coventry, England, United Kingdom
March 18, 2019

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CFD Engineer with experience in the automotive and energy industries, working within the design and simulation phases of powertrain and combustion systems development. Individual with strong analytical and teamwork skills, highly focused on delivering results under tight schedule and manufacturing deadlines. Achieved a solid scientific academic background across UK and Italy.


Engine CFD Engineer at Jaguar Land Rover January 2018-Current Leading company in the Automotive sector Coventry, UK Overview: As part of the Engine team I am responsible for the delivery and research activities on engine systems’ numerical analysis, covering a variety of petrol and diesel engine programmes at JLR. Key Responsibilities and Tasks:

Thermofluid analysis, optimisation and report of base engine system components by means of 1D/3D CFD, across concept, prototype, production and post production phases.

Development of STAR-CCM+ CFD methodologies for analysis of engine water-jackets and water-pumps.

Optimisation of turbocharger cooling layouts through 1D circuit analysis (GT suite) and detailed 3D CFD.

Development of automation tools in Javascript and Matlab to run and post-process CFD analyses.

Thermo-structural analysis designed to validate safety factors on bore distortion, temperature imbalance and erosion.

Correlation work between numerical models’ results and experimental thermal surveys.

Supporting the offshore team with analyses set-up, meshing and modelling best-practices. Development Engineer at Sensor Coating Systems September 2017-December 2017 Engineering company specialised in photoluminescence laser diagnostics London, UK Overview: As part of the Development team, I performed design of laser diagnostics components and design of Non-Destructive-Evaluation tests for IC engine pistons and gas turbine combustors. I also had project management responsibilities on R&D projects.

Key Responsibilities and Tasks:

Development of NDE technology based on phosphorescent thermal barrier coatings.

CAD modelling of automation system components and fixtures.

Construction of thermal mapping via data analysis (MATLAB) of phosphorescence tests.

Testing of the laser diagnostics equipment, heat treatment of calibration samples, paint production. Combustion Engineer at Bladon Micro Turbine October 2016-September 2017 Engineering company specialised in micro-gas-turbines Coventry, UK Overview: As part of the Combustion team, I was responsible for carrying out aerothermal design optimisation of combustion systems components based on CAE results. Moreover, I was responsible for the test campaign of combustion and heat exchanger rigs.

Key Responsibilities and Tasks:

Design and development of combustion systems and heat exchangers using a mixture of multi-phase 3D CFD, 1D flow networks and thermal models, with particular focus on NOx emissions reduction.

Development of a multi-disciplinary optimisation approach for combustor design, bringing together MATLAB coding, CAD modelling and CFD (ANSYS) simulations on an integrated platform.

Responsible of the validation and verification campaign: design and analysis of tests (flammability limits, pressure tests, emissions and temperature mapping).

CFD of the alternator cooling system: development of a new strategy of forced convection cooling aimed to a potential improvement in alternator performance. Software Engineer Intern at MCS Software srl March – July 2014 Engineering company specialised in infrastructures’ simulations Torino, Italy Overview: As part of the Software team, I was responsible for the development of the control system strategy and post-processing of simulation data.

Key Responsibilities and Tasks:

Built up a complete MATLAB control system based on an innovative technical patent: a wind turbine with variable pitch blades.

Effectively created a new concept for high-frequency response control system applied to rotors.

Developed a control strategy resulting in a high-quality utilisation of the new technology. SOFTWARE SKILLS

CAD: Solidworks, NX, Solid Edge, Autocad

CAE (CFD): Siemens STAR-CCM+, GT Suite, ANSYS Fluent, CFX, ICEM, Flownex Programming languages: Javascript, C, MATLAB, SCILAB Others: Microsoft Office Excel, Word, Access

EDUCATION (Curricular)

MSc in Thermal Power (Double Degree) 2015-2016

Cranfield University Cranfield, UK

Core Modules: CFD, Gas Turbine Performance, Turbomachinery, Engine Systems, Diagnostics, Engine Structures, Turbine Blade Cooling, Mechanical Design of Turbomachinery Final project: “CFD of Plasma System for active flow control” at Rolls-Royce UTC Outcome: 74/100, 1


Class Honours

MEng in Aerospace Engineering: Propulsion (Double Degree) 2014-2017 Politecnico of Turin Torino, Italy

Core Modules: Gas Dynamics, Aeronautical Structures, Flight Mechanics, Numerical Methods, CFD for Turbomachinery, Space Propulsion, Aerospace on-board Systems Outcome: 104/110, equivalent to 2.1 Class Honours

BEng in Aerospace Engineering 2011-2014

Politecnico of Turin Torino, Italy

Core Modules: Aerodynamics, Fundamentals of Flight Mechanics, Metallurgy, Calculus, Physics, Mechanics of Machines, Applied Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer on IC engines, Turbomachinery and Propulsion, Applied Mathematics

Final project: “Preliminary design of an axial turbine for a turboshaft engine” Outcome: 110/110 cum laude, equivalent to 1


Class Honours

Exchange programme: Third semester at Tongji University of Shanghai EDUCATION (Extra-Curricular)

Professional Certificate Program 2017


Core Modules: Architecture of Complex Systems, Models in Engineering, Model-Based Systems Engineering: Documentation and Analysis, Quantitative Methods

Summer school in Combustion Research (CEFRC) August 2017 Princeton University

Core Modules: Combustion and Fuels Chemistry and Kinetics, Frontiers in Combustion Technologies: Plasma Assisted Combustion


English (Fluent), Italian (Native speaker), Portuguese (Fluent)

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