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Senior Technical Sourcing Recruiter

Lado Sarai, Delhi, India
March 13, 2019

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Bob Bachtold Recruiting / Sourcing / Talent Acquisition

T: +1-415-***-**** / San Francisco (Silicon Valley) CA T: +1-250-***-**** / Vancouver (Kelowna / Okanagan) BC E: LI: USA & Canada Dual Citizen Available to Travel / Relocate (as required) Objective: Recruiting / Sourcing / Talent Acquisition position where I can provide a uniquely significant and highly synergistic value-add contribution for all Stakeholders. Experience Summary: Over two decades of Full Life Cycle Recruiting / Sourcing / Talent Acquisition & Retention, Deep Research, Email / Web Sales & Marketing / Copywriting / SEO / Business Development Consulting. Responsible for hiring, as both Individual Contributor and Project Leader / Manager, ‘Best of The Best of The Best’ Top Talent, Individual Contributor through C-Level, directly resulting in the creation of many hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of bottom line profitability for both multi-billion-dollar brands and early stage startup companies. Experienced with many ATSs, CRMs, DMBSs, and Recruiting / Sourcing Tools / Browser Add-ons. Key Clients: Microsoft, IBM, Apple, Epiphany, Oracle, International Search Partners, Windward Software, Atlas Accelerator, Jay Abraham Publishing Group, Future Shop / Best Buy, Beyond Audio, and select cutting-edge early stage startup companies in the Greater San Francisco / Silicon Valley / SoCal, and Pacific Northwest regions. Principal Consultant & Founder 2012–Present Pacific Northwest USA & CA Empirical results-driven high ROI SEO / Marketing / Business Development / and Talent Sourcing

/ Recruiting / Acquisition / Onboarding for select local, regional, and international Clients, including Social Media / YouTube Video Marketing, cutting-edge Search Engine Optimization

(SEO), and iOS / Android Mobile App Development.

Yahm Systems Chief Marketing / Strategy Officer (CMO / CSO) 2011–2012 Kelowna & Vancouver BC

Designed and developed Enterprise Mobile App Prototypes and Marketing / Vertical Rollout plans for Mobile-delivered Online Tools & Programs, specifically for Low Back Pain Assessment, Monitoring, Treatment, HS&E / Healthcare specific applications, etc. Also sourced / recruited / placed CTO & Management Consultants (Stealth Mode lean startup (company now dissolved). Windward Software B2B/B2C Sales & Business Development Consultant 2009–2011 Okanagan Valley BC / Dallas & Chicago USA

Top Tier Overall Leading New Business Developer (both Silver & Bronze Awards) for both 2010 and 2011. Opened significant new high ROI revenue vertical markets in Marine / Truck / Auto / Motorcycle / RV Sales / Service / Repair (worked 90% remotely, 10% onsite). Atlas Accelerator Sr. Recruiter / Sourcing Consultant 2008 Greater Seattle, WA Sourced / recruited / placed key core team Technical, Marketing, and IT / Admin Staff for this Incubator’s Portfolio startup companies (worked 90% remotely, 10% onsite). ME3 Global Executive Recruiter / Board of Advisors 2007–2008 San Diego, CA Active Board of Advisors Member for pioneering cutting-edge desktop Mobile Games Development early stage startup delivering bleeding-edge high ROI Commodities and Technical Stock Trading Training. As in-house Executive Recruiter, sourced / recruited / placed new President / COO, key Board of Advisors Members, in addition to IT / Networking / Admin Staff

(worked 90% remotely, 10% onsite).


International Search Partners (ISPards) Sourcing Director & Sr. Recruiting / Sourcing Consultant 2006–2008 San Diego, CA

Hired by and reported directly to Company Co-Founders. Lead Sourcing / hands-on Recruiting Project Director for Retained Search Clients worldwide, including Elevation Partners, BioWare, Disney, UBISoft, Acclaim, Activision, etc. Sourced / recruited / placed Game Developers, Architects, Animators, Software Developers, IT / Networking / DBA Staff, Hi-Temp Furnace Metallurgists, Manufacturing Engineers, Controllers, CPAs (worked 80% remotely, 20% onsite). OK (Okanagan) Internet Marketing Principal Consultant & Founder 2000–2009 Greater Pacific Northwest Region / West Coast USA & Canada

Recruiting / Sourcing / Talent Acquisition, Sales & Marketing / Business Development / Management Consulting (B2B / B2C) and Social Media / YouTube Video Marketing and Comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for select local and regional Clients. Commerce One Sr. Recruiter / Sourcing Consultant 1999, 2000, 2001 Pleasanton CA Hired directly by Talent Acquisition Director (later VP Talent Acquisition). Sourced / recruited / placed Senior & Staff Software Engineering Talent, including Performance, DBMS Development, Middleware, Applications, IT / Networking, White / Black Box SQA Engineers (worked 60% remotely, 40% onsite).

Moai Technologies Sr. Recruiter / Sourcing Consultant 1999 San Francisco CA Sourced / recruited / placed Senior / Staff DBMS / Software Developers, White / Black Box SQA, IT / Networking / DBA / Admin Staff Engineers.

