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Engineer Network

Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania, 19018, United States
March 18, 2019

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Richard Dobrowolski

**** *. *********** **

Clifton Heights, PA 19018

Cell: 610-***-****



Advanced Computer Concepts Jan 2019 – Feb 2019

Network Engineer

Client: Otsuka

Engaged as a Network Engineer W-2 contractor for Otsuka Pharmaceuticals.

Support Otsuka production network consisting of Xtreme Enterasys S4 multilayer switches running OSPF and BGP routing protocols.

Support Zscaler network access from multiple sites.

Support Xtreme Wireless network.

Worked on a DSM console connection project.


Insight Global Sept 2018 – Oct 2018

Network Engineer

Client: Wachter

Engaged as a Network Engineer W-2 contractor for Wachter on the Walmart router upgrade project for 500+ sites.

A redundant pair of Cisco ISR 4431 routers are added to each site.

Data which includes WAN circuits, BGP and EIGRP are moved from the existing redundant pair of Cisco 2951 routers to the new pair of Cisco ISR 4431 routers.

The existing redundant pair of Cisco 2951 routers are then configured for voice communications and store paging.

Each network engineer upgrades between two to three sites per night.

The site upgrades include pre & post upgrade validation of voice, data & store paging and router configuration changes for four routers & two switches per site.


TEK Systems July 2017 – Apr 2018

Network Engineer

Client: PECO Exelon

Engaged as a Network Engineer W-2 contractor for PECO Exelon Utility Communications Network Operations.

Support Cisco network devices in SCADA Real Time Network. Cisco routers run BGP and EIGRP.

Completed Cisco 3850 code upgrades.

Network lead on project to clean up switch cabling for SCADA Real Time Network at multiple sites.

Network lead on project to inventory all PECO network assets for entry into new asset management system.

Participate in weekly engineering design reviews.

Followed NERC procedures to decommission network devices for SCADA Real Time Network.

Participated in on call rotation: secondary on call for a week, primary on call for a week and then off call for two weeks.

Assisted security team in PECO network device audit.

Supported PECO Jungle Mux SONET backbone network which connected all the substations.

Supported Nokia 7750 and 7705 SAR-8 routers at all the substations via SAM. Nokia devices ran BGP, IS-IS and MPLS.

Supported RS900 switches at the tower and TGB sites via Ruggedcom.

Worked with other team members to support DWDM (Nokia & DDM), Microwave links and WIMAX connectivity.

Turnberry Solutions Aug 2016 – July 2017

Network Engineer

Client: Comcast

Engaged as a Network Engineer W-2 contractor for the Comcast Freedom Region.

Supported multiple call center department moves.

Supported multiple Cisco and Juniper switch tech refreshes.

Supported multiple MetorE circuit turn ups including Comcast Xfiniti stores and sales offices which included fiber testing.

Assisted Desktop support during the departmental moves.

Monitored the Telecom ticket queue and would troubleshoot as necessary.

Volt Apr 2016 – July 2016

Senior Network Engineer

Client: Sungard AS

Engaged as an Implementation Engineer W-2 contractor for the Network Implementation Team at the Sungard Philadelphia Data Center supporting all North American data centers.

Configured remote management and Managed Internet service for multiple clients which included VPN configuration on Juniper routers and Cisco switches.

Configured Cyclade console switches for multiple clients.

Configured Cisco 2960 switches for device management for multiple clients.

The Computer Merchant, LTD. Mar 2014 – Mar 2016

Senior Network Engineer

Client: CSC/AT&T

Engaged as a Senior Network Engineer W-2 contractor for the Network Services Team at the CSC Newark, Delaware Data Center supporting 42 clients.

Completed network service requests for Cisco ASA firewalls and F5 LTM load balancers.

Installed and configured Cisco ASR 1000 router and 3750 switch at Sungard to support CSC SAN disaster recovery network at Sungard.

Designed and configured multiple Nexus (7000, 5000 and 2000) scenarios to support EMC Avamar connectivity,

Performed multiple Nexus 2000 FEX configurations.

Supported multiple client disaster recovery tests and pre-tests.

Performed Nexus 5000, 1000 and Brocade ICX switch code upgrades.

