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Software Project Manager

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
March 18, 2019

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Parimelazhagan Kothandaraghupathy,

USA Phone Number : 319-***-**** Mobile: +91-994******* (Chennai)

MagicTalk Number : *010********

Alternate Mobile :+91-994*******



I have more than 25 years of experience in Information Technology in entire phases of full Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC).

My areas of expertise includes architecture, java(J2EE, J2ME,J2SE) and .NET(VB.NET, ASP.NET, C#),C++,C, Cold Fusion, J2EE MVC development with IBM MQ/WEBSPHERE web server/application server, BEA WEBLOGIC web server, Macromedia, JRUN web server/application server, Oracle web server/application server,development in Oracle PL/SQL, forms, portal,and report-writer,Visual Studio, JBUILDER, Visual Age, PERL,Java Server Pages,,Java beans,JSTL tags,EJB, Apache and Spring struts frameworks, Java Script,SSL, XSL, XML, DHTML,COM, SQLSERVER, Crystal Reports,Rational unified processes,sequence diagrams,UML diagrams, ERWIN data model diagrams, SOAP web services.

I have worked in java SOA services network environment.I have worked as architect and data services incorporating MVC or model view controller design in J2EE compliant software modules in struts and spring framework in real use cases -including java(J2EE,J2SE,J2ME),SERVLETS, HTML, Java script, Java Server Pages, Java data beans, ORACLE JDBC, ORACLE web server/application server, MQ Series queue messages processor, JMS, SMTP mail messages, LDAP, CORBA IDL, Enterprise Java Beans, WEBSPHERE web server, Oracle web server, and PL/SQL procedures processes, XML, XPATH, XSL data parsing and .NET(VB.NET, ASP.NET, C#). He has worked with design patterns, threads, and reflections.

I am a motivated individual, and has good communications skills and works well either in a team environment or independently. I had many cases led small to large teams on development projects,and mentor team members on the design and programming.



Sun Technologies: Java, J2EE, J2SE, J2ME, Servelets, JSP, JavaScript, EJB, C,C++, Sun JDK,

Microsoft Technologies: C, C++, .NET, C#, VB, VBScript, Jscript, ASP.NET, Visual InterDev, VISIO, MS Windows SDK, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual C#, Visual J++, Activex SDK, Windows Azure, Azure Portal, Azure Mobile,

VB.NET, VC++.NET, C#.NET, Vista SDK, Windows 7 SDK, Windows 8 SDK, Visual Studio 2003/2005/2008/2010/2012/2014.

Internet Technologies: HTML, DHTML, XHTML, PERL, UML, XML, XSL, XPATH, XSLT, PHP, FrontPage, CGI and VOIP Technologies: PBX Solutions, Softphone, FreeSwitch, Yate, Asterisk.

Oracle Technologies: PL/SQL, Oracle 9, 10g, 11

Unix Technologies: Unix Shell Script, Korn Shell

Other Languages: Pascal, COBOL, Flash, Apple C


PC Compatibles:

IBM PC's & Compatibles

VOIP Hardwares: SS7, Digium, Sangoma and other VOIP hardware solutions.

IBM Mainframes:

System 360,IBM 390, AS/400, RS6000




Tuxedo, TIBCO, Websphere MQ, Websphere ESB, Websphere Integration Developer, Interwoven Content Management Suit, Broadvision Content Management Suit.

Content Management

Interwoven Content Management Suit, Broadvision Content Management.

InternetWare: DREAMWEAVER, ISAPI, IPLANET, SOAP web services, Flash, LAMP( Linux/Apache/MySql/Php/Python ), SGML, HTML, VRML, JAVA, Activex, JavaScript, Jscript, VBScript, ASP, .Net, ASP.NET

Frameworks: Apache Struts, Spring Framework,

Application/Web Servers: Microsoft IIS, Apache, Sun Java Server, Commerce Server, JRUN4, WEBSPHERE

Business Process Integration/Management: MS BizTalk, MS Visio for Enterprise Architects,,

Project Management: MICROSOFT OFFICE 2007/PROJECT 2007, MS Visio, Flash, ITIL, PMP, PRINCE 2/3.

