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Python, Machine learning, Data Warehousing and cleaning, Unix, SQL

Brampton, ON, Canada
March 13, 2019

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Brampton, ON L6P 3X2

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Ambitious and efficient individual with excellent research and problem-solving skills. Experience includes working with computer software programs to analyze, code, and interpret data to come up with optimal conclusions. Always looking for new and challenging work.

Skills and Qualifications

- Excellent communication skills developed through educating and assisting high school students and engaging in customer service

- Good leadership abilities proven through being the executive leader of Club Infinity at York University

-Determined to complete tasks efficiently and on time

- Work well independently, as well as in a team- successfully completed group projects and presentations at York university.

- Strong knowledge of Word and other Microsoft applications as well as programming languages such as Python and Machine Learning

- Quick learner with outstanding interpersonal skills

Education and Training

Specialized Honors Bachelor of Science, September 2013 – December 2018

Computational Mathematics

York University

Technical Training

- Strong quantitative, analytical and computer programming skills developed through using different software programs such as C++, Python (PANDAS, Scikit-Learn), Maple, Spark, Machine Learning (such as K-Nearest neighbors, Linear Algebra, Linear Regression, Decision Trees, Neural Networks), R, Git, Kaggle, Natural Languages Processing and SQLITE

-optimized problems using many different methods such as Support Machine Vectors, Conjugate Gradient, Trust Regions, Least Squares, Root Finding

- implemented MATLAB to predict the outcome of a sports game over the course of the game.

- Great research skills proven through using Runge-Kutta-Nyström (RKN), Extended-Runge-Kutta-Nyström (ERKN), and a modified SIR model in order to create a program that shows how long it will take to get rid of tuberculosis in a closed endemic situation

Work Experience

Education Specialist Tutor

Zylore Education – Math Tutor September 2017 - Present

●assisted students in acquiring a better understanding of weak areas within a subject or the subject as a whole.

●acquired organization and time management skills by preparing weekly lessons for students.

●implemented homework activities for groups of up to 10 students.

●developed great interpersonal skills by generating discussions to stimulate topic conversations between students.

●analyzed and maintained records of each individual student’s progress based on their own needs.

Lead Chef

Pizza Pizza September 2014 - Present

●followed orders quickly and efficiently by preparing a variety of foods according to customer orders and supervisor instructions.

●ensured that all food meets the expected standards for quality and quantity.

●provided excellent customer service by interacting with customers.

●took part as a leader by training kitchen staff on proper use of equipment, food handling, and portion sizing.

Volunteer/Extra Curricular

Executive leader of Club Infinity (York University) September 2014 - 2018

●organized weekly meetings to discuss course material and generate discussions of club activities

●worked together as a team to solve math problems

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