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Engineer Project

Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
March 17, 2019

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Seeking a position to utilizes my skills and ability in the telecommunication field that offers professional growth while being resourceful, innovative and flexible.

Skill Objective:

Having 3.9 years of experience in Telecommunications field for RF Testing, optimization and performance measurement of GSM & WCDMA & LTE network


Current Working Profile-

Currently working as RF Engineer at Ericsson Deputed to T-Mobile Project (NSN and Ericsson equipment) from June 2016 to till date.

Pre-Launch Optimization: Coordination for Single Site verification, Performance degradation analysis and providing recommendation for meeting the KPI’s to baseline values.

Post-Launch : Performance degradation analysis and providing recommendation for meeting the KPI’s (Volte Access Failure, Volte Drop Rate, LTE Access Failure, LTE Drop Rate, Volte Traffic, Data Traffic, Handover failure) to baseline values on site level.

Cluster Optimization : Making Drive Routes, Coordination with drive test engineer, processing drive logs, Analysis the drive logs and providing the recommendation for resolving the issues (Volte and LTE Access Failure, Volte and LTE Drop Call, SINR, RSRP, Throughput improvement, PCI confusion and Pollution), implementation of CR, Cluster report submission.

Drive less optimization using Ericsson ran analyser.

Optimising reselection parameters and Inter Freq and Inter RAT handovers and reselections and redirection thresholds.

Established the benchmark KPIs for Optimization within given project period.

Responsible for Periodic Network Audit comprises of Quarterly LTE RF Parameter Audit.

Working Profile/Project Undertaken

Previously worked as RF Optimization engineer in NOKIA SIEMENS NETWORKS for Rajasthan (Vodafone) circle from Oct. 2015 to June. 2016.

Domain responsibilities-

Close look on Network quality performance.

Escalation of Faults and Monitor the network at BSS level by using Citrix BTS Manager and Exceed Tools .

Monitoring daily KPI’s using Nokia Report Suites Nokia’s Network Doctor and implementing parameter changes based on the reports to improve the KPI’s of sites within cluster. The KPIs include dropped call rate, SDCCH completion rate, call setup success rate, handover success rate, uplink and downlink quality.

Lots of reports analysis fetched by OSS (like 204,196, 181, 74,153,226,208 etc.) sent by GNSC.

Counter level KPI’s optimization with parameter tuning via interfacing with CITRIX at various level BSC, BTS,TRX,Power Control,Handover,Adjacencies through MML,BTS MANAGER.

Responsible for Identification of RF / Network problems through DRIVE TEST log files.

Responsible for Daily/Weekly performance monitoring of the sites, using various Net Doctor & BH reports.

Parameter auditing and parameter tuning such as BTS parameter, HOC & POC parameter for RF optimization.

Releasing Rollout (Sites, Expansion and Addition) Plan on basis of daily reports for TCH blocking removal and taking care of high utilization.

Responsible for BTS Expansion, Metro site to Ultra site Conversions.

Responsible for resolving customer complaints.

Taking care of SD Dimensioning for removing SD Blocking.

Studying Networks Reports & various KPI’s and analyzing them.

Handling and coordination of 3G-ICR network problems.

DATA Optimization:-

Monitoring and rectification of sleeping cells and data services related alarms (7725, 7789 etc.).

Maintain DL Hardblocking KPI of cluster by Capacity enhancement through necessary actions like Change in Data Radio RTSLs, GTRX definition change, TRX addition, Expansion plan etc.

CDED and CDEF parameter modification for higher GPRS/EDGE thru put as per customer requirement.

Updating ABIS Timeslots for EDGE sites to provide better EDGE thru put. .

Load balancing of BCSU and PCU for better performance.

Removing data related alarms and reset sleeping cells of GPRS.

Customer Complaints:-

Includes making necessary changes to minimize customer complaints & providing best possible solution for customer satisfaction by CES activity (Coverage enhancement solution).

Meeting with customer to share the necessary actions to improve the KPI as well as to reduce the poor coverage patch.

WCDMA Skills :-

Knowledge of 3G Parameters RSCP, Ec/No, HSDPA etc. on the basis of Drive test reports.