Configured and installed CSC internal Brocade ICX switches to support EMC Avamar connectivity.

Performed necessary routing changes to support redundant 10 Gb WAN connection between CSC data centers.

Follow necessary change procedures to support install, power and configure equipment in the data center.

Attended CSC and client change meetings on a weekly basis.

Attended client project meetings on a weekly basis.

Generated monthly Riverbed Stealhead reports.

The Judge Group May 2012 – Dec 2013

Senior NOC Engineer

Client: The Vanguard Group

Engaged as a Senior NOC Engineer W-2 contractor for the Network Operations Telcom Team.

Completed network service requests for Cisco ASA firewalls and F5 LTM load balancers.

Completed network service requests for sniffer traces on Cisco and Brocade switches which included configuring the Apcon device and the associated Infinistream device for the packet capture.

Analyze the packet captures via Infinistream and Wireshark then forward the findings to the appropriate tier 3 group.

Run and analyze Concord eHealth reports to troubleshoot network performance issue.

Monitor Omnibus traps, journal the traps as necessary, troubleshoot and update the shift turnover.

Monitor HP Openview NMM traps and troubleshoot as necessary.

Monitor NOC ticket queue and troubleshoot as necessary.

Monitor and troubleshoot the ATT MPLS network.

Monitor and troubleshoot the Vanguard OPSF network consisting of Cisco Nexus 7000 & 5000switches, Cisco 6509 & 3750 switches and Brocade MLX & FCX devices.

Configure DHCP snooping on Brocade FCX and Cisco 3750 switches.

Open vendor tickets with Cisco, Brocade, ATT, F5, Aruba & Bluecat and work with vendor to resolution.

Troubleshoot network performance and connectivity issues through the F5 load balancers.

Troubleshoot connectivity issues through the Cisco ASA firewalls.

Troubleshoot DNS and DHCP issues via Bluecat Proteus.

Troubleshoot Wireless issue via Aruba Airwave.

Troubleshoot Wireless issues via the Aruba 3200 controller CLI.

Represent the NOC on various crisis conference calls.

TEK Systems Nov 2010 – May 2012

Senior Network Engineer

Client: Mars

Engaged as a Senior Network Engineer W-2 contractor for the Data Center LAN Team.

Design, deploy and configure Cisco Nexus 7000, 5000 and 2000 kit as necessary.

Perform NX-OS code upgrades on Nexus 7000s and Nexus 5000s in the Exton Data Center.

Review the current code on the Cisco 6509, 6509-E, 3750, 4948 & ACE (20 & 30) modules in both data centers. Find the latest Cisco Safe Harbor code for the devices, review Cisco bug reports, review Cisco field notices and make code upgrade recommendations.

Plan and implement ISX site cutover to BT. Included updating ACL distribute list, configuring routed Etherchannels and VLAN changes for data and voice.

Design and implement server ILO management Cisco switch network design for Exton data center including Cisco 4948 and 2950G switches.

Design and configure Cisco 3750 stack switch with LACP routed EtherChannels to support Exton data center disaster recovery test.

Design and implement Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor and Netflow Traffic Analyzer in Exton Data Center to monitor Nexus, IOS and CatOS kit in both the Exton and Mt. Olive Data Centers. This project included making the necessary SNMP and Netflow configuration changes to all the Cisco devices in both data centers and importing the devices into Solarwinds.

Followed Cisco device decommission process which included sending work orders to DCM and the Network Management team to remove cabling, power, device, Spectrum monitoring and eHealth monitoring. Remove the device from the Magic CMDB (required change request), mark the device as spare in the DCLAN inventory, remove the QIP entry (required work order), remove the device from the Raritan console switch configuration, mark the Raritan port as spare in the Raritan spreadsheet and remove the device from Solarwinds NPM & NFA. Device adds were the reverse process.

Standardize and implement SNMP, NTP, DNS and TACACS configurations across Cisco IOS and Cisco Nexus kit in both the Exton and Mount Olive data centers. These changes also included ACL changes on each device.

Standardize and implement interface descriptions across Cisco IOS, Cisco Nexus and Cisco CatOS kit in both the Exton and Mount Olive data centers.

Design and deploy VLANs as necessary including HSRP.

Maintain IP address allocation through QIP.