TechnologyWare: OOD/OOA,

DataWare: Oracle Reports, Oracle Forms,Crystal Reports

PortalWare: Oracle Portal, Websphere Portal, Azure Portal

DistributedWare: COM, DCOM, CORBA, MTS,


Microsoft: MS-DOS,Windows NT/2000/95/98, XP, 2003 Server, 2007 Server, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

IBM: OS2, AIX, RS/6000, System 360, AS/400

Solaris: SolarisOS, SunOS, Linux

Mainframe: VMS, MVS, AS/400, System 360

Mac: MacOS

Others: Unix, Linux, Redhot, MS-DOS [ DOS Internels], Unix [ Unix Internals ], Xenix


Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, Unify


Persuing Certificates on ITIL, PRINCE 2/3, PMP, IBM Websphere MQ Specialist, Microsoft Certified Professional etc.,


March 2008 to Till Now

Occean Pages Pvt Ltd., Bangalore, India for Google Bangalore,India

Software Consultant/Senior Software Developer As a Freelancer

Google C++ Search Engines, Google Gadgets, Google Code, Google Search Algorithams, and Search Engine, Adwords, Adsense and SEO Solutions –

Software Development of Search Engines, Algorithams in C++,C, Java, .NET, Visual C#,

MS Windows Azure for Cloud, Apache Hadoop, Oozie.

Systems used : IBM PC 486,586,686 and MMX Systems, sunSparc, IBM Mainframe, MS 2000/XP/Windows Vista, Window 7, Windows 8.

Software platform : Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000/XP/Windows Vista/7/8, sun Solaris, Linux, MS Visual Studio 2014, Windows Azure for Cloud.

Softwares used : C++, Java, C#, C, J2EE, Flash, Dreamweaver, Sybase, Oracle, MS Project, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008/2010/2012/2014, LAMP, MS Windows Azure Portal, Apache Hadoop, Oozie.

December 2005 to March 2008

Nova Information System [now Elavon Inc Atlanta, GA, U.S.A [Elevating payments…worldwide, At Elavon, our entire focus is on delivering reliable and secure payment solutions to help businesses succeed in an increasingly complex global marketplace. By serving as a single source for payment processing worldwide, Elavon sets new standards in convenience, reliability and innovation.

From our beginnings as NOVA Information Systems and euroConex, we have grown in our respective markets until coming together as Elavon. Every day, more than 1 million merchants trust us to efficiently and securely manage their payments business. We extend powerful payment solutions, flexible connectivity, and effective fraud monitoring tools to customers around the globe—from smaller retail merchants to the largest organizations in segments such as healthcare, hospitality, and the public sector. ]

Software Consultant/Senior Software Developer

IBM Websphere MQseries,IBM Websphere ESB and IBM Websphere Integration Developer, SOA based networking and Design and Control Solution- IBM Websphere MQ,Websphere ESB, Websphere Message Broker and Websphere Integration Developer,MQ Series based networking and Design and Control Solution on Stratus based Maintenance and Control and programming Environment, involves programming in stratus and setting up TCP/IP routing programming in Stratus which spreads across several platforms and several places.

Systems used : IBM PC 486,586,686 and MMX Systems, sunSparc, IBM Mainframe, MS 2000/XP/Windows Vista.

Software platform : Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000/XP/Windows vista, sun Solaris, MS BizTalk, MqSeries, IBM WebSphere MQ, IBM Websphere ESB, IBM Websphere Integration Developer,IBM Mainframe OS/390 and heterogeneous platforms, Linux.

Softwares used : C++, Microsoft C/C++, C on Mainframe OS/390, J2EE, Flash, Dreamweaver, Sybase, Oracle, MS Project, MS Visio for Enterprise Architects, COBOL on Mainframe, C#, .NET,MS Visual Studio 2003/2005, STRATUS, LAMP, IBM Websphere ESB, Websphere MQ, Websphere Integration Developer, Websphere Message Broker, Interwoven Content Management Suit.

