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Manager Designer

March 13, 2019

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Fashion designer cv

Mariem Hmida

So softly you aplly your mask

Your lipstick, pencil and your brush

How holy seem the dress.

Sush price could not be but divine

You strap on the heels of pride

And clip on the jewels

You lace your neck with silk

You tighten the leather round your waist

What’s left ? Oh yes the weapon... Dmitriy Kokarev


Mariem Hmida

Fashion designe « Haute couture »


2012-2014 Degree : haute couture diploma from “Arab institut of fashion” Tunis- Tunis

2010-2012 Diplôme designer of traditional tunisia embroidery Tunis-Tunis ONAT Nationl office of traditional art

« Dar ameerat al chark »,

Fashion designer manager

For « dar ameerat al charq » i worked as fashion designer manager. « Dar ameerat al charq » is a factory of haute couture in doha knwn for it creation for jallaba and morocan caftan. While my work with the team i started introduce some nwe designs of party dress for the shop with oriental soul, i used to meet custumurs, draw for them and deal with them designs for them party dresses and managed the team work (cutter, sewer, embroidery artisants.)

« Wissam fashion world »

Fashion designer stylist:

work as fashion designer for “wissem fashion world “ haute couture in Arabia saudia kingdom, Alryadh known for wedding and party dresses haute couture were I used to :

* Meet customers deal with them style for wedding and party dress haute couture, depending of them choices for fabrics and style.

*make and cut flat and moulage patterns, n deal for haute couture sewing technic to match with industrial way.

“Azul design”

Fashion designer head company

I used to work for my own brand “Azul design” Tunisia. Its a brand that specializes in the creation of fashion style for Abaya and caftan” hijab fashion brand”, i use to

Make season collection for traditional Caftan and Abaya Create new embroidery design inspiring from traditional embroidery

Manage group of work for better communication between team.

Put strategy marketing to develop sells target for the brand Du 17/04/2018

Au 04/12/2018


Du 02/02/2017

au 06/02/2018


Du 03/2011

au 30/11/2016

(Tunis- Tunisie)


Arabic: Natal

Anglais: well

frenshl: well

turkish: well

Excel, PowerPoint,



Mariem Hmida


Professional experience

PROFIL: creative, highly visual fashion profesional with more tan 7 years experienceand who can brillantly mix and mach the technical expertise and artistic intuition to become a sublime collection. I belive my skills and talents blend exquisitely with the innovative concept of nwe fashion style




Frensh romance

Arabic poem


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