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Customer Service Manager

Houston, TX
March 19, 2019

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I am a highly professional hard working self-starter with years of

experience in the areas of dispatch. sales. customer service. and property management.

• Dispatcher for commercial • Training and supervising

• and residential tr ash and • personnel

• recycle. • Developlngpollciesand

• Performing accounting • procedures

• functions • Problem solving. routing

• Managing calendars • tickets. sequencing routes

• Operated radioequipmen• • Years of customer service

• in order to communicate • experience

with truck drive<s and


Waste Man.-gement, Houston, TX

Dispatcher /Router /Customer


Feb.2016- Dec.2018

• Wlsin~ot sa.idrg.Austin Centex experience

• servicing Houston and Dallas.

• Communicated with receiving operators In order to exchange

• transmission instructions

• Dealt with truck issues including collisions and truck fires, dealt

• directly with emergency response. fire department and police Mar.2009 - Jan.2016

Bill Tate Properties. Las Vegas NV.

Property Manager

• Collected rent from residents

• Made sure property was clean and well kept

• Painted and general maintenance including plumbing. painting and

• electrical

• Mct\Mttlprospe:tivetelalts toshowpropErt)( explaine:I temsof

• occupancy and provide information about local areas

• Inspected grounds. facilities and equipment.

(e e lonnie1ong2016@281-\ '{905-t(. 3126 1· C:) Houston. TX


Skyline High School

Oakland u.

General studies

graduated 1992

John Hotaki

Route Manager /supe<visor

Waste Management


Bill Tate

Owner Bi II Tate Properties

702· 769-4450

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