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Software Engineer Developer

Los Altos, CA
March 18, 2019

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Yakov Feldman


Experienced software developer

Experience in write automated software test cases

Experience in performance testing

Top analytical skills

Team player

Ability to work independently


●Last 6 years spent in developing automated test infrastructure using in-house JUnit based testing framework to ensure functional quality and performance of different newly released products or its features, including designing, developing and implementing test plans, test cases and performance analysis.

●Previously 15 years of experience of development lifecycle and deployment all layers of multi tier web based enterprise applications using Web Model-View-Controller in-house frameworks implemented with different technologies like Spring Boot, JSP/Servlet, SWING/Servlet, HTML/XSLT Templates/Servlets.

●10 years of experience of software developing mostly in java, lately java 1.8 with usage of lambdas and streams.

●Developed java projects with maven and run on Jenkins used as continuous regression testing.

●Experience in building, and managing container-based solutions using technologies such as Docker.

●Experience in setup and testing security of Terracotta products enabled with SSL/TLS and with authorization authentication and auditing.

●Experience in reproducing customer issues and testing of the patches provided to customers to fix their issues.

●Experience in UI testing using Selenium WebDriver

●Experience in Agile scrum SDLC.

●Bash and UNIX shells scripting.

●PL/SQL scripting with complex queries.

●Code reviews and development tests of other developer’s tasks.

●Experience in maintenance and support of base products to other internal application developers’ groups and customer support groups.


Software UI client side technologies:

●Terracotta Ehcache API - caching API;

●Terracotta Store API - for in-memory NoSQL storage and compute;


Software server side technologies:

●Terracotta DB - in-Memory data platform providing both caching and operational storage, as well as server-side analytical search and compute capabilities;

●Terracotta BigMemory - distributed in-memory data management platform;

●Terracotta Web Sessions - in-memory user web sessions data management;

●J2EE, Spring Boot, JSP/Servlets, JSF/Facelets, MyFaces Tomahawk;

●NoSQL, PL/SQL, Pro*C/SQL, Oracle sqlplus, Sybase isql;

●UNIX shell scripting (ksh, bash), AWK, sed, python;

●TUXEDO/JOLT Services in C, C++;

Software testing technologies:

●JUnit, TestNG;



Software Environments:

●Java 1.8 lambdas and streams, Java 1.7;

●Apache Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic Server, JBoss Seam;




●linux, windows platforms

●Terracotta Ehcache, Terracotta NoSQL DB

●MS SQL Server, Oracle 11g, Postgresql, Sybase 11.1, TOAD DB Tool for Oracle;

●BMC Control-M batch scheduling software;

●git, svn, cvs, Perforce SCM;

●IntelliJ IDE, Eclipse IDE, JBuilder IDE;



Software AG (Terracotta Division), San Francisco, CA May 2013 - March 2019 Senior Software Engineer

Work as part of the agile team responsible for the quality of Terracotta Products that are in-memory NoSQL data management for real-time access to Big Data distributed across a server array or on standalone JVMs.


●Work with architects, developers and product managers to design test plans, test cases and write automated tests throughout the full cycle of the development of the new products and features such as:

Terracotta Web Sessions - in-memory user web sessions data management product;

Terracotta store security - SSL/TLS enabled with authorization, authentication and auditing security feature;

BigMemory WAN replication - product that reliably replicates data on per-cache basis across 2 or more regions connected by wide area networks;

●Implement and analyze performance of loading tests of Terracotta Web Sessions product - in-memory user web sessions data management product.

●Manage new releases with user acceptance, regressions and long run tests.

●Manage testing of the engineer patches released to the affected customers.

●Working on testing of Terracotta products installed and run on Software AG Command Central, centralized management tool for simplification of installations, maintenance and troubleshooting across Software AG products.

●Code reviews of other developer’s tasks.


Java Core 1.8 with lambdas and streams; JUnit; TestNG framework; Agile scrum SDLC; Java Projects were built with maven and run on Jenkins used as continuous integration server.

E*TRADE, Menlo Park, CA May 2008 – April 2013

Senior Software Engineer

Work as part of the Corporate Services Group Technology team which is responsible for development and support of “Employee Stock Plan” product offered by E*trade to client corporations. This product includes application under one of the Tabs from E-trade web site as well as few customer service and corporation administrator applications.


●Participate in software development of full life cycle of different projects. The implementation of the projects include: understanding business functional requirements, implementing technical specifications design, mentoring other developers, reviewing QA test cases and production rolls coordination.

●Development all layers of the web based applications using in-house Web Model-View-Controller framework:

- Developing Model components in Java.

- Developing C Tuxedo backend services deployed with WSDL/XML schema as data transport protocol.

- Developing business logic functions in Pro*C with complex SQL statements or DB procedure calls.

- Some development of View components with HTML/XSLT templates.

●Developing PL/SQL scripts with complex sql statements.

●Developing SOA with Java Web Services based on SOAP/WSDL.