Inventory Exton data center kit and update the necessary documentation.

Respond to team work orders and troubleshoot as necessary.

Work with Network Management team on Spectrum and eHealth enhancements.

TEK Systems Mar 2010 – Oct 2010

Senior Network Engineer

Client: Comcast

Engaged as a Senior Network Engineer W-2 contractor for the Network Engineering Team.

Worked on change management requests for new server installs in four data centers. This includes allocating IP addresses, VLAN assignments, switch port assignments and creating the Cisco switch configurations for each request.

Create and deploy VLANs as necessary.

Maintain switch port allocation documents and audit switch port allocation.

Troubleshoot new server deployments as necessary.

Maintain IP address allocation through QIP, and request production, management and backup subnets and VLANs as necessary.

Alphanumeric Systems Feb 2008 – Jan 2010

Senior Network Performance Engineer

Client: Glaxo Smith Kline

Engaged as a Senior Network Performance Engineer W-2 contractor for the Network Awareness Team too backfill a Senior Network Performance Engineer who was moved to a new project.

Troubleshoot network performance issues through F5 load balancers.

Work with other team members to arrive at appropriate F5 load balancer settings for various applications.

Troubleshoot performance issues through the GSK EIGRP and BGP routed network.

Respond to client SSM requests and Remedy tickets with regards to application and network performance issues.

Troubleshoot AT&T MPLS WAN network as related to application and network performance issues.

Add or modify Packeteer PacketShaper traffic classes to meet client needs. This would include design, change control submission, implementation and reporting.

Generate PacketShaper and Report Center reports to identify which traffic classes were consuming the majority of the site bandwidth and take corrective actions.

Generate Mazu traffic reports for various sites to determine who the top talkers were and report back to the client for further action.

Generate Concord eHealth reports to determine MPLS link performance and escalate as necessary.

Generate Lynx Netcahe reports to determine top Internet users and Internet sites that may be affecting client site performance.

Arrange, perform and analyze WireShark remote and local captures.

Work with application teams to deploy the Opnet ACE agents on various servers in preparation for remote packet captures.

Execute, analyze and report on various ACE captures.

Worked on a project with other team members to point Cisco Netflow and PacketShaper FDR traffic to the Mazu data collectors for a centralized traffic reporting solution.

Deloitte & Touche LLP Mar 2005 – Feb 2008

Senior Network Performance Engineer

Senior Network Performance Engineer tasked with n-tier and client server application performance engagements.

Troubleshoot network performance issues through the Deloitte EIGRP router network.

Troubleshoot remote site performance issues through the Deloitte MPLS network.

Utilized CompuWare Application Vantage, Network General Sniffer and the Packetstorm network simulator tools too identify the following anomalies.

Found a 536 byte TCP maximum segment size (MSS) issue while testing a client server application. Path MTU discovery is off by default on ISA 2004 servers. Path MTU discovery was enabled on all ISA 2004 servers firm wide. Which made the global applications usable.

Found excessive TCP retransmissions during download from UK datacenter to Toronto client. Found an asymmetric routing issue between the UK and Toronto.

Tested multiple n-tier applications from Chicago to the Glen Mills, PA datacenter, and found a three minute packet flight time Chicago to the Glen Mills, PA datacenter. Two Nortel switches that connect to the two Cisco VPN routers were set to auto for the speed and duplex settings. The speed and duplex settings were hard coded and the packet flight time improved to 30 milliseconds.

Found client authentication choosing non-optimal authentication paths. Escalated the issue to the AD team for resolution.

Found Windows 2000 servers using default TCP window settings of 17KB. Recommendation sent to the application teams to change the setting to 64KB.

Worked with a Database Performance Engineer and found a ten second wait time between the SQL database server and the Share Point application servers. Escalated the wait time issue to the application team who then resolved the Share Point code issue.

ERoom clients reporting excessive upload time. Ran CompuWare traces and found 170 separate SSL connections built and terminated serially for every 32KB of payload uploaded. The issue was escalated to the application team who resolved the issue with the next code release.

Found Windows XP clients sending a payload of 8KB between acknowledgements and not utilizing the full 64KB TCP window. Worked with the server and application performance engineers and found a registry setting that can override the 8KB default setting and change to 64KB to utilize the full TCP window. The registry change increased upload speed by 600%.

