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Engineer Process

Washington, DC
March 19, 2019

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Robert Hung Nguyen

**** ***** **.

Manassas Park, VA 20111

OBJECTIVE: To obtain a challenging position which utilizes my experience in production sustaining, project management, and process engineering.


05/05 - 02/15 Wet Process Process Engineer, MTV fab

Micron Technology, Manassas, Virginia

Job Responsibilities: Improve product quality, setup/optimize process control strategies, address product yield and defective issues, improve cycle time and initiate cost reduction projects

oWork with cross functional areas to optimize process flow for best product yield at the lowest cost

oInitiate and champion quality, yield, and defect reduction improvement projects within the Wet Process area

oIdentify sources/causes of variation in processes, yields and drive activities to reduce or eliminate them

oInitiate benchmarking studies, perform data analysis and consistently strive for improvement

oWet Process area representative in technical meetings: Quality meetings, Process Integration (PI) module meetings, focus teams, defect reduction, etc

oDrive to conclusion complex, multi-functional tasks and team projects requiring a wide variety of advanced technical skills and analysis

oCollaborate with sister sites to identify product matching and process alignment issues during all phases of product life and aim for solutions

oStrategic planning to address long term issues which will impact site or worldwide process teams

oCoach and mentor less experienced team members

●Process Ownerships:



■Equipment experience includes


DNS wet benches

DNS Scubbers

TEL hoods

02/04 - 05/05 Wet Etch Process Engineer, Fab 1A

Micron Technology, Boise, Idaho

●Job responsibilities include: Maintaining and supporting existing processes through statistical process control (SPC) metrics, investigation and analysis of discrepant materials, implementation of yield improvement and cost reduction programs as well as direct support of equipments.

●Equipment experience includes:

oSteag / SCP Wet benches

oDNS wet benches

oDNS Scrubbers

oTEL hoods

04/00 - 02/03 Surface Prep Process Engineer, DMOS V Wafer Fabrication

Texas Instruments, Inc., Dallas, Texas

●Job responsibilities include: creating new processes using design of experiments (DOE), qualification of new tools, developing and monitoring statistical process control (SPC) metrics to improve quality, root cause investigation of discrepant materials and implementation of yield improvement and cost reduction programs, as well as writing operating specifications and training manufacturing specialists.

●Experiences included Front End of Line (FEOL) surface preparatory processes such as Pre Furnace Clean (PFC); resist strip processes such as Post Ash Clean (PAC), Split Gate Deglaze, Gate Etch Clean and Pre Sputter Clean, and wet etch processes such as Oxide and Nitride strip, Titanium Salacide and Cobalt Salacide strip.

●Process ownership included FEOL processes such as Post Ash Clean, Gate Etch Clean, Pre Sputter Clean, Titanium and Cobalt Salicide strips, Contact Clean and Back End of Line (BEOL) processes such as Cryokinetic Clean and Slag Etch Clean.

●Developmental Project: HPA07 Titanium Nitride (TIN) to Poly Capacitor

oSuccessfully developed Wet Etch portion of Dry + Wet Process for TIN to Poly Capacitor that reduces lateral etching and undercutting, aids in TIN filament removal, and achieves high TIN to oxide selectivity.

oThe developed process produces excellent die matching characteristic between the two capacitors due to minimal lateral etching and undercutting. In addition, this process provides complete TIN filament removal, thereby, eliminating shorts.

oProcess of record has been patented (Patent # 6,686,237)

oProjected revenue: > 2.0 billion dollars.

●Developmental Project: HPA07 Contact to Thin Film (TF) Resistor Layer

oEffectively developed Wet Etch portion of Dry + Wet Process for Contact to TF SiCr Resistor layer that minimizes the contact area between TF Resistor Head and the TF SiCr Resistor.

oHigh selectivity of Oxide to SiCr from the wet etch process enables well defined contacts with good profile and repeatability.

oProcess of record is currently under patent review.

oProjected revenue: > 2.0 billion dollars.

●Successfully qualified new Sulfuric Acid and Hydrogen Peroxide chemicals that were more cost-effective and better quality grade in terms of defect density for DMOS V.

●Active member of the Defect Density Reduction Team for Poly to Pre Form Loop

●Successfully identified and characterized the sources of small particles for both Poly Oxidation and Pre Sputter Clean process.

●Coordinated efforts with Equipment Engineers (EEs) to reduce particle defects that were equipment related.

●Adjusted tighter limits on process control charts to ensure faster responses to repeated excursions.

●Developed defect density database and disposition specs to allow efficient and effective responses to future excursions.

●Released new equipments and supported manufacturing.

●Equipment experience includes:

oFSI International: Mercury MPs and Aries

oDai Nippon Service (DNS) Hoods

oSEZ Hoods

oMetrology Equipments: Optiprobe, KLA/Tencor, and AIT

oAnalytical Equipments: EDX/SEM and TEM

01/99 - 04/00 Research Technician II, Sequencing, Production and Loading

Human Genome Sequencing Center,

Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas

●Duties included preparation of DNA templates and fluorescent sequencing reactions and loadings for large scale sequencing, quality control, and completion of scheduled production quotas.

●Experiences included Mapping, Library, and Assembly.

●Equipment Experience includes: ABI 377, ABI 3700 and Perkin Elmer Dye Terminator Cycle

PATENT: Developmental Project: HPA07 Titanium Nitride (TIN) to Poly Capacitor

●Process of record has been patented.

●Projected revenue: > 2.0 billion dollars

●Patent # 6,686,237

Developmental Project: HPA07 Contact to Thin Film (TF) Resistor Layer

●Process of record is currently under patent review.

●Projected revenue: > 2.0 billion dollars

●U.S. Patent Application No. 10/358,059

EDUCATION: Mercer University, Macon, Georgia

Bachelor of Science - Chemistry, 1995.

Georgia College & State University, Milledgeville, Georgia

Graduate Classes: Endocrinology, Histology, Immunology, Biological Psychology, Microbial Physiology, Biochemistry, Genetics, and Pharmacology 1996 - 1998


●Proficient in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft PowerPoint.

●Strong in Design of Experiment (DOE) and Statistical Process Control (SPC) skills.

●Strong understanding in Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) principles.

●Ability to communicate effectively in writing and orally for diversified audiences at all organizational levels.

●Ability to work effectively in a diverse team environment or independently.

●Ability to drive issues to resolutions.

●Ability to manage multiple activities and projects in a highly visible and fast paced environment.

●Ability to manage and resolve conflicts.

●Knowledge of project analysis methodologies.

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