●Developing perl and korn shell scripts with BMC Control-M batch scheduling software.

●Code reviews and unit testing of other developer’s tasks.

●Participate in the scheduling and implementation the regular production support process.

Environment: The server side of applications was Apache Web server with Tomcat servlet container calling Tuxedo/Pro*C services as backend services connected to Oracle DB server. The front end is customed HTML or XSLT templates. All applications were deployed on Redhat Linux in production, testing and development environments.

SONY COMPUTER ENTERTAINMENT AMERICA, Foster City,CA September 2007 – May 2008

Senior Software Engineer


●Web based Sony PS3 games status report system project.

●Development lifecycle of all layers of the project application.

●Integration application with legacy report system using mail messages in CSV file format.

●Bug fixing.

●Create and set up shared environment for testing purposes.

●Make release builds.

Environment: The server side of these applications was J2EE architecture deployed with JBoss. This included JBoss Seam/Hibernate framework with JSF/Facelets and MyFaces Tomahawk UI Components and Postgresql Data Base. JAMES mail server was used for integration with legacy report system.

AMDOCS (Clarify CRM division), San Jose, CA April 2002 – September 2007

Senior Software Developer

Involved in design, development and deployment of almost all layers of multi-tier web based thin client and SWING based smart client versions of Clarify CRM application. The server side of these applications was J2EE architecture deployed with WebLogic Server 8.1. This included Java Servlets/JSP with MS SQL Server or Oracle as DB servers.


●Worked on development web based thin client Model-View-Controller framework implemented with JSP/Servlet/JavaScript technologies and developed in-house.

●Worked on conversion legacy Clarify CRM application based on MFC client with C++ business objects to new web based thin client version of Clarify CRM application.

●Worked on development another Model-View-Controller framework implemented with SWING/Servlet technologies and developed in-house.

●Worked on the conversion of web based thin client Clarify CRM application to SWING/Servlet based architecture.

●Designed and developed performance tracking tool which was part of web based and SWING/Servlet based versions of Clarify CRM application.

●Troubleshooting performance and memory leak issues in web based version of Clarify CRM application.

●Performed internal support to other application groups inside the company to integrate and upgrade their applications with new web and SWING/Servlet based frameworks.

●Performed support to other application groups on customer site to customize Clarify CRM applications.

●Developed automated unit test cases to test new SWING client side framework based on JFC/SWING JUnit technology.

●Developed ‘Quick Test Pro’ unit test cases to test SWING smart client version of Clarify CRM application.

E*Trade, Menlo Park, CA March 1999 – March 2002


Involved in development and support of Online Brokerage Account Distributed application designed to deploy and maintain second party online brokerage accounts like Etrade-Germany, Etrade-Japan, Etrade-Hong Kong, Etrade-Israel, and Etrade-Australia. The system was implemented using the WEB/KIVA server which called Java (JDK 1.1) classes on the front-end and Tuxedo (WLE 5.1)/JOLT (1.1) with Oracle (8.0.4) on the back-end. The Tuxedo Domain communicated with a CORBA designed WLE (5.6) domain destined to be the Gateway to CORBA objects implemented by a third party. All were running on Sun 5.6 SPARC UNIX machines.


●Developed back-end Tuxedo/JOLT services in C, C++ and Pro*C languages.

●Developed some Java classes to call JOLT interface on front-end.

●Developed daily UNIX cron job to upload investment instruments (stocks, options, bonds, warrants) to Oracle Data Base using PERL, UNIX shell and SQL scripts.

●Developed daily UNIX cron job to send Data reports to a third party.

●Troubleshooting of C, C++ code using “Purify” tool.

●Supported System in production. Was the first contact for customer service in case technical problems.

NOVA Information Systems, Inc., Knoxville, TN March 1998 - November1998


Involved in design and development of customer credit history verification system. The back-end was composed of Tuxedo 6.3 domains on Windows NT 4.0 platforms connected to an Oracle 7.3.4 server running on a Sun Solaris workstation.


●Designed and developed object-oriented Tuxedo Application Architecture Layer used by business application developers.

●The programming languages used were Visual C++ and Pro*C.

●Set up and configured a Tuxedo development environment for each individual business application developer and also helped them with Tuxedo architecture layer.

●Developed Windows NT scripts to administer Tuxedo domain.

●Supported new Tuxedo system in production.

Blue Cross Blue Shield, Jacksonville, FL July1997 – January 1998

System Analyst

Enhanced, upgraded and tested customer authorization subsystem of Health Insurance System using

security Tuxedo 6.3 servers and security Tuxedo utilities in C. The application was running on IBM

AIX 4.1/4.2.


●Upgraded system with then new Tuxedo version 6.3 and tested it.

●Developed UNIX korn shell scripts to add, update and delete customers, create reports and Tuxedo administration tools.


MA degree in Applied Mathematics. State University, Kiev, Ukraine.


US citizen.

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