December 2003 to December 2005

National City Bank[now a PNC Bank IBM, Cleveland, OH, U.S.A [ Biggest Banking in Midwest USA, and Biggest IBM, USA]

Software Consultant / Senior Software Developer

IBM MQseries Networks monitoring and supporting of IBM’s MQSeries based products on

heterogeneous platforms-: Supporting and Monitoring of MQSeries based networks which

are located in Midwest cities, used to configure and maintain and support the systems

which are configured for Mqseries Messaging around thousand mqseries client/

server terminals which are all receive and send their messages back and forth.

Systems used : IBM PC 486,586,686 and MMX Systems, sunSparc, IBM Mainframe, Win 2000/XP.

Software platform : Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, sun Solaris, MS BizTalk, MqSeries, IBM WebSphere MQ, Websphere Message Broker, IBM Mainframe OS/390 and heterogeneous platforms, Linux.

Softwares used: C++, Microsoft C/C++, C on Mainframe OS/390, MS BizTalk, J2EE,

Flash, MS Visio for Enterprise Architects, MS Project, Sybase, Oracle, COBOL on

Mainframe, C#, .NET,MS Visual Studio 2003/2005,LAMP, Interwoven Content Management Suit.

November 2002 – December 2003

American Express Inc, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, Phoenix, AZ, U.S.A [ makers of Credit Cards and Arranges Corporate Travels ]

Software Consultant/ Senior Software Developer

TravelBhan Software Project- This is TravelBhan Software, which is replacing around 8000 Travel counselors who help in booking their travel arrangements(Air, car, hotel reservations for the corporate company employees), GUI software based on C# Microsoft .NET language Programming, one of the latest in Software Development of Microsoft.

TravelBahn(SM)DS, an enhancement to American Express' proprietary technology TravelBahn, gives Continental the opportunity to reduce its distribution costs and provide American Express Corporate Travel customers with full access to all Continental Airlines public fares. As customers migrate to the TravelBahn booking system, travelers will have access to Web fares through their companies' approved travel channel.


TravelBahn® is our high-speed proprietary network that enables our counselors to provide a fast, efficient booking experience for your travelers while ensuring maximum security and privacy of your data.


TravelBahn's high-speed network links offices globally and provides consistent, efficient service worldwide. It provides our travel counselors access to virtually all fares, helping to lower your company's overall travel spend.


Another component of TravelBahn is Gateway with IdealTripSM, a leading-edge, dynamic travel counselor desktop tool, which expedites administrative processes associated with reservations, allowing counselors to focus on your travelers needs and corporate policy compliance.


Protect company and personal traveler information with unparalleled security and control as data is securely housed in American Express proprietary databases and handled with the utmost care.

Systems used : IBM PC-AT 486,586,686 and MMX Systems, sunSparc, IBM Mainframe, Win 2000.

Software platform : Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, sun Solaris, MS BizTalk, MqSeries, Websphere Message Broker,IBM Mainframe OS/390, Linux.

Softwares used: C++, Microsoft C/C++, C on Mainframe OS/390, Sybase, Oracle, C#,

Flash, J2EE, C#.NET, MS Visio, MS Project, MS Visual Studio 2003/2005, LAMP, Interwoven Content Management Suit.

March 2002 – November 2002

ComED Inc [Commonwealth Edison Company (ComEd) provides service to approximately 3.8 million customers across Northern Illinois, or 70 percent of the state’s population. ComEd’s service territory borders Iroquois County to the south (roughly Interstate 80), the Wisconsin border to the north, the Iowa border to the west and the Indiana border to the east. ComEd is an energy delivery company and manages more than 90,000 miles of power lines in an 11,400-square-mile territory. ComEd, we understand how important safe, reliable power is to our customers. As a major Illinois corporation, we also recognize our responsibility to be a good community partner, supporting a range of initiatives making a difference in peoples’ lives. Our commitment focuses on education, environment, arts and culture, and community development programming. ], KPMG Consulting( Bears Point), Chicago, IL, U.S.A [ Power Energy Supply in Midwest USA]

Software Consultant / Senior Software Developer

Fault-Tolerant IBM Mqseries based messaging solution with MQSI- Fault-Tolerant

IBM Mqseries based Messaging Solution with MQSI based on Websphere

Message Brokers on the Central Hub in Chicago, and the other places involves

Messagesets, Messages and Control Center Configurations.

