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Home Health Care

Buffalo, NY
March 16, 2019

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Cheryl Haggerty


An open minded individual with a flexible approach to work, which enables accommodation of change. Able to work well with a group or on own initiative. Willing to take any responsibilities and assignments, regardless of the challenge. A self-reliant individual with the ability to pick up new ideas and concepts quickly. Enjoys learning new skills and methods of working. Takes pride in producing excellent work and can accept constructive criticism. Organized and can work under pressure in a busy environment.

Personal Details

Date of Birth: Address

28th March 1961 35 Tacoma Avenue

Buffalo N.Y. 14216

Work Experience:

Home Health Aide

Francis Lima In Buffalo

Provided end of life care

Joanne Coate in Buffalo N.Y.

May 2015 to April 2018

Provided personal hygiene, showered, dressed, assisted in preparation of meals, housekeeping. Provided a daily journal. Provided end of life care. Home Health Aide

Charlie Basile- Private

Sue Basile Williamsville N.Y.

April 2008 to February 2015

24 hour care

Provided for activities of daily living. Helped both patients with care for themselves in daily living. Monitored both patients conditions. Bathed and showered both patients. Prepared meals, aided in walking with a walker, did chores, laundry, Transported to appointments and shopping. Kept a journal for each patient. Distributed medication as prescribed. Reported any changes in patients health. Turning and repositioning as needed. Assisted with toileting and maintaining stability. Home Health Aide

Toby Laping Associates in Buffalo N.Y.

March 2007 to March 2007

Short term care- assisted in activities of daily living. Observing physical condition. Help patient care for themselves by teaching use of cane and walker. Assisted in preparing meals, making sure patient takes medication as scheduled, gave back rubs, assisted with exercising as needed for recovery. Assisted in personal hygiene, bathroom use and maintaining patients stability. Assisted in getting ready for bed.

Home Health Aide

Toby Laping Associates in Buffalo N.Y.

February 2007 to April 2007

Provided for activities of daily living by assisting with maintaining stability, mentally and physically. Monitoring patients condition. Help patient care for themself by teaching daily life skills. Transported to appointments and any necessary travel. Assisted with household chores, laundry and meals. Reporting observations of patient. Kept a journal. Home Health Aide

Dr. Irwin Ginsberg in Williamsville N.Y.

July 2006 to November 2006

24 hour care of patient needed. Assisted in all personal care, showering,dressing, walking, use of bathroom or urinal. Monitoring patients conduct by observing physical and Mental conditions. Provided for activities of daily living, turning and positioning of patient as needed. Maintaining patients stability. Reporting observations of patient and administering medication. Maintaining patient journal.

Home Health Aide

Joanne Kahn in Buffalo

September 1999 to March 2002

Personal hygiene, showers, shampoos, backrubs. Provided for activities of daily living by assisting with meals, laundry, housekeeping. Helped patient care for themself by teaching use of walker and or cane. Maintained a personal journal. Reported changes in mental condition. Assisted in exercising and physical therapies. Transported as needed. Assisted in keeping active thru activities as provided.

References available upon request

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