Tomorrow Factory Sr. Recruiter / Sourcing Consultant 1999 South San Francisco CA Hired directly by Company Co-Founders. Sourced / recruited / placed Senior / Staff Software, IT / Networking / Admin and Black Box SQA Staff Engineers for bleeding-edge multi-platform e-Wallet Software Product (worked 40% remotely, 60% onsite). Epiphany (now Infor, previously SSA Global Solutions, E.piphany, Epiphany Marketing Software) Sr. Sourcing Consultant 1997–1998 Mountain View & Palo Alto CA Hired directly by (and reported to) Co-Founders Ben Wegbreit (Stanford PhD, Robotics) and Steve Blank (Startup Owner's Manual, UCB Haas Business School, Lean Startups). Sourced cutting- edge Big Data / Data Mining Staff, Software, Middleware Engineers and Management. Sourced VP Engineering Phil Fernandez (later COO), enabling hire of CEO Roger Siboni and $4B IPO in 2000. Microsoft / MCS Sr. Recruiter / Sourcing Consultant 1996–1997 Foster City / Greater SF Bay Area CA / Redmond WA

Re-staffed entire SF Bay Area MCS (Microsoft Consulting Services) Technical Organization, including Software / DBMS / Server Engineering and Consulting Teams for then-GM / Practice Manager Ben Bernstein (reporting to VP Jeff Raikes and Bill Gates directly). Sourced / recruited / placed Technical Talent providing custom Software Development and Post-Sales Support for three new key SQL Server Enterprise Clients – Charles Schwab, Chevron, and Bank of America – propelling this lowest producing MSFT MCS Practice from #14 to #1 nationally in four months. Also sourced / recruited / placed Technical Sales Engineers for NYC, Dallas, Chicago, SoCal LACA, and SFCA (worked 20% remotely, 80% onsite).

Apple Sr. Recruiter / Sourcing Consultant 1996, 1992 Cupertino CA Sourced / recruited / placed numerous Hardware / Software / Systems / IT / Networking Engineers and ASIC Chip Designers, GUI & UX / Human Factors and Mac OS / A/UX Staff Software Engineers for mission critical and Stealth Product Development Projects (worked 90% remotely, 10% onsite).


Remedy Corp Sr. Recruiter / Sourcing Consultant 1996 Mountain View CA Sourced / recruited / placed Software Architects, UI/UX, Software / Middleware Developers, White Box SQA Engineers, IT / Network Admins (worked 40% remotely / 60% onsite). Teknowledge Corp Sr. Recruiter / Sourcing Consultant 1995, 1996 Palo Alto CA Sourced / recruited / placed Senior Software Engineering Management and Senior Staff Engineers for both Government (ATS/TS Clearances) and public-sector Internet and Internal Education- related Applications (worked 40% remotely / 60% onsite). eShop (later Microsoft eShop) Sr. Recruiter / Sourcing Consultant 1995–1996 / San Mateo CA Sourced / recruited / placed key Staff, Software, Technical, IT, and Network Operations Engineers. Provided funding / buyout market research / business introductions for then-COO Will Poole, leading to mid-8-figure MSFT acquisition later in 1996 (worked 20% remotely / 80% onsite). Auspex Sr. Recruiter / Sourcing Consultant 1995–1996 Santa Clara CA Sourced / recruited / placed Multiprocessing Unix OS Software Architects / Consultants, Staff Software & Black / White Box SQA Engineers (worked 20% remotely / 80% onsite). OmniPhase Sr. Recruiter / Sourcing Consultant 1995–1996, 1990 Mountain View CA Sourced / recruited / placed Software Architects, UI/UX, Software, and Black / White Box SQA Engineers (worked 20% remotely / 80% onsite).

Global Village Sr. Recruiter / Sourcing Consultant 1995 Mountain View, CA Sourced / recruited / placed Software / Systems / IT & Networking Engineers, GUI & UX / Human Factors / MacOS / A/UX Staff Software Engineers (worked 40% remotely / 60% onsite). IBM / Lotus/cc:Mail Sr. Recruiter & Sourcing Consultant / Recruiting Manager 1993–1994 Mountain View CA

Lead Sr. Recruiter / Sourcing Consultant / Manager (reporting to two sequential GMs / VPs). Singlehandedly sourced / recruited / placed 130+ Staff, Software (PC, Mac, Unix), GUI / UX / Human Factors, Technical Marketing / Software Directors / GM and Line Management / Project Leaders. Managed all Tech Support Recruiting (Phone / Desktop & Escalation I, II, III). Verity Sr. Sourcing Consultant 1993 Mountain View CA Sourced Senior / Staff level OS & Middleware Software Engineers, Architects, and Black / White Box SQA Engineers (worked remotely).

Trattner Network Sr. Recruiter / Sourcing & Technical Consultant 1992–1993 / Los Altos CA Sourced / recruited / placed Software Architects & Engineers for select Silicon Valley Clients. Designed pioneering Internet-based Sourcing & Recruiting System prototype (a Full Life Cycle Sourcing & Recruiting forerunner of AIRS, originally designed for Oracle CEO Larry Ellison) for in-house use (worked 80% remotely / 20% onsite).

