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Web Developer Technical Writer

Loganville, Georgia, United States
March 19, 2019

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Tyti Nguyen 404-***-****


Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA Expected Graduation Spring 2019 Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

GPA: 3.74

Relevant Courses

Software Engineering Software Security Big Data Programming Database System Algorithm Data Visualization

Data Structure Data Mining Web programming

System-level Programming Mobile App development Programming Language Concepts Technical Skills

Language Java, C, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, HTML, CSS, UNIX Shell Script, Sparc Assembly Operating Systems Windows, Linux, Unix, Android, IOS Software MySQL benchmark, SQLite, Firebase, Eclipse, IntelliJ, Amazon Web Service, Oracle VM VirtualBox, MS Office Suite, Microsoft Visual Studio Framework React Native, Bootstrap

Course Project

Software Security, Atlanta GA

Technical Writer and Researcher

Aug 2018 – Dec 2018

• Perform research about programming vulnerabilities such as buffer overflow, SQL injection, XSS attack, Race condition and the mitigation for each vulnerability.

• Provide detail technical writing for each topic of code review, unit testing, abuse and misuse cases, Static code analysis. Web Programming, Atlanta GA

Web Developer

Aug 2018 – Dec 2018

• Using HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and bootstrap to create and host website with form, server-side validation, and integration of relational databases.

Database System, Atlanta GA

Web Developer

Jan 2018-May 2018

• Design Entity Relation diagram and architecture of database with a to incorporate it into MySQL benchmark software and design SQL queries for fast and efficient run time.

• Create a website using PHP to make a SQL query from a relational database so that it can take raw data and convert it into information and present it onto the website.

Mobile App Development, Atlanta GA


Jan 2018 – May 2018

• Coordinate with a team to create an Attendance Recording Application that able to mark attendance for each student with their mobile device provided with their unique QR code using JavaScript and React Native framework. Software Engineering, Atlanta GA

Technical Writer and Developer

Aug 2017 – Dec 2017

• Coordinate with a team to develop a point of sale software using JavaFX for GUI and SQLite for record keeping.

• Perform technical writing and design such as: Gantt chart, Requirements Traceability Matrix, work share document, and use case rationale.


Georgia State University, Atlanta GA

Computer Science Teaching Assistant

Aug 2017 - Present

• Reinforce lesson previous went over by professor to student who may have an unclear understanding on particular topics and analyze Java program assignment for code correctness, efficient, and clarity

• Perform teaching-related duties, such as record keeping, grading, participating with faculty meeting, and assist professors

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