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Data Analyst Driver

Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa
March 14, 2019

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+27-744-***-*** / +27-737-***-*** Updated 06 March 2019

Dumisani Kagunya’s Resume

+27-74-404-**** / +27-737-***-***


Gauteng, Midrands, Midstream Estate,

Retire 21 Augusta.


30 years Male with no disability

Malawian, ID MA045089, National ID


C1 - Heavy Vehicles 3,500kg to 16,000kg

Professional Summary

Experienced Dependable and reliable Company Driver with work experience at well-established companies. Mindful of all current safety rules governing vehicle operation. Highly creative, Multitalented, Dedicated, Hardworking, Trustworthy and experienced Malawian based in South Africa with 3 years of experience as a Driver and I have the valid Working Documents. Working has given me a lot of skills and experience such that I believe I am suitable for the job position as a Driver. I am highly innovative, energetic and goal oriented with competitive skills and fast adaptation to changed environment. A fast learner with much interest in acquiring knowledge and gaining experience. Able to work under pressure to meet challenging deadlines and objectives. Ability to identify strengths and weaknesses and develop relief initiatives. Exceptional collaborative and interpersonal skills. My Career Summary

Company Position Duration


Driver / Data Analyst, Monitoring &

Evaluation specialist

Jul 2017 – Dec 2018


Driver / Data analyst & Research assistant

Aug 2016 – Jun 2017


+27-744-***-*** / +27-737-***-*** Updated 06 March 2019 My Employment

Driver / Data Analyst, Monitoring & Evaluation specialist at MSH (Management Sciences for Health) Jul 2017 – Dec 2018

Contract Specialist position in Malawi

Maintained the vehicle log books and sheets on a regular basis

Undertaking only journeys that were authorized.

Operate controls for loading and unloading of good.

Undertaking irregular work schedules, long trips and be ready to perform in short notice for assignment of a trip.

Handled all types of obstacles and equipment related to vehicle.

Maintained exterior and interior cleanliness of company vehicles.

Completed and submitted all required product tracking paperwork.

Loaded and unloaded vehicle with product for delivery.

Update all necessary paperwork related to the vehicle (insurance, fitness etc.) IN ORDER TO ensure smooth operation and movements.

Reason for leaving: Contract came to an end

Driver / Data analyst, Research assistant at TLC (Total Land Care) Aug 2016 – Jun 2017 Contract Intermediate position in Malawi

Ensured Log book is up to date all the time.

Transported Farm inputs to farmers in their locations in a time.

Adhered to all appropriate local and state safety regulations

Maintained exterior and interior cleanliness of company vehicles.

Reported all maintenance and other problems to management.

Perform maintenance check-up of vehicle on a regular basis.

Checked the assigned vehicle properly as per company rules of vehicle inspection before starting work and ensure cleanliness of the vehicle.

Maintain a checklist before starting and closing of the vehicle on a regular basis. Reason for leaving: Contract ended

My Education

Bachelor of Science Degree Biomedical Sciences, Mzuzu University, 2009 - 2016 Double major: 1. Major Statistics, Minor Mathematics. 2. Major Epidemiology, Minor Public Health.

Certificate in Financial Accounting (Public Accountancy Examination Council) PAEC. Share world Open University. 2010

Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE), Phwezi Boys Secondary School, 2007.

Malawi Junior Certificate of Education (JCE), Mnjiri Day Secondary School, 2005. 3

+27-744-***-*** / +27-737-***-*** Updated 06 March 2019 My Skills

Expert / Specialist

Attention to details and accuracy

Good communication skills

Safe driving skills

Computer literacy

Microsoft Office package: Microsoft

Word, Excel, Access, Power point.

Excellent driving history.

Superior written and oral communication


Ability to complete required reports and

other documentation fully and accurately

Handling Pressure

Problem solving

People focus

Planning ability.

Courteous and polite demeanor.

Over the road experience.



Ability to work effectively in teams or as


Excellent problem solving and

analytical skills.


Excellent driving ability in poor weather


Good driving long distances.

Availability for assignments on short


My Hobbies

Reading books and newspapers, listening to radio, listening to gospel music and singing.


My References

Will be provided on request

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