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Seeking Psychic Reader Position

Ventura, CA, 93005
March 15, 2019

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Ryan Mathews


Objective: I am seeking a position with an established company that will provide a platform for long term growth as an intuitive reader.

Bio: Ryan has over 20 years of experience standing at the crossroads assisting people. After two near death events early in life seeing what's up ahead seems almost second nature. Ryan has dedicated his life to health studies and mystical art forms. He has extensive experience in metaphysical studies, parapsychology, and wellness. Ryan has not only traveled worldwide in search of modalities to increase energy and awareness, but he also brings skills as a Reiki master and shaman to assist on every level. His current interests as a practitioner involve distant or remote healing through clairvoyant perceptions and spirit communication. The combination of Iching, cards, and clairaudient information provides valuable insight to answer your questions and gaining your goals.

A session with Ryan can be intense and well worth a visit. His goal is to find the proper balance for his clients that will reflect the best possible place for healing and positive movement. Often clients will leave a session feeling more fulfilled with clarity and peace of mind about their future direction. Ryan stands ready to help make sense of the confusion in your life. He will provide clear and concise answers to difficult questions without judgment. It is his primary goal to help light your way. Experience:

>Self Employed (2001 - Present) Love and Life Coach I have been an author and host of a podcast/youtube as of recent utilizing intuitive skills aquired through mystical studies and a natural empathic trait passed down from a near-death walk-in experience. Utilized chat, video, and phone to cover multiple topics in regards to life's most challenging issues. Modalities utilized: tarot, angel cards, Iching, and Sacred Geometry.

>Dental Provider / Self employed (2010-present)

Patient care, reconstructive services, record management All functions in the dental field with direct one on one patient contact and involvement.

> Professional Screen Actor/stuntman

Bio is self-explanatory link is below

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