Systems used : IBM PC 486,586,686 and MMX Systems, DEC Alpha, RS/6000, sunSparc, IBM Mainframe, Windows 2000, Linux.

Software platform : Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, sun Solaris, J2EE, MS BizTalk, MqSeries, IBM WebSphere MQ, MQSI, IBM Mainframe OS/390, AIX, DEC VAX and other heterogeneous Environment.

Softwares used: C++, Microsoft C/C++, C on Mainframe OS/390, Sybase, MS Visio,

MS Project, Oracle, MQSI, MQSeries, MQI.,LAMP, Interwoven Content Management Suit.

July 2001- March 2002

Reader’s Digest Inc, PleasentVille, N.Y, U.S.A [ Biggest Short Magazine in USA and the World ]

Software Consultant/ Senior Software Developer

Fullfillment of Final order processing System(FOS), e-fos- This is Fullfillment of final

order processing system(FOS), in E-FOS, it has C++ programming on the FrontEnd and

the Mainframe OS/390 C Programming on the Back End with Oracle and Sybase as

the RDBMS that is Database on Solaris and OS/390 Operating systems.

Systems used : IBM PC 486,586,686 and MMX Systems, Sun Sparc, IBM Mainframe, Win 2000/XP.

Software platform : Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000/XP, sun Solaris, IBM Mainframe OS/390, Linux..

Softwares used: C++, Microsoft C/C++, C on Mainframe OS/390, MS Visio, J2EE, MS Project,

Sybase, Oracle,LAMP, Interwoven Content Management Suit.

July 2000 – July 2001

Merck Medco LLC, (Merck & Co.) [Medco, Making Medicine SmarterTM ],Franklin Lakes, NJ, U.S.A [ Biggest Drug Makers in USA and the World ]

Senior Software Consultant / Senior Software Developer

Business to Business(B2B) Intranet E-CAS Project- This is Business to business(B2B) intranet E-CAS project involves C++ front end, Broadvision programming of front end Client/Server and Middleware components programming developing shared Components libraries on Solaris and in Backend of Mainframe System with COBOL copy books.

Systems used : IBM PC 486,586,686 and MMX Systems, sunSparc, IBM Mainframe, windows 2000.

Software platform : Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, sun Solaris, MS BizTalk, MqSeries, IBM WebSphere MQ, IBM Mainframe OS/390, Linux.

Softwares used : Javascript, Jscript, JDK 2, Broadvision Middleware, J2EE, Rougewave, C++ on Slaris, C on Mainframe OS/390, Sybase, Oracle, LAMP, Interwoven Content Management Suit.

May 1990 – July 2000

September 1997 – July 2000

IT Consultant/ Senior Software Developer (Independent & Freelance), all over India

Internet / Intranet / Networking Consultant – Client includes in UK,NZ,India,Srilanka.

July 1995 – September 1997

Taurus TeleSYS Inc. Virginia, VA, USA, Real-Time Simulation and Global Telecommunication Systems Company, The target "showcase" technology would be the most advanced Reactor Simulator for Nuclear Instrumentation and Control Testing in Real-time (RESIMIC) (hardware-firmware-software) in the world. Developed for the United States Navy and now installed, this system offers a cost-effective context for discussing the future of automating for power in general. Additionally, it offers a demonstration capability with a window on a cluster of technologies that are nowhere yet installed in Ukraine or Eastern Europe. Linkage with the American supplier, who is Ukraine friendly, would involve direct hires of Ukrainians in the US and SABIT relationships offering breadboard engineering and software development experience and plant site visits. [Indian Operations at Chennai, India]

Project Leader / Project Engineer / Network Admin./ IT Conultant

Custom designed product that enables a nuclear I&C system of reactor instrumentation panels and instruments to be connected directly to it instead of connecting to the actual nuclear reactor system.

Software tools for control and modification of large software projects. Allows careful management of project information and software codes and data, and provides absolute control of shared memory allocations across many processes, CPU’s and machines.

Programs to access shared memory variables in a distributed environment with multiple programmers . . .

10-year license with Empros Systems for their EMPOWER EMS allows Taurus to offer cost- effective solutions for transmission, distribution, automatic generation, and DSM internationally.