SynOptics (later Nortel) Sr. Recruiter / Sourcing Consultant 1992 Cupertino CA Sourced / recruited / placed Networking Software Architects, Developers, Black Box SQA Engineers, and IT / Network Admins.

Borland International Sr. Recruiter / Sourcing Consultant 1991 Scotts Valley CA Sourced / recruited / placed front end (parsing) and back end (code generation / optimization) Compiler Software Developers & SQA White / Black Box Engineers

(worked 40% remotely / 60% onsite).


Rational Software (Rational) Sr. Recruiter / Sourcing Consultant 1990–1991 Santa Clara CA Sourced / recruited / placed Ada / Ada to C / OOD / Tools (internal Rose Team) MTS, Software Engineers & Engineering Management. Also sourced / recruited / placed key Senior Technical Staff Software Tools Architect Gary Frankel (and his Design & Development Team) to migrate Ada Product Tools Suite to C / OOD (alongside Co-Founder Grady Booch) upon imminent ADA DoD language demise – saving company, enabling rapid turnaround and growth, facilitating Pure Atria Software merger in 1997, leading to IBM buyout for $2.1B in 2003. Oracle Corporation Sr. Recruiter & Sourcing Consultant / Special Projects 1990 Belmont & Redwood Shores CA

Sourced / recruited / placed Senior Staff Software DBMS / Network Architects for bleeding-edge High Speed Networked Distributed Database Group (, reporting to then-EVP Smokey Wallace (dotted line to then-CEO Larry Ellison). Also sourced / recruited / placed Lead DBMS Software Engineers, Senior Staff DBAs and Senior Network Admins. Developed and tested Full Life Cycle Technical Sourcing & Recruiting System prototype for then-CEO Larry Ellison. Atherton Technology Sr. Recruiter / Sourcing Consultant 1989, 1990, 1991 Sunnyvale CA Sourced / recruited / placed Software Engineers & Software Engineering Management in cutting- edge CASE Development, Middleware Developers, GUI/UX, and Software Release Engineers for VP Engineering / Founder Bill Paseman (later Founder & CEO of Calico). Tolerant Systems / Software Sr. Recruiter / Sourcing Consultant 1989–1990 Santa Clara CA Sourced / recruited / placed / rebuilt entire Software Development Team, including Fault Tolerant Unix Sys V OS Development / SQA / Test / Systems / IT / Network Admins / Managers, after Tolerant Systems / Tolerant Software company restart and subsequent successful turnaround. Tandem Computer Sr. Recruiter / Sourcing Consultant 1988–1989 Cupertino CA Sourced / recruited / placed / rebuilt three Software Engineering Teams adding OS / TCP/IP Networking / White Box / Black Box SQA Developers. SunTOPS (now Oracle; formerly division of Sun Microsystems, TOPS) Sr. Recruiter / Sourcing Consultant 1988 Berkeley & Mountain View CA

Sourced / recruited / placed / rebuilt entire Software Engineering, R&D, and IT / Networking Teams (PC / MacOS / BSD Unix / IT Networking / GUI & Human Factors) after 'difficult' Sun Acquisition and en-masse Engineering Team resignations in Q3-1987. Was also Sourcer-on-Loan for Sun Microsystems, sourcing SunOS / BSD / AT&T SysV / Networking / TCP/IP Stack Development, Compiler Developers (code generation / optimization / parsing), GUI / UI/UX / Human Factors Talent. Sourced / recruited / placed SunTOPS Sr. Director / VP Engineering Jim Green (later Mr. CORBA at Sun, serial Company Founder / CEO, now EVP at Cisco). National Semiconductor Sr. Staff Recruiter / Sourcer 1987 Sunnyvale CA Sourced / recruited / placed / rebuilt Software Engineering Teams for entire NSC Microprocessor Team and mission critical IT / Network Admin Team members (Software and Hardware). Placed 25 Engineers (Contract-to-Hire at a later date) while on company-wide Fairchild Semiconductor Acquisition hiring freeze).

Ridge Computer Sr. Recruiter / Sourcing Consultant 1986–1987 Santa Clara CA Sourced / recruited / placed / rebuilt entire Software and Hardware R&D Engineering Teams for Hugh Martin (VP Engineering / COO / President / Co-Founder), and John Sell (Chief Hardware Architect / Co-Founder, later 'Mr, XBox' for Microsoft) after securing third round of VC funding. 5

BridgeGate (formerly EDP World) Sr. Recruiting Consultant 1986 San Jose CA Sourced / recruited / placed Senior Software / Hardware Systems and specialty Chip / Hardware Design Architects / Engineers for select Silicon Valley Clients. Omicron Recruiting Consultant 1984–1986 Sunnyvale CA Sourced / recruited / placed VAX/VMS & Unix System Software, Networking, Compiler / Tools Architects and Development Engineers, Hardware / Chip Design, CAD Design / Management, IT / COBOL / MIS Software Programmers, and Tax Managers / Finance Talent for select greater Silicon Valley Area Clients. Top billing Recruiting Consultant company-wide for 1985 and 1986. References: Available upon request.

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