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Software Engineer

Brooklyn, NY
March 18, 2019

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A Software Engineer with hands on Agile experience creating full stack web apps looking to utilize skills, expand knowledge, and build great things.

FULL STACK DEVELOPER: NodeJS, React, Redux, PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS, Material UI, Bootstrap, Heroku, Git

PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES: Javascript, Java, Python, C++ COLLEGE COURSEWORK: Database Systems, Operating Systems, Data Structures, Algorithms, Parallel Programming, Networking, Java EE / Netbeans, Video game Programming, Cryptography, Data Science, Computability Theory,

Machine Learning / Neural Networks, Software Engineering SKILLS


Fullstack Academy of Code · June 2018 to Dec. 2018 Software Engineering Immersive

Lehman College, CUNY · Sept. 2016 to Current

MS in Computer Science 2019

GPA 3.8

Lehman College, CUNY · Sept. 2012 to June 2016

BS in Computer Science 2016

GPA 3.9






Weill Cornell Medicine

New York, NY

Sleep Technologist II · Oct. 2017 to Current

Troubleshoot sleep systems hardware/software. Acquire, titrate, score sleep/pap/oxygen studies.

Columbia University Medical Center

New York, NY

Sleep Technologist II · Apr. 2013 to Sept. 2017

Montefiore Medical Center

Bronx, NY

Chief Technologist · Feb. 2008 to June 2017

Analyzed and scored sleep studies. Installed, upgraded, and fixed hardware, software, and sleep lab equipment. Wrote protocols for equipment troubleshooting by night techs. Handled supply inventory, scheduling of patients, and insurance verifications. Assisted in research for Pediatric Pulmonary, Pediatric ENT, and Pediatric Neurology physicians.



Node JS event evite web app that holds guests accountable for holding a reservation in form of etherium using Metamask chrome extension. Solidity was used to create the smart contracts. Google OAuth used for login and contact list. Stored user images using selfie cam on AWS S3 buckets for user profile, reservation, and event attendance. Stored faces of users in AWS Rekognition event collection upon reservation. During time interval of event, user confirms by sharing location of mobile phone to compare geolocations of mobile and event and taking another selfie to compare faces with faces in AWS Rekognition event collection. Multiple users can confirm attendance with one person logging in and taking selfie of the group. Attendance pics will be displayed using React-Masonry. Group of 3 used github, slack, and trello for version control / task management.


Node JS shopping web app for selling flowers for men. Created admin tool for products. Stored images on AWS S3. Stored products on PostgreSQL. Used React, Redux, Material UI to create login, and admin page. Group of 4 used github, slack and trello for version control / task management.


Node JS CRUD web app which will enable users (school admins) to both share their treasure of new or used books with other users (schools) who are seeking free books for their use. The donor school is required to

"POST" books giving at the least the book Title and Author. However, additional information can be provided about: the recommended reader age, book condition, quantity of books, and book subject. The recipient can query the database by Title and Author. When their query matches a book/batch of books in the database, the recipient will receive a visual message indicating that a match has been found. Used gitlab for version control. Group of 4 at HackCooper 2018 Hackathon created with React, Firebase (store, database, authentication), Material UI, ReactStrap, and SendGrid.

Acme Universities

Node JS CRUD web app for university student enrollment. Created with PostgreSQL, React, Redux, Material UI for backend / frontend. Abtranet

Node JS shopping web app for small business selling refurbished computers to Africa. Group of 3 created using MEAN stack. AWARDS

Abtranet ·

Best Web App for Lehman College Traincube Pilot MEAN Stack Program awarded money.

Sept. 2014

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