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Sales Marketing

Irvine, California, United States
March 18, 2019

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Scott Hessler, M.B.A., C.P.A.

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Tustin, California 92782 Executive Profile

Visionary Finance Executive with solid experience managing all levels of multiple projects including budgeting, P&L, and administration, including vast experience in Finance, Engineering, Manufacturing, Sales, and Marketing in the home construction, consumer products, and automotive industries.

Skills Highlights:

● Excellent Leadership/Communication skills

● Extensive Sales and Marketing expert with knowledge of operations, finance, engineering, and manufacturing.

● Speak English and German

● Skilled in all Microsoft Office Programs (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.)

● Six-Sigma Certified

Core Accomplishments

● Designed and produced first polymer fuel system for a General Motors high volume production vehicle application.

● Successful implementation of SAP ERP systems.

● Quadrupled sales during my tenure as COO/CFO.

● Managed to assist the plant in over $10 million in cost savings through Adobe Air.

● Successfully executed the largest new product release in company history.

● Successfully started up evaporative cooler production facilities in Sonora, Mexico and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operations Officer/Chief Marketing Officer 07/2004 – 12/2018 Adobe Air Phoenix, AZ – Nogales, Sonora, MX

Chief Financial Officer

Managed overall finances, operations, and marketing for the company.

● Profit/Loss Responsibility, Balance Sheet reporting, Annual Budget Development/Management, Plant Cost Accounting Responsibilities:

● Manage and accountable for all financial activities (P&L, corporate tax returns, GAAP, IFRS, A/R, A/P, FP&A, forecasting, NPV, ROI, SOX, general ledger, mergers and acquisitions, cost accounting, annual budgets, cash flow, accounting, monthly report closing, auditing, internal controls, asset protection, inventory management, etc.) for program operations.

● 1 Direct Report (Controller) and 8 indirect reports from Accounting and Purchasing (Supply Chain Management).

● Liaison with CPA Tax Accountants and Outside Legal Counsel.

● Manage all customer and vendor contracts and business liability contract/relationship.

● Manage all capital or operation leases and/or purchases of all equipment

● Reconcile bank statements, payroll, and general ledger accounts.

● Cost Accounting, Inventory Accounting, and Margin Analysis. Accomplishments:

● Developed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for management throughout the company.

● Developed Financial Policies and Procedures that previously did not exist.

● Helped secure larger line of credit, and coordinated external audit that resulted in securing larger line of credit.

● Developed policies to (and subsequently reduced) company’s Accounts Receivable.

● Developed month-end closing policies, procedures, and checklist for company month-end financial book closing.

● Developed Supply Chain Management Systems for Adobe Air and its suppliers.

● Provided longer lines of credit (longer time period to pay) to distributors during financial crisis.

● Executed two mergers and acquisitions of failing competitors to Adobe Air’s portfolio.

● Developed various overseas suppliers in Mexico and China. Chief Operations Officer

Managed Adobe Air’s operations in (1) Phoenix, AZ, (2) Nogales Mexico, and (3) Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in the following areas:

● 6 Direct Reports and 300 indirect reports from HR, IT, Sales, Engineering, Finance, and Production.

● Plants – (Quality Control, Production Control/Scheduling, Production, Manufacturing Engineering, Human Resources, Training, Facilities, Capital Equipment, Tool/Die, and Shipping/Receiving)

● Sales/Marketing (Sales, Marketing, Program Management, Customer Service)

● Product/Design Engineering (Design, Drafting, Print Management, Bill of Materials, Routing and Work Centers, Development, Testing, Prototype Construction, and Engineering Change Management)

● Finance (Profit/Loss Responsibility, Annual Budget Development/Management, Plant Accounting/Cost Management)

● Information Technology (Implementation and maintenance of hardware and software required to run all operations) Responsibilities:

● Daily Production Quotas, Long-Term Operations Planning, and all reporting. Accomplishments:

● Developed Home Depot as a retail distributor for Evaporative Cooler sales.

● Developed Big Box Retailers such as Walmart and Home Depot for portable heater sales.

● Utilized simple financial strategies to increase Adobe Air’s net value.

● Leveraged necessary finances to overhaul company’s entire product line.

● Designed and produced the largest new product release in company history.

● Doubled overall sales as COO/CFO in a down market to over $200 million annually.

● Developed overseas purchasing strategy that saved the company over 50% in purchased parts cost.

● Grew evaporative cooler dealer/distributor network by almost 50%.

● Developed internal methodology for purchasing to execute entire Supply Chain Management to improve quality.

● Realized over $10 million in annual cost savings as COO/CFO.

● Applied for and received ISO9001:2008 Certification

● Started-Up second manufacturing facility in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.

● Developed foreign markets and manufacturing facility for evaporative cooler sales (Saudi Arabia). Chief Marketing Manager 10/2006 – 12/2017

Managed Adobe Air’s sales and marketing efforts primarily through market redefinition and niche marketing efforts.

● 6 Direct Reports within the Sales and Marketing staff.

● Develop the company’s overall sales and marketing vision and corresponding policies and procedures.

● Develop the company’s quarterly and annual sales forecasts.

