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Manager Quality

Niagara Falls, ON, Canada
March 16, 2019

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Welland, Ont.




My Objectives in Life are rather simple. I have the desire to learn (everyday)as much as possible in order to excel in my personal and working life. To make myself a better person. In regards to my Career, I am always anxious to learn as much as I can by way of schooling and hands on experiences. I have an appetite for knowledge as I want be able to help out in Management when needed. I feel this is the best level where I can be of the most assistance, to all Employees on the Floor as well as Office Staff and other departments.


I am a very Organized individual. I like to run a neat, organized ship. I able to learn any job or task at hand and work strongly in a Team setting or can work just as well independently. I always strive to accomplish the desired results in a timely manner. I am very good at Troubleshooting and resolving day to day problems that may / will arise. I also like to teach / train whenever I can. I am very firm believer in Working in a Safe environment. I am always on the look-out for situations that could harm a fellow worker. I work with a “Watchful Eye.”


Oct. 2014 to present

QA Inspector and H & S Coordinator / JHSC Rep. - Genaire Ltd. N.O.T.L, Ont.

-Perform ALL Inspections (Incoming, First-Off, W.I.P. and Final) for Canadian Government and civilian products. Fill out and Stamp off all related paperwork accordingly.

Research, Create and write out S.O.P’s, Company Policies, perform Training, Implement New H & S systems and revise H & S Manual

-Research pertinent information about Government parts and products through our Library to ensure Quality Products are being made

-Perform All Quality related instrument calibrations, as scheduled

-Perform all H & S and JHSC tasks as required

-Issue and review all (2) plant wide safety audit checklists to worker Reps

-Attend Safety Audit Inspections with Worker Reps

-Issue and review all Fire Extinguisher, AED and First-Aid inspection checklists

-Initiate and attend All Tri-yearly JHSC company meetings. Follow up as needed

Work Experience, Cont’d:

July 2014 to Oct. 2014

Production Supervisor. – Union Drawn Steel :- Hamilton, Ont.

-In Charge of 40+ Employees regarding Safety, Quality Products, and Production Quotas

-Worked on 3 Shift rotations and O.T on weekends, as needed

-Worked with USW Union employees without issue

-Entered production numbers and created Shift Reports accordingly

Jun.2013 to Jun. 2014

Quality Inspector – Powerblades: Canadian division- Welland, Ont.

-Trained in Vagos, Portugal with Blade Manufacturing experts for 6 weeks

-Inspected All Processes of Windmill Blade manufacturing – including all relevant components, from start to Finish

-Helped create and Edit Many Production Procedures, during Plant Start up

-Worked with Robotic Camera Rover inspecting final Blade assemblies

-Created and distributed Many NCR’s – with pictures and I.D Plaque included

Nov. 2012 to Mar.2013

Plant Supervisor – Countrywide Recycling:- Hamilton, Ont.

-Responsible for most of Recycling Operations – front to back of Facility

-Supervised a crew of 30+ employees

-Trained and mentored New Hire Part Time employees weekly

-Worked with Computerized Conveyor Systems, Bundling Machines, Sorting Workers, Excavator, Front End Loader and Forklift Operators

Oct. 2002 to Oct. 2007

Oct. 2010 to Jun. 2012

Plant Supervisor / Quality Assurance Manager: – FibreCast Inc., Burlington

-Worked from Oct. 2010 to Jun. 2013 as this company’s QA Manager

-Was responsible for creating, implementing and maintaining Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for many Production jobs – old and new. Revised Workorders as required as well

-Performed Time Studied on several troubled, manufacturing processes

-Responsible for overseeing Quality Issues on shop floor, with employees

-Performed All Quality Inspection processes (Receiving, First-Offs, W.I.P and Finals)

-Created and implemented many Operator Quality Checklists

-Performed Instrument calibrations as scheduled

-Worked from Oct. 2002 to Oct. 2007 as their Plant Supervisor

-Overseen (2) Two Shift Operations – liaised with secondary Shift Supervisor prior to and during PM shift operations.

-Controlled All Workorder distributions and flow

-Was responsible for 15+ employee crew (2 shifts) regarding Safety, Quality and Production quotas in a Vacuum Forming and Precast / Aggregate setting

Work Experience cont’d:

May 2009 to May 2010

Production Shift Supervisor – StanPac Inc.:- Smithville, Ont.