Single Site Verification 3G: PS Detach, Frequency and Scrambling Code, LAC and KPIs CPICH RSCP, CPICH Ec/Io, Voice Call, PS service, 3G->2G voice handover, 3G->2G cell reselection, 2G->3G cell reselection.

Drive Test analysis for Area / Major Roads regular drive test and taking a corrective action for the findings (Dropped/Blocked calls, IRAT/SHO Failures, and Pilot Pollution) & prepare reports for customer interaction.

Physical Optimization for antenna heights, tilts and azimuths for all the cells/sectors in the network.

Knowledge of WCDMA/HSDPA Radio Network performance daily monitoring (RRC success rate, RAB Est Success, CS & PS CDR, Hs Drop, IRAT, HS Throughput).

Analyzing log files and performed changes for better coverage.

Proposed new sites for removing coverage holes.

Analysis of KPI for various CS, PS and HSPA service.

Addition, Deletion of Neighbor based on Handover Matrix report.

Knowledge of Power control, Handovers in 3G.

Working Profile/Project Undertaken

Worked in Decon Telecom Solution Pvt.Ltd.From Feb 2015 to Sep 2015 as RF DT Engineer in Rajasthan region for Nokia Networks India Pvt. Ltdon the project of GBDT Rajasthan for Vodafone 2G and 3G.

Job Profile : Technical visits for Customer complaint

Providing Technical Support to TSG Team.

Visiting & Resolving Customer complaints of Voice & GPRS.

Resolving different types of Issues by Physical & parameter optimization.

KPI & Customer Complaints Physical optimization with guidance of Cluster NPO Engineer for the smooth performance of Sites.

Performing Frequency optimization and Neighbor optimization for better performance.

Performing RF SCFT & Drive Test (Voice & Data) for entire Jaipur Cluster.

Performing 12 KPI & Benchmarking drive in my cluster Top 10 cities.

Performing TRAI for cluster in multiple towns as per TRAI schedule.

Post Processing of Log files – Drive Test Data Analysis.

Preparing Presentation Report.

Indoor Booster, IBS & Outdoor Booster recommendation for Indoor coverage concerns as per customer base & area.

Tool Proficiency:


TEMS 8.1, 9.1,10.1,13.1.2,13.1.6,16.1

Pocket TEMS

Altimeter (For AMSL)

TEMS Discovery

Nokia NetAct


ERA(Ericsson RAN analyzer)



RF Voice & Data Drive, SCFT, Drive Test,Benchmarking,clusture drive

Physical Optimization for smoother performance

Suggesting Neighbour& Frequency Optimization for better performance.

Preparing Presentation Reports.

Routine Activities:

Handling Customer complaints and providing proper resolution by carrying out optimization of the sites or proposing repeaters, IBS resolve network related issues of customers as soon as possible.

Handling problems of call drop, interference or coverage etc.

Coverage: Identify coverage holes in the network by analyzing drive test plots & identify optimal candidates through RF site survey with all aspects of RF design & Candidate validation.

Drive tests – Conducting regular drive tests (TEMS) to ensure proper network performance and meet acceptable values of Key Performance Indicators. Also conduct pre and post swap drive tests to match network conditions

Network Optimization: Physical (viz. antenna bearing, antenna replacement, antenna tilts, antenna height adjustment, power calibration, VSWR measurement, interference analysis, checking faulty BTS hardware, etc.)

Previously worked as RF Drive test engineer in Teleysia Network Pvt. Ltd,for NOKIA SIEMENS NETWORKS for Karnataka circle from Aug.2013 to Jan. 2015.

Details of project undertaken in Teleysia Network Pvt. Ltd.

Project-1:- RFE and EMF Coordinator for Reliance 4G project

Project-2:- Drive Test for vodafone2G

Project-3:- Drive Test for Aircel 2G

Project-3:- Drive Test for Idea GSM

Project-4:- Drive Test for Vodafone 3GProject




Year Of Passing












Name : Vishnu Lamba

Date of birth : June 29, 1992

Marital status : Single

Nationality : Indian

Language known : Hindi, English


I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge.

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