● Call on customers to maintain and grow business and personal relationships.

● Develop advertising programs, including co-op programs, to help both our company and our distribution network grow.

● Develop KPIs for sales and marketing staff to properly focus their efforts on attaining the company’s goals. Responsibilities:

• Reach all Sales and Marketing Goals developed in the company’s quarterly and annual Sales forecast. Accomplishments:

• Quadrupled sales during my tenure as Chief Marketing Officer while maintaining profit margins.

● Developed new bold marketing strategies during The Great Recession that stabilized the company’s sales.

● Created new markets that expanded the company’s international presence and brand/name recognition.

● Created an online advertising campaign that included a wide variety of online advertising methods from advertising on specific websites (i.e. Amazon. E-bay, and various HVAC websites etc.) to the use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

● Develop and E-mail advertising program to identify interested parties for our products/services.

● Developed overall marketing campaigns for our distributors that were funded by our distributors,

● Opened a telemarketing room to promote the company’s products/services to create/qualify leads for our distributors.

● Recruited/Hired/Trained/Developed the company’s sales force to sell/market based on satisfying customer’s needs.

● Developed new distribution channels for the company’s evaporative cooler products into Home Depot and Lowe’s. Controller 04/2001 - 07/2004

Adobe Air Phoenix, Arizona

Managed all plant-related finance accounting for Adobe Air. Had nine direct reports, including one Senior Accountant, two billing clerks, one A/P and A/R clerk, one General Ledger clerk, one Payroll clerk, and two purchasing agents (buyers). Responsibilities:

● Develop variable and fixed costs for products manufactured in the plant.

● Develop financial analysis for all cost savings proposals and capital expenditure investments.

● Reconcile bank statements, payroll, and general ledger accounts.

● Managed all customer and vendor contracts and business liability contract/relationship.

● Cost Accounting, Inventory Accounting, Margin Analysis, and Month End Closing.

● Developed all company financial reports (Profit/Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow).

● Liaison with CPA Tax Accountants and SOX Reporting.

● All Financial Planning and Analysis throughout the company.

● Manage all financial assets, including machinery, company bank accounts, and petty cash drawer. Accomplishments:

● Developed accurate product costs (variable and fixed), which was used to identify areas of greatest opportunity for future cost savings.

● Successfully and accurately closed the company books every month.

● Corrected many inaccurate entries into the General Ledger when I first started in this position (cleaned up books).

● Performed physical Inventory for accurate physical accounting of all inventory.

● Developed check-in/check-out procedure for all inventory and tools.

● Developed and implemented Material Requirements Planning (MRP) System.

● Introduced new SAP ERP system to Adobe Air. Previously used QuickBooks and SalesForce. Production Manager 02/1993 - 04/2001

Adobe Air Phoenix, Arizona

Managed Adobe Air’s overall operations, including the following areas:

● Quality Control

● Production Control/Scheduling/Shipping/Receiving

● Production

● Plant Human Resources

● IT

● Maintenance/Facilities

● Tool/Die

● Manufacturing Engineering


● Meet or exceed Day-to-day Operations and Production Goals while building the highest quality products.

● Lead Process Safety Management program (resulted in meeting or exceeding all OSHA, EPA, and EEOC standards).

● 8 direct reports and 240 indirect reports from the Manufacturing facility Accomplishments:

● Revamped Powder Spray Booth to eliminate product paint defects (textured paint).

● Developed automated train system to transport finished product to warehouse.

● Improved processes to streamline production. (i.e. used work cells, improved assembly fixtures)

● Introduced Lean Manufacturing techniques (i.e. developed flexible assembly/sub-assembly lines to reduce inventories).

● Applied for and received ISO 9001 Certification

● Introduced Six Sigma techniques (i.e. developed methods for proactive preventative maintenance using Six Sigma). Fuel Delivery Systems Engineer 06/1985 - 02/1993

Saturn Corporation (Subsidiary of General Motors) Troy, Michigan Designed and developed the fuel delivery system for several Saturn vehicles. Responsibilities:

● Develop concepts for fuel system and take those concepts through to production.

● Work with Fuel System Team (designer, purchasing, service, manufacturing, finance) to come up with best fuel system for the vehicles.

● Meet corporate Cost and weight goals for the fuel system. Accomplishments:

● Designed and produced first polymer fuel system for General Motors high volume production.

● Exceeded all corporate cost and weight goals.

● Introduced several new technologies (In-Tank Fuel Reservoir, polymer fuel tank, clips, and lines). Exhaust System Engineer 06/1983 - 05/1985

Chrysler Corporation Highland Park, Michigan

Designed and developed the exhaust system for several Chrysler vehicles. Responsibilities:

● Design and develop Exhaust System with designers for several Chrysler vehicles.

● Assure that exhaust system met legal noise and emissions standards. Accomplishments:

● All exhaust systems were designed to Chrysler’s satisfaction.

● All exhaust systems met legal noise standards


MBA – Arizona State University – Tempe, AZ – Finance and Operations Management - 1991 BS – Lehigh University – Bethlehem, PA – Mechanical Engineering – 1983

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