-Was responsible for Safety, Quality and Production of (2) two depts that manufactured Ice Cream and Soup cups, in a Production Press setting

-Worked with 20+ employees in a Non-Union environment

-Worked with several Millwrights, Electricians,Tech Personnel and forklift operators without issue

-Needed to oversee Press Cleanout and Changeovers so product Labels were not mixed or contaminated. Performed Start up Inspections and approvals of all changeovers

Jun. 2008 to Jan. 2009

Jun. 2010 to Sept. 2010

Production Shift Supervisor – Bick’s Pickles:- Dunnville, Ont.

-Worked (2) Two Seasons during their Busiest times of the year

-Responsible for Safety and Production Quotas for a crew of 20+ employees working on (5) High Speed Conveyor Labelling and Packaging Lines

-Rotated on (3) Three shifts, Working with Millwrights, and Electricians in a UFCW union environment without issues

-Worked in a 5s environment

-Disciplined Employees according to Union protocol

-Needed to Fill out and submit Production Shift Reports daily

Oct.2007 to Jun. 2008

Production Shift Supervisor – GDX / Henniges Inc:- Welland, Ont.

-Responsible for Safety, Quality and All Production Quotas for a Crew of 40+ unionized employees

-Rotated on Three(3) Shifts while working in two separate depts. Worked in the “Mill” as well as the “Solstice”Dept.

-Disciplined Employees according to Union Protocol

-Worked well with all Millwrights, Electricians, Tech Crew and Forklift Operators

-Worked in an Organized and Clean 5s environment

Work Experiences cont’d:

Jun. 1987 to Oct. 2002

Production Supervisor / Quality Assurance Manager: - Hydel Eng. Ltd Welland, Ont.

-Worked my up, learning all that I could in as many departments as possible

-Set up / Operated 14ga and ” Shears to keep the Press Shop productive

-Set up and Operated 40 ton to 150 ton Punch Presses & Auto Shears

-Operated Forklifts for Receiving / Shipping and Material Handling dept.

-Worked in Weld Shop performing Production Welding for Hydro Products (for a short while)

-Trained to be a Shift Supervisor of a 20 person crew – several departments to oversee. Responsible for the Safety, Quality Products and Production Quotas

-Trained to be a Quality Inspector, By (current) QA Manager. Performed Receiving, W.I.P and Final Inspections for this Steel Punching and Welding Facility

-Trained to be the QA Manager. I overseen and controlled all Quality Related Documents. EG; Mill Certs, CSA Standards, ISO Manuals

Production Supervisor / Quality Manager – for Hydel Eng. cont’d:

-Created, Implemented and maintained many Quality Inspection Check Sheets for most W.I.P production in Press Dept.

-Created and Maintained a Rejection- RED Zone and NCR/ CAR forms as desperately needed

-Assisted with the Registration of ISO 9002/94 Company wide

Jun. 1980 to Jul. 1987

General Labourer: - Niagara Cast Linings, Ltd.- Port Robinson, Ont

-Learned to make 1000lbs cement Mixes

-Trowelled cement flat in various steel and wooden molds

-Stripped Molds once cement had hardened and stacked accordingly

-Operated Brick Crusher and screen / sorting Conveyor system

-Performed Forklift duties for Material Handling, as required

-Loaded n Unloaded Flatbed and Van Transports for shipping / Receiving


Apr. 2018 – Supervisor and Worker Awareness Training program – Genaire Ltd.

Oct. 2014 to Present – First Aid / AED / CPR certification (yearly)v – Genaire Ltd.

Sept. 2014 - Confined Space Training – Powerblades

Oct. / Dec. 2012 - OHSA / MOL certified JHSC program – Burlington,

2003 / 2004 /2005 - Ontario Management Development Program (O.M.D.P) certificate – Niagara College

2001 - Statistical Process Control – Niagara College

1999 / 2000/ 2001 - AutoCad Drafting 1, 2 and 3D – Niagara College

Sept. 1999 - GED certification - Fanshaw College

1993 - ISO 9000 course - Niagara College

1993 - Precision Measurement Course - Niagara College

1992 - Nondestructive Testing course - Niagara College

Jun 1987 - Tech machine Shop Course - Niagara College

Sept. 1978 to Jun. 1981 – High School - Eastdale High


I have taken Ontario Management courses with the intent to be a Mentor, coach and a Leader in an Industrial / Manufacturing environment. I enjoy training, teaching, and working safe.…

I have worked as a Production Supervisor for more than 12 years, for several different Company’s.

I have Mentored / Supervised as many as 40+ employees at one time, and as little as 10 on a crew without issue.

I have worked in Unionized (CAW/ Unifor, USW, and UFCW) as well as Non-Union factories.

Thank you for your time:

Best Regards

Tim Clark

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