Worked with Architecture and Data Center teams to arrive at optimal F5 Big IP TCP settings which were implemented firm wide.

Worked with team members to identify duplicated SQL procedure calls in numerous applications and escalate as necessary.

Identified numerous HTTP errors in multiple applications and escalated to the application teams for resolution.

Tested TCP window scaling in our lab and reported findings to the Architecture team.

Simulated satellite VPN connectivity in our lab from West Africa and reported findings to the Architecture team.

Ran baseline single transaction tests for numerous application upgrades and compared to the prior application version. Reported finding to the application teams.

The ACI Group Nov 2004 – Feb 2005

Senior Network Engineer

Client: Transcontinental Direct

Engaged as a Senior Network Engineer W-2 contractor for the Network Team to backfill an open position.

Tasked with network projects, network security projects and daily network support.

Designed, installed and configured multiple VLANs to support print operations at various sites.

Converted multiple subnets too the new corporate IP addressing scheme.

Designed, installed and configured Cisco 4506 and 3550 Layer 2 switch hardware to support building moves.

Migrated 90+ clients off of 3COM, Intel and Nortel hardware on to Cisco 4506 and 3550 Layer 3 switches.

Designed and configured Cisco hardware and migrated four sites to the new Frame Relay WAN.

Planed and configured Cisco PIX 515 Firewalls, CheckPoint Firewall-1, Cisco 3030 & 3000 VPN Concentrators and various router & switches to support IPSec VPN tunnel print tests for multiple clients. All the client tests varied including VPN tunnels, Internet access, dedicated circuits and Cisco 3640 router NAT configuration changes.

Responsible for planning and configuring all OSPF, EIGRP and static route changes on all company routers and Layer 3 switches.

Network consisted of Cisco 6509’s with MFSC’s, Cisco 4506 & 3550 Layer 3 switches. Cisco 3640, 2600, 2500 & 831 routers, various (Intel, 3COM & Nortel) hubs & switches, Cisco (3005 & 3030) VPN Concentrators, Cisco PIX 515 Firewalls and CheckPoint Firewall-1.

Ajilon Apr 2002 – Oct 2004

Senior Network Engineer

Client: MBNA America

Engaged as a Senior Network Engineer W-2 contractor for the MBNA Command Center for Tier 2 and Tier 3 support in a network consisting of over 500 routers and switches in a OSPF/BGP-4/RIP routing environment.

The Network consists of Cisco, Nortel and Cabletron hardware. Cisco hardware includes routers (75xx, 72xx, 26xx & 25xx) and switches (6509 through 1900’s). Nortel BN, BCN and ARN routers. Cisco IGX ATM network connects all sites via Cylink encryptors connected to ADC T3 muxes.

Provide Tier 1 support on SONET Verizon MAN.

Implement scheduled configuration changes on Cisco, Nortel and Cabletron equipment.

Implement QIP changes as necessary.

Used HP OpenView, CiscoWorks 2000, Solarwinds, Concord Network Health, nGenius to control Net Scout Probes (ATM, FDDI, Ethernet & Toke Ring) and Network Associates Sniffers (Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Token Ring & FDDI) to monitor and troubleshoot network issues.

Provide Tier 1 support for Check Point Firewalls.

Maintain network documentation.

Main Line Contract Services Nov 2001 – Mar 2002

Senior Network Consultant

Client: SPX

Engaged as a Senior Network Consultant W-2 contractor for the Network Team to provide network engineering and project management tasks.

SPX is a holding company that acquired another holding company called UDI. The acquisition added 20 business units and 120+ sites to SPX.

Preformed tasks including project management, planning, coordinating site turn up with business units and site IT staff, ordering telco services (T-1, Frame Relay PVCs, ISDN Bri & ISDN Pri), generating quotes for backup solutions, ordering Cisco and Nortel hardware from the VAR, configuring Cisco routers (2600, 2500 & 4000), configuring Nortel ARN routers, configuring Nortel Connectivity 100 VPN Appliances for IPSec tunnels, troubleshooting installations, implementing new IP address scheme and migrating business units over to corporate DNS/DHCP services via Nortel NetID.

Note: Prior experience will be provided upon request.

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