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Mechanical / Electrical Engineering

Pompano Beach, Florida, 33064, United States
March 17, 2019

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David Carlson

**** ** ** *** #*, Pompano Beach FL 33064 954-***-****[voice] 954-***-**** [Alt]


Automation is my nack. [I am lazy.]

I am ‘OCD’. [‘Do it very right the first time.’]


Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton FL 2014/Sep - 2018/May Mechanical Engineering, BS, 2018

Relevant Projects:

Arrow Train: a High Speed Rail alternative concept A 25 inch long craft lifted by a cushion of air, moving on a track [simulating precast concrete], powered by RF controlled fans

Lift is achieved by 4 Electric Ducted Fans (EDF) each controlled by their own Electric Speed Controller (ESC) and [Arduino] micro-processor. All which were connected to a Master micro-processor. Horizontal propulsion is achieved by 2 EDF’s housed in a 3D Printed ‘jet engine’ looking casing at the rear of the craft. It is an accumulation of 20 years worth of following this field. It began as an attempt to make a MagLev the size of a Lionel Train. The break-through was a few years ago in discovering the work of Jean Bertin [circa 1965] and his Aero-Train France. Experience:

o Jtech Communications 2009/Apr - 2014/Aug

Boca Raton FL

Recondition premises transmitters received from the field; Break down unit into basic components, test electronic performance, identify and replace failed minor board level components (Through-hole Soldering), prepare and store components for re-use, re-assemble units for shipment as orders would be received; Participate in new unit assembly for order fulfillment o MotionAdz 2005/Mar - 2008/Feb

Deerfield Beach FL

Electrical Department Supervisor; Designed wiring harness assemblies, Established quality standards, did implement and monitor same; did repair PCB/Computer boards (SMT and Through-Hole Mounting); assembled custom PCBs; served as Special Assistant to the president concerning the development and improvement of in-house projects/products (improvision was the norm); Minor Fabrication and tooling of sheet and bar metal (AL); Monitored inventory levels


o American Bi-Weekly Corporation 1997/Sep - 1999/Feb Coral Springs FL

Primary software developer/maintainer for all applications written in Clarion 6

(field proposal application, ISS; in-house lead processing & tracking apps); applied a ‘programmers touch’ to a crashing MSAccess database, website updates (MSFrontpage), general hardware maintenance o Innovative Marketing Technologies (IMT) 1992/Mar - 1994/Sep Pompano Beach FL

Initial project: Reservation System written in Clipper; first phase - to make code

`internally sound’; second phase - transfer concept to program written in Clarion Next project: convert parse & filtering of down loaded data, from Access Macros into Clarion (for 100,000 records, Duration of Access process = 1 hour, 40 minutes, Duration of Clarion process = 21 2 minutes) Next project: In Clarion, to accept very raw data (for mailing purposes), `de- duping’, & cross checking against 5 other files, producing absolute random mail list. A Production Mailing verification program would de-dupe in 90 minutes, whereas the Clarion version would take 8 minutes.

Next project: In Clarion, conversion of print captured medical billing forms to dBase files for reprint purposes.

o GMS/DEST 1985/Feb - 1988/Sep

Boca Raton FL

Designed Graphics utilities for PC Facsimile Card (EZ FAX)(PC Paintbrush to FAX, Epson to FAX), including its basic font and font editor (still in use today) Automated build and maintenance of software, Conversion of UNIX C code to Lattice C, PC Technician

Software Skills:

MS-Windows, MS-DOS, UNIX, WP8 (Typesetting/Graphics: Menus, Brochures, etc.), MS-Access, MS-Excell, SolidWorks, AutoCADD, C/C++, MatLab, LabView Activities:

Assist youth with science fair projects, Books/Text: This Island Earth, The Significance of the Great Pyramid to Christians and Jews, The Geometry of The Great Pyramid as it Relates to the Geodesic Dome, Geometry of the Great Pyramid, The Geometry of Free Standing Structures as Derived from the Dodecahedron; Tae Kwon Do Black Belt, Private label POS Software for Take- Out Restaurants, Hardware support for restaurants, Resurrect old PCs

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