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Q.c. manager

Asyut Governorate, Asyut Governorate, Egypt
15000 L.E
March 19, 2019

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Samy Sedky Seif Mankarious

Quality Control Assistant Manager at ORASCOM Hotels& Development (OHD) Hurghada, Egypt

Contact Information

Mobile Phone: +200**********

Country: Egypt

Address: 10 El Rowda, St., Sherkate Golta, Asyut, Egypt

Target Job

Target Job : by Quality Control Dept. or Execution Sector Whichever is available

Target Industry: Construction; Construction/Civil Engineering

Employment Type: Employee

Personal Information

Birth Date: 4th January 1969

Gender: Male

Nationality: Egypt

Marital Status: Married

Number of Dependants: 2

Driving License Issued From: Egypt on 12th of Nov. 2011

Military service: finished { from 1994 to 1997}


(20 Years, 9 Months)

From Apr. 2018 to Present

Executive Manager at

Tarweej Company

Location: Assiut

Company Industry: Construction; Construction/Civil Engineering

Job Role: Execution

1) to lead and manage the site team and ensure that all parties involved have a clear understanding of contract and the applicable obligation

2)Ensure all works are carried out as per specification

Project sTower In El - EZZS

Consists of 7 Towers with total Area 6000 m2

(Bedroom - Ground - 11 Floors)

(Garages - Administrative - 352 Apartments)

Quality Control Manager at

ORASCOM Hotels& Development (OHD)

Location: El Gouna, Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt

Company Industry: Construction; Construction/Civil Engineering

Job Role: Quality Control

1)Responsible for supervise the Quality System and Staff.

2)Authorizing to identify any Quality Division.

3)Communication any non Conformance Works with Project Manager.

4)Responsible for assuring that the Quality Procedures are carried out effectively.

5)To evaluate and monitor Quality System to assure its reason-ability.

6)Preparation the Requirements and Documents necessary to organize the Quality System.

7)Reporting to Projects Management Manager.

8)Comprehensive Experience in Quality Control on all Aspects of Project’s Construction from conception to completion.

In Makadi Project:-

A total Area 3,750,000 m2

9 Types of Residential Units ranging from 35 to 135 m2.

3 Star Hotel {288 Rooms} with Budget 50,000,000 L.E.(Garden Azur)

Hospital, School, Shopping Mall, Playgrounds, Vast Green Area & Worship Area.

Infrastructure {Water Tank - Transformers - Lift Stations - Sewage Treatment Plant }

Apr. 2004 – Mar. 2006

Representative of Owner at

Egyptian International Beverage Company

Location: El Gouna, Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt

Company Industry: Industrial

Job Role: Quality Control

1) Arrangement of Works according to Schedule

2) Supervision on execution for all Items under construction

3)Supervision, Inspection and Approval for all Items under Construction such as Form Work, inforcement Installation, Painting, Plastering, Flooring, Tiling, Sanitary, etc.

4)Checking during Execution of Work to ensure Conformity to Drawings Requirements and Specification

5)Checking after Termination of Work to ensure Conformity to Drawings Requirements and Specification

6) Revision of all Structural Drawings to ensure Conformity to Architectural Drawings and Code

7) Solving Construction Problems

8)Monitoring and Controlling Quality of Concrete during Pouring, Production and Curing Operations

In the following Factories

1)Brewery Factory

2)Winery Factory

Infrastructure {Water Tank - Transformer - Spare Generator - Boiler - Waste Water Tank}

Annexes Buildings {Spirits Mixing Plant & Central Store}

N.B.: The Structures including R.C. and Steel

From Apr. 1997 – Apr. 2004

Senior Quality Control Engineer at

ORASCOM Projects & Touristic Development A.S.E.

Location: El Gouna, Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt

Company Industry: Construction/Civil Engineering

Job Role: Quality Control

1)Responsible for Control and Check Construction Activities to ensure Work Conformity.

2)Responsible for supervision Q.C.I's to perform the quality activities.

3)To try Preventing Work / Material Deviations.

4)Responsible for Detection any Work / Material Deviation and Corrections.

5)Communication with the S.E. for any Non-Conformance Work and Notifies Q.C.M.

6)Preparation all Inspection Reports.

7)Preparation Monthly Report Quality Control.

8)To follow up Correction of non-Conformance Work.

In the following Projects:-

1)Ancient Sands {Apartments, Junior Villas and Villas}

The Facilities Buildings {Golf Club Estate House - Golf Course - Exclusive Restaurants and Bars - Stunning Swimming Pools - Kids Club & Play Area – Shops - Tennis Academy - Library & Business Centre}

2)Quote after Delivery Project

3) The New Marina Town {18 Blocks, 7 Villas, 2 Hotels, Swimming Pools, Lake & Fences}

4)El Fnadair {Villas, Blocks, Swimming Pools, 6 Bridges, 2 Water Tanks, Lift Stations & Transformers}

5)South Golf {Villas & Swimming Pools}

6)Phase 4 {Villas & Swimming Pools}

7)The Hill {Villas, Swimming Pools & Retaining Walls}

8) Marble Factory

9) Airport {Landing}

10) Low Cost Housing in El Bostan {48 unit of area 48 m2 - {16 unit of area 48 m2}, {24 unit of area 37 m2} & {24 unit of area 63 m2}

11) Economic Buildings in El Bostan {160 Blocks (320 Apartments)}

12) El Diar {124 Houses} in El Bostan

13) El Bostan Staff Housing Class B {9 Blocks consists of 64 apartments / Block}

14) El Bostan Staff Housing Class C {14 Blocks consists of 10 20 Studio / Block}

15) The Facilities Buildings in El Bostan {Bakery - Petrol Station – Supermarket – Nursery ــ Stadium – Cinema}

16) Infrastructure in El Bostan {Water Tank -Three Transformers - Three Lift Stations - Sewage Treatment Plant}

17) The Hill Hotel &Villas project {5 Stars Hotel & Villas} {Designed by Italian Architect Alfredo Freda}

18) R.C. Retaining walls by length more than 3000 m

19) Mövenpick Hotel Extension {5 Stars}

20) Italian Compound {new Nubian, Shah Bandar &Italian villas}

21) El Gouna General Infrastructure {Ground water tank 3000 m , power station}

22) Marina Hotels 320 Room {4 Stars} {Designed by Italian Architect Alfredo Freda}

23) El Gouna Club Mediterranean. {Designed by Wassim Ben Mahmoud Tunis}

24) El Gouna Power Station (30 Frames)

25) El Gouna Water Tank


Bsc. in Civil Engineering at Asyut University.

Location: Asyut, Egypt

Completion Date: May 1994

Grade: Good


Ms Word 2007 - Ms Excel 2007 - AutoCAD 2007

Level: Intermediate



Level: Very Good

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