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medical oncologist

Puducherry, India
March 15, 2019

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Curriculum vitae

Name and Contact details:

Name: Dr Ranjit Kumar C.S

Mobile number- 809-***-****



Flat number 615, Teak block,raintree park dwaraka Krishna,namburu guntur-522508

Educational details:

S.NO Course Institute Year Grade

1 DM- Medical Oncology JIPMER 2013-2016

2 Pediatric oncology and SCT TATA medical 2012-2013

fellowship Centre, Kolkata.

3 DNB-Pediatrics KKCTH, Chennai 2008-2011 Gold medal

country level

1st class

4 MBBS S.V.Medical 2001-2007

college, Tirupathi


Work experience:

Institute: JIPMER

Designation: DM resident

Period: 2012-2015

Job Profile: 3years of training in medical and pediatric oncology including evaluation,

screening, chemotherapy delivery, stem cell transplant [Autologous and Allogeneic], follow-up

care and Procedures like central venous catheters and Apheresis for stem cell collection etc.

Current working place:

● Visiting consultant Ramesh hospitals, Kanumuri hospitals, Gayatri superspeciality hospitals

Vijayawada and Guntur,Andhra Pradesh,India

● Visiting consultant IGMH, Male, Maldives.

● Since June 2018

Previous working experience:

Institute: Omega hospitals,Guntur institute of oncology

Designation: Lead consultant medical, pediatric oncologist and transplant physician

Period: aug2017 – May2018.

Job profile: screening,evaluation,chemotherapy delivery,bone marrows,FNAC,central lines, stem

cell apheresis, bone marrow transplantation, chemoport insertion, immunosuppressive therapy,

immunotherapy, pediatric oncology, conducting multidisciplinary tumor board, oncopath meeting.

Institute:American oncology institute at NRI medical college, Vijayawada.

Designation: Consultant medical and pediatric oncologist; Transplant physician.

Period: Aug 2016 – Aug 2017.

Job profile:At American oncology institute working as consultant medical and pediatric

oncologist was doing evaluation, screening, chemo delivery and stem cell transplantation,

conducting multidisciplinary tumor board as chairperson, teaching to medical students at NRI

medical college, conducting oncopath meetings.

Skills, Research and publications:

● Procedural skills:

o Central and peripheral venous catheters insertion.

o Hickmann catheters insertion

o Chemoport under general anesthesia [individually done 26 as of 06/11/2018]

o Apheresis procedures for stem cell collection and cryo mixing and storing.

o Simple FNAC and biopsies.

o Palliative procedures like pleural tapping, ICD insertion, pleurodesis.

o Intrathecal drug delivery.

o SOP preparation.

● Project reports with title and description:

o Prospective audit of morbidity in patients receiving chemotherapy in department of

Medical Oncology of a tertiary care cancer center,JIPMER,India

o Sorefenib as first line therapy in metastatic renal cell carcinoma-A single institutional


o Clinico-Pathological Profile of Pediatric Lymphoma from a Tertiary care cancer center in

South India.

o Knowledge attitude of Indian oncology residents on clinical trials –An observational


Effect of Gefitinib maintenance therapy in improving progression free survival in


metastatic lung cancer.

● Publications:

1. Dyskeratosis Congenita with Acute Pre B Cell Lymphoblastic Leukemia in a 10-year-old

Girl. VijayashekaranKalasekhar, SrivaishnavaRanjith, the Indian Journal of Pediatrics,

September 2015, Volume 82, Issue 9, pp 867-868.

2. “The Impact Of Oncologist Initiated Selective Review Of Pathology Specimens In

Multidisciplinary Onco-Pathological Discussions On The Management Of Malignancies In A

University Hospital In India.”British Journal of Medicine & Medical Research 17(7): 1-6,


3. Study of gefitinib maintenance in unselected patients with metastatic primary lung

adenocarcinoma-A descriptive study. Indian journal of cancer,vol 54,issue 1;jan-march 2017.

4. Gemcitabine and carboplatin in metastatic non small cell lung cancer: experience from a

tertiary cancer center in south India. Indian journal of cancer,vol 54,issue 1;jan-march 2017.

5. Cefepime vs. Cefeperazone/sulbactum in combination with amikacin as empirical antibiotic

therapy in febrile neutropenia.Supportive care in oncology,17 may 2018.

6. Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Indian oncology residents on clinical trials –An

observational study,has been accepted for publication in journal of cancer therapy.

7. Role of IgE in health and disease, Pediatric allergy update bulletin 1st volume,2010

8. Editor for manual of neonatal ventilator workshop book, for National neonatal conference


9. Author for 8 topics in Scott Pediatrics 3rd edition (Clinical methods for Pediatric


● Education of public regarding cancers by Radio and T.V channels.

Achievements and awards:

1. 2nd prize in IAP pediatric undergraduate quiz at state level in 2006.

2. 2nd prize in pediatric endocrinology quiz at national IAP pediatric endocrinology conference in

Chennai 2011.

3. 1st prize in pediatric asthma quiz inter collage competition in 2009 at KKCTH, Chennai.

4. 1st prize in pediatric asthma quiz competition for postgraduates in may 2010 at KKCTH,Chennai.

5. Oral presentation on Prevalence of Minimal hepatic encephalopathy in national IAP Pediatric

gastro enterology in 2010 at Calicut,kerala, got 2nd prize in pediatric hepatology.

6. Poster presentation on “profile of Choledochal cyst” in a tertiary care center, got 1st prize in

hepatology, in national IAP pediatric gastro enterology 2010 at Calicut, kerala.

7. Best paper award on breast feeding in world breast feeding week in 2010 at KKCTH.

8. 2nd prize in OSCE training program for year 2010 in KKCTH.

9. 2nd prize in pediatric PG training program in RIPE 2010 at SRMC,Chennai.

10. Gold medal in DNB pediatric for year 2011 all over India.

11. Best outgoing student award from KKCTH in year 2011.

12. CK Handoo Award for Best Poster Presentation in ISMPOCON 2014,Kolkata,India.

Conferences and workshops:

Sl. No. Date Conferences/CMEs/ workshop

1. 10-12-14 Participated in Lung cancer CME held at Adyar cancer institute

2. 10-05-14 Participated in PHOCON held at Chennai

3. 09-11-14 Participated in ISMPO 2014, Kolkata

4. 04-09-15 Participated ICON 2015, Coimbatore.

5. 06-11-15 Participated in ISMPO 2015, Mumbai.

6. 13-12-15 Attended CME on Ovarian cancer in Mumbai.

7. Lung cancer workshop at CMC Vellore.

8. 22.5.16 Participated TYSA-ISMPO at zonal level.

9. 12.5.17 Panel discussion for recurrent ovarian cancer by Sun


10. HER2 –ve and HR+veMBC :management stratagies-2017,panel

discussion-Biocon 4th converge 2017,Mumbai.

11. 5.10.17 Immunotherapy and targeted therapy –how do we integrate in

guidelines and practice-as panel discussion member. UAE cancer

congress 2017,Dubai.

12. 27.1.18 Debate in TPPOG meeting at JIPMER on pediatric Hodgkin

lymphoma frontline therapy favoring Non-ABVD regimen.

13. 26.3.18 Lung cancer preceptorship at SGH, Singapore.

Discussion on limitation of liquid biopsies in lung cancer


14. 17.8.18 Panel discussion on pegylated liposomal doxorubicin at

Vizag,The Park,by Sun pharma.

Personal details:

Name: Dr.Ranjit Kumar C.S

D.O.B: 30-06-1981

Sex: Male

Languages known: English, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi.


Flat no:615,teak block, raintree park dwaraka Krishna, Opp ANU, Namburu, Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh –


References and declaration:

1. Dr. Biswajit Dubhashi,

HOD Department of medical oncology,

RCC, JIPMER, Puducherry.

Contact number-805-***-****


2. Dr. Smita kayal

Assistant professor, Department of Medical oncology


Contact number –759-***-****


3. Dr V.S. Sankaranarayanan

HOD, Department of pediatric gastroenterology,

KKCTH, Chennai

Contact number-984*******


4. Dr. S.Balasubramanian

HOD, Department of Pediatrics


Contact number-984*******


5. Dr. Julius scott

HOD,Department of Pediatric oncology

Sri Ramachandra medical university


Contact number:948-***-****


I do here by declare that the information given above is true to the best of my knowledge.

Name: DrRanjith Kumar C.S

Date: 25.8.2018

Place: Vijayawada.

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