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Manager Assistant / Goalkeeper Coach

Feira, Aveiro, Portugal
March 14, 2019

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Curriculum vitae


Rua Póvoa de Cima 101 6o Esquerdo, 4535-293 Paços de Brandão (Portugal) 912011081

Sex Male Date of birth 06/09/1996 Nationality Portuguese JOB APPLIED FOR Goalkeeper Coach


08/2012–06/2016 Football Goalkeeper Coach

Clube Desportivo Paços de Brandão, Paços de Brandão (Portugal)

- Goalkeeper coach at various youth teams in the club. 08/2016–06/2018 Football Goalkeeper Coach

Clube de Futebol União de Lamas, Santa Maria de Lamas (Portugal)

- Goalkeeper coach at various youth teams in the club. 03/02/2018–01/05/2018 Football Goalkeeper Coach

União Desportiva Sousense, Foz do Sousa (Portugal)

- FootballSoccer goalkeeper manager, in the UD Sousense main team, that aligned in the Portuguese Championship (3rd national division).

- I started duties with the entrance of a new coach, and I finished those same functions at the end of the season.

02/07/2018–10/2018 Football Goalkeeper Coach

Associação Desportiva Sanjoanense - SAD, São João da Madeira (Portugal)

- Football/Soccer goalkeeper coach, in the main team of AS Sanjoanense, who lines up in the Portugal Championship (3rd National Division).

- I started functions with the entrance of a new trainer, and I finished these same functions with the exit of the same trainer.

My tasks were:

Goalkeeper Coach - responsible for the entire process related to goalkeepers. I used to make microcycles, do the training session, warm-up for games and also maked the analysis of the performance of the Goalkeeper in the games through the visualization of the game video, where i cuted the actions of the game video and compiled in a video along with my observations.

Analysis and observation of opponents - I would make a report describing what was the game style of the opposing team and how they could approach the game against us, to complement the written report also did a video analysis.

Preparation, study of the opposing team and comparison with AD Sanjoanense - I also performed a kind of statistical analysis, where I described the opposing team in terms of numbers. I presented the number of goals conceded and scored, last results, history record of confrontations between the opponent and AD Sanjoanense, analysis of the opponent coach, history of confrontations between coaches, description of player history of all the athletes of the opposing team, observation and description of the players registered by the club until the week of the game.

Motivational Video - I also used to make a motivational video to be presented every match 8/3/19 © European Union, 2002-2019 Page 1 / 4 Curriculum vitae Daniel Tavares

days before the games.

Other tasks - I was also did other tasks, such as being on the support bench where I helped guide some players during the game. Observation of players that could be potential acquisitions. I also helped translate and talk with the players who did not speak Portuguese. 10/09/2017–04/2018 Individual Technique Coach

Project 365 - Individual Technique Training, Paços de Brandão (Portugal)

- Coach of individual technique, where along with 4 other coaches we guide, teach and improve, the technique of several athletes of youth ages (from under 7 years to under 18 years) and from various clubs.

- I also managed goalkeepers here.

09/2012–05/2013 Intern - Secondary (College)

Clube Desportivo Paços de Brandão, Paços de Brandão (Portugal)

Assistant of the technical team of the under 8 and organization of the Paços Brandão International Tournament.

Internship of 230 hours, at least.

05/2014–05/2014 Intern - Secondary (College)

Challenger Clube de Lourosa, Lourosa (Portugal)

Organization of the V Open Taekwondo City of Lourosa;

Internship of 180 hours, at least.

03/2017–06/2017 Intern - University ( Bachelor/Licentiated degree) Câmara Municipal de Santa Maria da Feira, Santa Maria da Feira (Portugal)

Assistant in sports events (Night Runners, 4th Stage of Espinho Rally Casino, Score 500, etc.);

Organization of events (Sport Gala 2017, Score 500, etc.);

Internship of 260 hours, at least.

08/2007–06/2014 Goalkeeper

Clube Desportivo Paços de Brandão, Paços de Brandão (Portugal) I started my carrer very early as a goalkeeper. I always was very passioned about this position in the pitch, and wanted more but unfortunately university and a tumor maked me stop playing. I always played in the same club, in my hometown, and we always fighted to reach the nacionals. EDUCATION AND TRAINING

09/2011–06/2014 Professional Course of Support Technician for Sports Management

- (Further Education College)

EQF level 4

Colégio Liceal de Santa Maria de Lamas, Santa Maria de Lamas (Portugal)

First contact with the world of work;

Management basics;

Perception of how sports organizations work;


I learned how to work with technological tools (word, excel, access and photoshop). 09/2014–06/2017 Bachelor/Licentiated degree in Management in Sport EQF level 6 ISMAI - Instituto Universitário da Maia, Maia (Portugal) 8/3/19 © European Union, 2002-2019 Page 2 / 4 Curriculum vitae Daniel Tavares

Management skills such as financial calculation and investment analysis;

Understanding of the world of sport (Law of sport bases, tax code.);

Professional experience in the area (through the internship);

Personnel management (Psychology, human resources, etc.);

Work with technological tools (word, excel, joomla and project). 09/2017–Present Master of Science in Sport - Specialization in sports training Football EQF level 7 ISMAI - Instituto Universitário da Maia, Maia (Portugal)

Development of skills as a coach;

Training methods;

Physical preparation;

Game observation;

Player recovery learning;

Game analysis;

Skills in various areas of football/soccer;

Conducting a dissertation on the area of goalkeeper training. PERSONAL SKILLS

Mother tongue(s) Português

Foreign language(s) UNDERSTANDING SPEAKING WRITING Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production English C1 C1 B2 B2 B2

Spanish A2 A2 A2 A2 A1

Levels: A1 and A2: Basic user - B1 and B2: Independent user - C1 and C2: Proficient user Common European Framework of Reference for Languages Communication skills Good communication skills whether in an individual conversation or speaking to a large group of people.

Natural ability, which developed with the fact that he started to be a coach very early, and with the fact that from very young began to present works for the class in the most varied classes. Organisational / managerial skills - Good ability to manage time;

- Great ability to improvise and work under pressure;

- Plenty creativity, and ability to innovate and develop exercises. All these abilities I was acquiring as goalkeeper coach and developed with the experience gained. Job-related skills - Complete notion of what is the role of goalkeeper, knowledge of technique, positioning, communication, etc.

- Capabilities at teaching goalkeepers, and development their skills; Digital skills SELF-ASSESSMENT


processing Communication Content

creation Safety Problem


Proficient user Independent user Independent user Independent user Independent user Digital skills - Self-assessment grid

8/3/19 © European Union, 2002-2019 Page 3 / 4 Curriculum vitae Daniel Tavares

I know how to work with technological tools like word, excel, video editor, project, access and photoshop, and others.

Driving licence B, BE


Courses Goalkeeper Coach Formation (Alto Rendimento - Porto)

Goalkeeper manager course that seeks a greater specialization, and which allowed to deepen then most important areas in goalkeeper performance at the various components, like: technical, tactical, physical, psychological, physiological, nutritional, kinesiological, etc. 8/3/19 © European Union, 2002-2019 Page 4 / 4

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