Integrated portable environment to develop and run interactive window, text, and graphical object-based applications. Programmers and non-programmers construct customer application interfaces and can move them to different machine environments.

Virginia Power Company

Unit #5/Chesterfield - Design, construction, installation, support, training, documentation, etc. for coal-fired 345 MW power plant training simulator.

Surry Nuclear Station/Surry - Model enhancements & hardware modifications to Surry power plant training simulator, including database conversion, instructor station enhancement, & advanced model implementation.

North Anna/Mineral - Turn-key, full-scope nuclear PWR power plant simulator; design, construction, installation, support, training, & documentation for 900 MW unit.

September 1991 – July 1995

Microsense Computers Ltd, Chennai, India, Microsense Private Limited is an organisation with a passion for cutting edge communication technology. It is this passion and drive that has made us a pioneer provider of wireless and wire-line networking infrastructure, solutions and services to entities in India and overseas.

Microsense is trusted for planning, implementing and maintaining access networks and WAN solutions for wide range of customers. From premium hotels and resorts to large enterprises, SMEs and rural development initiatives, rely on Microsense solutions. ISPs, teleco majors and broadband service providers too partner with Microsense for specialized solutions.

Complete solutions provider

At Microsense, we are an end-to-end service provider, taking care of design, implementation and operation. We have rich experience in handling networking technologies and products as well as alliances with reputed vendors of world-class equipment. This advantage is further strengthened by our technical and customer support services, a strong resource base and our nation-wide presence.

[All India Distributors for:- USRobotics Inc. IL, USA, Smith Microsystems, USA,

Analyst Programmer Network Computing Devices (NCD) Inc. USA, Blast Inc. USA, All India Agent for

/ Internet and Intranet Consultant / only Internet Service Provider(ISP) (VSNL) in INDIA]

System/ Web Admin.

Microsense is the country's leading wireless hospitality provider.

Microsense aims to provide professional services internationally for citywide networks using WiMAX and metro Wi-Fi technologies and also service provisioning in partnership with telecom service providers.

Microsense was the first Indian company to carry out RF Survey and RF Network planning for the design of a combined Mesh Wi-Fi and Wi-Max network in the context of an Indian city.

Microsense has earned the distinction of being the first company to have pioneered capabilities for offering end-to-end solutions in the Wi-Max space: designing, planning, equipment supply, deployment and management.

Microsense also focuses on Secure Enterprise Wi-Fi and campus Wireless solutions, Mesh Wi-Fi and Wi-Max technologies for municipal and metro wireless installation.

Microsense also handles application integration of new technology and emerging technology areas like Voice over IP products & solutions, IPTV etc.

Mi-Fi the branded Wi-Fi service from Microsense is one of the most widely implemented branded wireless Internet services, with over one hundred locations across India.

Microsense has played a pioneering role in deploying world-class hotspots across major cities in India. Microsense has set up several hotspots for BSNL, MTNL and enabled Wi-Fi for several small internet hotspots in the country. These hotspots offer a uniform high-quality connectivity experience, with plug-and-play functionality.

May 1990 – September 1991

Sheriff World wide Travels, Chennai, India Regarded as the first choice in the travel & cargo industry in India, the Company has registered an incredible increase in business, profitability and financial stability over the last four decades. And thus Sherif Travel & Cargo Service(P) Ltd. has become the yardstick to judge the performance of others!

Remarkable consistency in reaching cargos on-the-dot has won appreciation as well as many top ten agents awards from various airlines year after year. However, the greatest award for us is the satisfaction of our customers worldwide. No wonder, they have decided to utilise our services for a lifetime !

Many years of tireless and relentless service, with a policy to safeguard the interest of the customer always, has put us in such exalted and enviable position.

[All India Agents for:- All Domestic And International Air Line Services]



Doctor of Philosophy(PhD) in Internet Technology(Equivalent) in 2007(USA).

Master of Science(MS) in Information Technology(Equivalent) in 2005 (USA).

Bachelor of Science(BS) in Computer Science and Engineering(Equivalent) in 2000 (USA).

Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering [3 Years of Polytechnic Diploma] in 1990.

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